Neil Young & The International Harvesters "A Treasure" Proves How Young Has Always Been Ahead of The Curve

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Neil Young  'A Treasure' gallery interview from Chicago

Above is a great video clip with Neil Young being interviewed recently interspersed with classic mid 80's footage of him along with  The International Harvesters performing the previously unreleased "Amber Jean" taken from the 1984 television show Nashville Now TV. The rare recording, with the great back story to it, can be found on Young's new Reprise Records release A Treasure which was released this month and is available at Amoeba Music in stores and online.

A Treasure is just the latest gem uncovered in the seemingly never ending archives of Neil Young's musical legacy. Recorded in 1984 and 1985 when Young toured with the International Harvesters - a band comprised of both many of his regular sidemen musicians along with some of Nashville's studio heavyweights such as Rufus Thibodeaux (fiddle) and Hargus (Pig) Robbins (piano). What makes this recording so special, beyond the fact that it is simply great rockin' country music, is that Young, ever the musician true to his heart, ignored the naysayers who told him that no one wanted to hear him play this kind of music.  At the time Young was warned by his label that no radio programmer would touch this music. The fact that today this music would fit in the format of any alt-country station merely proves what a visionary Neil Young has always been. Buy A Treaure online from Amoeba for $13.98 with free shipping in the US.

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out this week 6/14 & 6/21 & 6/28...bon iver...john maus...

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It is hard to believe that it has been over three years since the first Bon Iver album came out. For Emma, Forever Ago was released by Jagjaguwar in February of 2008. This was just a month after I moved to Los Angeles. I will be the first to admit that I did not immediately fall in love with this album. It took a while. It just didn't hit me over the head and make me fall in love with it. I l know it had this effect on many of my friends. Maybe I just wasn't ready for it. Or I was trying to resist the cult of Bon Iver for some reason. But it slowly made its way into my heart. I never didn't like it. I just didn't love it. But it did grow on me over the year and the year following. I would find myself going back to it every once in a while. And I was strangely excited for the release of his new new album. It had been a while and I was ready for more Bon Iver. I also love that everybody has a different way that they say Bon Iver. Some people say boniver like it is one word. Others say Bon Iver like Bon Jovi. It is a bit confusing. It is based on the french phrase "Bon Hiver" which means "good winter." But I guess he didn't like the H and didn't want people to mispronounce it. But he should have spelled it "Bone E Ver" since that is really how it is pronounced. I instantly fell in love with the Bon Iver cover of "I Can't Make You Love Me/Nick of Time by Bonnie Raitt. You can find this track on the new 12" for the single Calgary. It was also on an EP that wasbon iver calgary given away with the album on release date. I never thought that Bonnie Raitt would make me fall in love with Bon Iver. But I think this is what really did it. You might first think that a Bon Iver cover of Bonnie Raitt would be amazing. But it is. I am hoping that Bonnie Raitt, who seems to be in some sort of semi retirement, also loves the cover. How can she not. Maybe this will pull her out of retirement. Maybe she will cover a Bon Iver song! Maybe she will appear with Bon Iver on SNL!

The new Bon Iver album is simply titled Bon Iver. And while I am a huge fan of the artwork on the LP and CD. I am not a fan of the album title. I just can't really get behind a self titled album. Unless it is your first. If you are that lazy then at least just name the album after one of the album tracks. I think that Holocene or Michicant would have been great titles for the album. But this doesn't make me love the album any less. I actually like it better than the first. But like the first album. You may not fall in love with this album immediately. It is a relatively short album and it is pretty quiet. I recommend listening to it very loudly. Justin Vernon has an amazing voice. But I feel like it is best heard loud. He sort of sounds like some old folky singer from a different time. At times he can sound like Christopher Cross or the singer from Bread. But it works for him. The album is magical.

Watch Justin Vernor (Bon Iver) performing I Can't Make You Love Me/Nick of Time...

the new album Bon Iver by Bon Iver. Out now on Jagjaguwar.

Another one of my favorites from the last couple of weeks is the new John Maus. I am a new convert to the genius of John Maus. His new album is called We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves. This is his third official album. His first two albums were put out by Upset the Rhythm. Songs and Love Is Real came out in 2006 and 2007. But he has been around since the early 90s releasing all sorts of things over the years. But John Maus has finally made his way into my life. And hopefully into yours. This is the kind of album that I couldn't do anything but love. I fell in love with it during the first song. I knew right then that I would be listening to this album a lot this year. He is a bit spooky and gothy. Just the way I like my music. The music is synthy and has a sort dark circus sort of feel to it. His vocal style is not too different from Peter Murphy or Andrew Eldritch from The Sisters of Mercy. Imagine Peter Murphy or Brendan Perry signing on an album produced by John Carpenter or Klaus Schulze. It has that German 70s synth feeling to it. All of the things that I love. The songs on this album are not too far off from the best songs by New Order of Ultravox. Although the album is dark and spooky. It also has a sort of fun feel to it. Like the best goth and dark wave songs, it makes you want to dance around your house while listening to it. I am not sure why it took me so long to find John Maus. But this is a great album to introduce me to him. It also does not hurt that the cover art features a lighthouse. I have always been obsessed with lighthouses for some reason. Especially after my recent trip to New England. If you have not already entered the world of John Maus. Please do it now. You will not be disappointed.

Check out the video for "Believer" from We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves By John Maus...

I love absolutely every song on this new album but here is another one of my favorites...
"Head For the Country" by John Maus...

the new album We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves by John Maus

also out 6/14...

It's All True
by The Junior Boys

Bakesale: Deluxe Edition
by Sebadoh

Dog Man Star: Deluxe Edition
by Suede

Errant Charm
by Vetiver

also out 6/21...

by Bobby

Twist Again
by Bodies of Water

New Brigade
by Iceage

Seeing is Believing
by Nico Muhly

Goodbye Bread
by Ty Segall

Coming Up: Deluxe Edition
by Suede

by Weird Al Yankovic

also out 6/28...

Galactic Melt
by Com Truise

Horses & High Heels
by Marianne Faithfull

Game of Thrones

Sound Kapital
by Handsome Furs

Better Day
by Dolly Parton

Rave on Buddy Holly
by Various Artists


Harrow & the Harvest
by Gillian Welch

Sunset Strip Record Swap, July 9th in LA!

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Sunset Strip Record Swap
Amoeba will be on hand selling lots of vinyl at the Sunset Strip Record Swap! Come on down and say hello.

Saturday, July 9
Noon to 6 pm
8801 West Sunset Blvd
(the former Tower Records Parking Lot )

Sponsored by KLOS, Sunset Strip Business Assoc, and Record Collector News!

Early bird admission (12-2pm): $10 with canned good to benefit local food banks or $15 without.

2pm - 6pm: FREE.

Call 818-308-4695 for more info.

Amoeba Music & East Bay Express present a screening of "Who Took the Bomp? Le Tigre on Tour"

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Amoeba Music & East Bay Express present a screening of
Who Took the Bomp? Le Tigre on Tour.
Thursday, July 7, 2011
Doors: 8:00pm, Film starts: 9:00pm
No cover!
The Uptown, Oakland, CA.

Westwayz Compilation Series Producer Salvatore Talks About His Bay Area Rap Series

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The recently released Westwayz Compilation 4, a recommended collection of Bay Area hip-hop by some of its better known longtime rap artists, is the fourth and latest in an ongoing series of Bay based music produced by North Bay studio professional Salvatore. Over the past decade Salvatore has been recording & then releasing Bay Area rap collections featuring some of the most renowned longtime names in local rap.  For Westwayz Compilation 4, which is available at Amoeba Music, the producer has gone back into the vaults and dug up acapellas by the likes of Andre Nickatina, the late great Mac Dre, Totally Insane, Rappin' 4 Tay, and Cellski.  Previously released in different versions, Salvatore rearranged these vocal tracks and added new music tracks he recently produced.  He also included a couple of his instrumentals on this latest collection. This week I caught up with the Bay Area producer to talk about his production process and the Westwayz Compilation series.

Amoeblog: This is part 4 and is billed as a remix. So can you tell me about the history of your compilation series?

Salvatore: Yes, I released three other albums over the years. It was a great experience for me. There’s some parts of this game you really have to experience first hand to understand. The opportunity to work with some of the great people that I did really is priceless now that I look back. With this new album, I decided to remix some of my favorites that I have produced in the past with a few extra bonus tracks.

Amoeblog: Were the vocals on this compilation all released in the past but in different versions or are some of the vocal parts been heard for the first time?

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Amoeba Berkeley Summer Sidewalk Sales!

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Beginning on Saturday July 9 and Sunday July 10, Amoeba Berkeley will hold weekend CLEARANCE sidewalk sales in front of the store from 12-7pm. Come on down for some great deals on LPs, CDs, and DVDs. Sales will run every weekend through the summer. All genres will be represented and lots of steals to be had!

    Berkeley Sidewalk Sale

June 26, 2011: Mr. Popper's Penguins

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Psst! Crate Diggers, DJs, and Producers: Check Out This Treasure Trove of Extremely Rare Beats, Breaks, & Various Other Production Library Music Vinyl Rarities

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If the late great hip-hop producer & famed crate digger J Dilla were alive today he would have been the first in line at Amoeba Hollywood (or first online at the Amoeba.Com store) to scoop up the endless extremely rare vinyl gems that make up the absolutely amazing, treasure trove of "library music" recently acquired by Amoeba. This very rare specialized record collection is of interest to producers, DJs, and avid crate-diggers eternally looking for that never before discovered, perfect beat or sound to sample or manipulate in the mix.

Quietly unveiled a little on June 17th both online and in the Hollywood Amoeba store (in the main room "sampler" aisle + a full bin's worth in the back jazz room) word has not yet really gotten out on this unprecedented collection that will make any true crate digger salivate for days. So there's still time to unearth lots of golden finds among the close to 2000 different vinyl records from this collection that is so rare that Google searches will only lead to data on about a quarter of these rarities that found their way to Amoeba Music care of a Canadian distributor / collector who had been sitting on this rare collection for three decades.
Amoeblogger Mr. Chadwick recently described this "music library" collection as; "These LPs contain music produced and owned by production music companies, who licensed the music to film, television, radio, record producers, and other composers. The music was produced with the most accurate attention to a generic style or context, so that it would fit with any precise musical needs of the user." Extremely limited in their respective vinyl pressings the companies who made these sound library collections include the likes of Colorsound, Hibou, Spectrum, Intersound, Telemusic, and Intl. SFX, and boast rare titles like Commercial Music Bed Series by Interwestern Production Music Corp.

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The Art of the LP Cover- Multiple Maniacs Part 2

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Another batch of drug and / or ego induced LP covers. 
I did another round of these back in 2008, check them out here.

Hip-Hop Rap Up 06:24:11: Random Axe, Potluck, Beastie Boys, Bad Meets Evil, Face Candy, 4two7 + more

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Amoeba Music Hollywood Hip-Hop Top Five: Week Ending June 24, 2011

1)    Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 (Capitol)

2)    Randpm Axe Random Axe (Duck Down)

3)    Hail Mary Mallon Are You Gonna Eat That? (Rhymesayers)

4)    Bad Meets Evil Hell: the Sequel (Shady Records)

5)   Blu Her Favorite Colo(u)r (Nature Sounds) 

The top selling hip-hop releases at the Amoeba Hollywood store this week are in perfect sync with what's also popular at the two Bay Area Amoebas. These include the Beastie Boys powerful overdue return (Hot Sauce Committee Part 2) which only gets better with every listen (on a related note check out Mike D's fave NYC eateries), LA hip-hop talent Blu's reissue (Her Favorite Colo(u)r), and Bad Meets Evil's Hell: the Sequel from Detroit rap duo Eminem and Royce Da 5'9." This release is so popular that it is the best selling album in the country this week, landing on the number one Billboard pop albums spot; a feat that may not be new to Emimen but is certainly for a pleasantly stunned Royce who told MTV News this week that, "You know I ain't never sold no records. I knew it had the potential. I just really was more focused on the whole 'critically acclaimed' thing, and I think we achieved that."

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New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 6/24 -Aroy Dee, Harvey, RVDS, Disco Nihilist, NDATL, Kate Simko + more

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Beauty And Life 12"
M>O>S Recordings

Aroy Dee presents his 8th release on his own M>O>S Recordings label -- dreamy, floaty melodic techno with a heavy remix from Morphosis. The track "Beauty" is reminiscent of his label's first release, a basic dreamy, melodic house track. On the B-side we find man of the moment Rabih Baeani aka Morphosis dropping a solid, heavy remix that puts things into perspective.

Purchase Beauty And Life here:

Locussolus (180g) DLP
International Feel

The Uruguay-based label International Feel, prominently featured in many best of 2010 shortlists presents their second, massively-anticipated album from the Disco Administrator himself, DJ Harvey and his Locussolus project. This album shows Harvey's full vision, all together in one place, for the first time. To complete the journey, there are also amazing remixes from Andrew Weatherall, Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas, The Emperor Machine, Time & Space Machine and Harvey's own dubbed-out reworkings. This is Harvey's "Tales from The Nocturn" if you like -- a journey through night-town.

Purchase Locussolus here:


Music Institute 20th Anniversary Series 3

So finally NDATL bring u the last installment of this legendary series! First up we have an unreleased version of Alexander Robotnicks "Problemes D Amour" retouched by Detroit native Kenny Dixon Jr. Followed by an Atkins diet of Miller music and held up by a canadian Abacus!

Purchase Music Institute Series v3 here:

Acid Moon EP 12”

Four raw, deep acid tracks. It's moony: the first track is a TB-303 monster which shows us the way to the acid moon -- the ritual makes us crazy while the moon-beats move our feets (thanks to the TR-707). The moon signals make us travel in space, on another level. We land on the moon and take a walk. It's a poem and it's acid. Limited to 303 copies.

Running (Far Away) 12"
Running Back

Disco Nihilist is a rather special project. Firmly rooted in American electronic music traditions, Mike Taylor's records on Love What You Feel or Construction Paper roam the grey area between Chicago's jack urgency, Detroit's funky machine soul and the raw magic of vintage drum machines. His style is natural, murky, filthy and raw to the core. This six track EP is an exercise in grinding beats, squelching acid lines, graceful pianos and heartfelt rhythms without any paralyzing retro romance.

Purchase Running (Far Away) here:

Open Shadow (Soft Rocks Remix) 7"
Future Times

Just in time for summer the Beautiful Swimmers drop off a cut that is completely sunburnt, featuring the vocals of local operator John Davis. UK's Soft Rocks crew are on remix duties, and they flip the song into a nasty digital dub. Vinyl only!!!

Purchase Open Shadow here:

No Way Back - Unreleased 12”


"NO WAY BACK" was one of the first huge international hits for Chicago house music in the mid 80s and will without a doubt still fill dancefloors today. Here on this 12" we see 2 unreleased versions that have never seen a proper release - the "24 TRACK" and the TRAXXMAN versions. Classic stuff.

Purchase No Way Back here:

Rage EP 12"
M>O>S Recordings

M>O>S Deep presents an EP by this new Amsterdam underground jacking crew, consisting of M>O>S label boss Aroy Dee, G-String, known from the infamous Intergalactic FM and Amsterdam's best-kept production secret known as Marco Spaventi! Five times house beauty and energy.

Purchase Rage here:

Setup Three: O/F/F 12"
Ann Aimee

Delta Funktionen delivers his third and final part in his Setup series. More freaked, frantic and robotic as ever before.

Purchase Setup Three O/F/F/ here:

Lights Out 2LP
Hello Repeat

This is the debut full-length album from Chicago-based Kate Simko. From delicate fluttering percussions on "Beneath" to "Machine's Mantra"'s effortless yet hypnotic drone, lines are blurred, genres are paired, and musical visions are created. From the magnetic Chicago vibe in "Mind On You," to the dark, sexy meanderings of minimal mastery in "Last Breath" and "Bikini Atoll," to the shuffling, Perlon-influenced "Mira Vos," Kate offers up an impressive lot of songs that crossover from headphone listening to ignite the dancefloor. Her intricate rhythms and time-stopping harmonies offer up the perfect balance of savvy intellect and sensory pleasure. From song to song, the journey continues and after a vivid nine theme showcase, the voyage closes with the contrasting and groove-ridden "Had It All." Summing up the creative emotion of "Lights Out," "Had It All"'s powerful rhythms and acid synth lines contrast with an aura of melancholy eeriness and vocals that are endearingly shy. The closing song's wide-eyed groove and powerful passion leave us at a juncture outside of genre boxes and full of inspiration. Inspired by her peers, Kate has performed with leading artists like Ellen Allien, Magda, Anja Schneider, Sonja Moonear, Camea, and Cassy, earning their respect. Kate is supporting this release with a live world tour -- a stunning and innovative cinematic event entitled "Lustre" alongside intermedia artist Jeffrey Weeter. Combining sound and image from worldwide cities and collaborators, "Lustre" will showcase moving and still images conjured by each individual album track in a highly-anticipated HD video display. No two performances will be the same while the film's integrity still remains intact. Lights Out and "Lustre" is an experiment in non-linear storytelling and real-time creation, bringing the excitement of live music to a cinematic experience. As the artist herself explains, "I looked at the album as an art project -- an installation of ten pieces that together form their own unique being."  

Purchase Lights Out here:

BENOIT & SERGIO: Let Me Count The Ways 12"
PAN/TONE: Rescue Me 12”
MR. STATIK: Even Giants Have A Soft Spot 12”
DANCE DISORDER: Metallic Italic 12"
CESAR MERVEILLE: Maayancholy 12"
VA: Five Years Of Cargo Edition 2LP
TOMMY FOUR SEVEN: Ratu/G Remixes 12”
MARK REEVE: Daybreak On Mars EP 12"
NHAR: Thelema 12"
ALLI BOREM: Scotch Your Mind 12"
RESOE/MIKKEL METAL: The Copenhagen Split 12"
BROKER/DEALER/PSYCHONAUTS: Dig Deep/World Keeps Turning 12"
PAUL FRICK: I Got Through EP 12"
OLIVER SCHORIES: Organ Freeway 10”
CASCABEL GENTZ: Electric High 12"
SEBO K: Mr. Duke 12"
MARKO FURSTENBERG: Selected Remixes 2 12"
STEVE BUG & CLE: Seven Hills 12”
CARTER BROS.: Full Disco Jacket 12"
ALFABET: C/D 12" DOSEM: Parallel 2x12"
EXPANDER/TADEO: The Waggler/The Wiggler 12”
TOM TRAGO, YOUNG MARCO & AWANTO 3: Physical Thrill 12"
DOP: Your Sex 12" D-PULSE: Velocity Of Love 12"
CUPP CAVE: Dice Pool 10"
ALTARBOY: Who Is Who 12"
Buari/BUARI (1975) LP
James Blake/LINDISFARNE 10”
Breakbeat Junkie vs DJP/TIME TO ROLL 12”
Jay 5ive & Kromestar/WISHFUL... 12”
Mr. Beatnick/SYNTHETES 12”
Crookers pres. Dr.Gonzo/BUST EM UP 12”
Mizz Beats/PIMPIN' 10”
Ilya Santana/JOLENE 12”
Sick Sence/WERK THAT BODY 12”
Empresarios/REMIXED EP # 1 12”
Various/GRIMY EDITS VOL 4 12”
Jay Weed/ON THE NILE 12”
San Laurentino/TRACES EP 12”
Psychemagik/VALLEY OF PARADISE 12”
Majiika & Rob Sparx/AVOIDING THE... 12”
Paul Woolford/LET IT GO (K & A RMX) 12”
Mike Lennon/TOTAL CONTROL 12”
Photek/AVIATOR 12”
Crissy Criss/LINE OF FIRE 12”
Lucky Paul/SLOW GROUND EP 12"
Bottin, Francisco & Rodion/BFR 12”
Jig, The/GRINDBAG 7”
Drop Out Orchestra/BSTRD 14 12”
Josh Dahlberg/NATURA FUTURA 12”
K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas/BLUE LP
Frank Mitchell Jr/THIS TIME EP 7”
Craig Bratley/WANNA BE WITH YOU EDIT 12"
Two Armadillos/PEOPLE OF THE WORLD 12”

The Late, Great Peter Falk

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"Goddamn right": Peter Falk explains the world to Alan Arkin in The In-Laws. He died last night.

The Renegade Craft Fair Hits SF & LA!

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The Renegade Craft Fair is a large-scale marketplace event that’s free to the public to attend! Featuring hundreds of artists at a time, vendors travel from all over the country to sell and showcase their handmade goods and original work.

We’re pleased to sponsor two upcoming California dates: San Francisco at the Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion (7/9 & 7/10) and Los Angeles at LA Historic Park (7/16 & 7/17).

Look for us behind the turntables in LA on Saturday afternoon!

The Gods Must Be Crazy: Reviving the Black Supernatural Experience. June 30 & July 1, Oakland, CA.

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Join Top Ten Social for two evenings of immersion into the blessed realm of African and Afro-Diasporic culture with The Gods Must Be Crazy: Reviving the Black Supernatural Experience. 

Part I
Thursday, June 30, 2011
Top Ten Social Speaker Series with Guest Speakers: Marc Bamuthi Joseph, DJ Rich Medina, Jennifer Johns
Moderated by Abel Habtegeorgis
Hosted by Ashara Ekundayo

Marion E. Greene Black Box Theater
531 19th Street (ground floor of the Fox Theater)
Oakland, CA 94612

Doors 6 p.m., Conversation 7 p.m. 
Cost: Free Admission with Advance RSVP (limited capacity)
RSVP here:

Part II
Friday, July 1, 2011
The Gods Must Be Crazy
Featuring Performances by: Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Martin Luther, Kev Choice, Jennifer Johns, DJ Rich Medina
Hosted by Ashara Ekundayo

The New Parish
579 18th Street
Oakland, CA 94612

Doors 8 p.m., Performance 9 p.m.
$10-15 limited presale; $20 doors
Purchase Tickets here:

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Advance Screening of New Tribe Called Quest Documentary on July 7

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UPDATE - July 1 - Unfortunately, all our free passes for the advance screening of Beats, Rhymes & Life are gone. But you can still catch the film when it opens in LA and NY on July 8.

Special advance screening event for Amoeba fans! Visit Amoeba Hollywood starting Thursday, June 30 to get a ticket to a special advance screening of Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest, a new feature documentary about one of the most influential and groundbreaking musical groups in Hip-Hop history. Limit 1 pass per person please (each pass admits you + guest).

Q-Tip & Michael RapaportIn 2008, director, actor, and longtime Tribe fan Michael Rapaport went on tour with A Tribe Called Quest when they reunited for the first time in the almost ten years since their last album, The Love Movement (Jive). Rapaport wanted to create a film that documented the tour and explored the group's journey, successes, interpersonal differences, and their influence on the Hip-Hop community and music in general. The film also features interviews and stories from Busta Rhymes, De La Soul, Common, Beastie Boys, Pharrell, Mos Def, Kanye West, Pete Rock, and many more. Plus, Madlib provided original music for the film and Peanut Butter Wolf was its music supervisor.

Amoeba is pleased to present an advance screening and special Q&A with Michael Rapaport and Peanut Butter Wolf at the Los Angeles Film School on Thursday, July 7 at 7pm. Tickets to this event are free & available starting Thursday June 30 at Amoeba Hollywood. Just ask for them at the info counter. Limit 1 pass per person (each pass admits you + guest).

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Music For Dogs: Amoebadog Blog Part V

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This time last year on a Saturday morning in Sydney, Australia Laurie Anderson led a small but powerful four piece music ensemble in an outdoor concert by the Sydney Opera House for dogs and their owners. But the unique concert was less for humans and primarily music for the dogs (approximately a thousand in all in all sizes and breeds) in attendance since it was a “high-frequency concert” with sounds and frequencies that were geared for dogs' hearing ranges.

As you can see from the three video clips below some dogs liked the sounds a lot while others appeared to find them discomforting. But all reacted somehow and mostly in a positive & peaceful fashion. And as Anderson notes with pleasant surprise in one of the clips below following the 20 minute concert "There were no dog fights!"  Anderson, who was accompanied to Sydney by husband Lou Reed who did not perform but is seen behind the sound board, also said that the June 5th, 2010 Music For Dogs performance was the best concert that she ever part-took in.

Music for Dogs by Bill Morrison features lots of great dog shots and the music

Music for Dogs by PomegranateArts includes brief interview with Laurie Anderson

Music for Dogs by Altoburg focuses on the dogs' reaction to the music

Pendersleigh & Sons Cartographical Art Show - Opening Night

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If you're a fan of the primitive, hand-drawn maps that I do for Eric's Blog, then set aside 25 June to come to my first art show at 1650 Gallery in Echo Park. They'll be displaying forty pieces and offering originals, reprints in various sizes, and taking new commissions (also in various sizes).




If you want to see or join the Facebook group Pendersleigh & Sons Cartography then just click on that link right there. Don't wanna take my word for it? Check out Eastsider LAUrbino Walk in Progress, All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands, Intersections South LA, Good, Got Geoint? or LAist.


And by the way, If you'd like to to vote for any of the communities of Los Angeles County communities to be covered on the blog (and thus also the subject of a new map), vote here. To vote for Los Angeles neighborhoods, click here. To vote for Orange County neighborhoods, vote here

Bjork beach-readies her Biophilia summer jam!

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Though an official release date has yet to be confirmed for Bjork's upcoming "meditation on the relationship between music, nature and technology" a.k.a. Biophilia, anticipation builds for the eventual drop as teasers trickle out via iPad apps and YouTube vignettes like this latest emergence featuring Omar Souleyman and co. in the studio remixing "Crystalline" --- the assumed lead single from the album and just-add-tanlines summer jam. This record cannot come out too soon with "Crystalline" in its entirety promised by the end of June and a live debut of Biophilia during a specially conceived three week residency at the Manchester International Music Festival

Food Trucks Invade Amoeba Hollywood on July 4!

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Celebrate independent music and the best of L.A.’s food trucks on July 4th from 1:00pm - 5:00pm  with Frysmith, José O'Malley's, Maui Wowi, Aloha Fridays, and more serving up their tastiest treats. They’ll be parked at the Amoeba Ivar lot (located on Ivar Ave. south of the store between Sunset Blvd. and DeLongpre Ave). 

Come on down and join us! 

Food Trucks

Happy Summer Solstice!

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We couldn't ask for better weather this first day of summer here in the city by the bay, but half the world away on England's Salisbury plain druids don their dress whites and celebrate the summer solstice at Stonehenge, Britain's premier prehistoric monument, alongside fellow neo-pagans, new agers and a motley gathering of other crunchy hippie types (like poi dancers and hooping enthusiasts). The magic, mystery and mysticism associated with said sacred megalithic structure understandably commands a sense of awe and wonder among all walks of humankind, that is, when it isn't generating incredibly memorable jokes worth revisiting time and time again, like comedian Eddie Izzard's take on Stonehenge from his fabulous Dressed to Kill DVD (filmed in San Francisco no less) and Spinal Tap's staged shortcomings concerning their would-be comeback throwback hit as seen in the classic mock rockumentary This Is Spinal Tap.

Eddie Izzard educates all about Stonehenge from Dressed to Kill:

Spinal Tap tapping into Stonehenge:

have a happy and safe summer solstice ya'll!

2nd Annual TWENTYWONDER in L.A., July 9!

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It’s time for the 2nd Annual TWENTYWONDER: A Carnival of the Mind!

Hosted by the L.A. Derby Dolls, TWENTYWONDER will be held at the Doll Factory (1910 West Temple Street) on Saturday, July 9

Conceived by Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles Director Jim Hodgson, TWENTYWONDER is based on his and his brother Joel “Mystery Science Theater 3000” Hodgson's festival SuperBall.  In addition to art and science,  you will hear and see Exene Cervenka, BRMC, Funny Or Die, Axis of Awesome, and “TwentyWonder Derby Thunder” – live roller derby action featuring the all-star teams LA RiEttes vs. the San Diego Derby Dolls’ Wildfires

Tickets are now on sale and proceeds will benefit the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles' efforts to support those born with Trisomy 21/Down syndrome living in greater Los Angeles. 

 More info and tickets here:

Remembering “The Big Man” Clarence Clemons (January 11, 1942 – June 18, 2011)

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Clarence Clemons, the blazing sax powerhouse behind Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, passed away Saturday, June 18th at the age of 69 after hospitalization for a stroke he suffered at his home in Singer Island, Florida.

Clarence Clemons

Clemons was an original member of Springsteen's E Street Band, tearing it up with The Boss for nearly four decades.  Throughout the years, Clemons also pursued other musical projects with luminaries such as Jackson Browne, Aretha Franklin, Roy Orbison, Grateful Dead, Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band, and even Twisted Sister ("Be Chrool to Your Scuel"). Most recently, he had collaborated with Lady Gaga on the songs "Hair" and "The Edge of Glory" from Born This Way. Impressive, but of all his guest appearances, jamming with President Clinton at the inaugural ball in 1993 might be his most memorable collaboration.

Clemons & Clinton, saxing it up.

Clemons also had an active acting career, appearing in films as diverse as Martin Scorsese’s New York, New York and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. His television cameos were no less varied, with appearances on Diff’rent Strokes, The Weird Al Show, and The Wire.

To honor the eclectic, larger-than-life genius of Clarence Clemons, here is a sampling of videos from his diverse and wonderful life: 

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I just got tickets to the Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson show in October at the Greek, which makes me a happy boy, so here's a brief look at some of the former's mostly good albums:

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California Fool's Gold -- Exploring Hacienda Heights

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This blog entry is about the community of Hacienda Heights, which rocketed to the top (becoming the most voted for neighborhood yet) following efforts by the City of Hacienda Heights on Facebook. Initially I was looking forward to meeting some locals to play tour guide but by the time I came they weren't able. No worries, however, as I brought along Hacienda Heights native Brandi Shaver and recurring companion Will Fleming. To get in the mood I set the CARDIS's radio controls to KAZN, a Mandarin station broadcast out of Pasadena.

Pendersleigh & Sons' Official Maps of Hacienda Heights and the San Gabriel Valley

Hacienda Heights is a San Gabriel Valley city inthe located on the northern face of the Puente Hills and the floor of La Puente Valley. The highest point in the Heights is Workman Hill. Hacienda Heights is neighbored to the south by the SELACO communities of Whittier and La Habra Heights. To the west is North Whittier. North are Avocado Heights and the City of Industry. To the east is Rowland Heights which along with Hacienda Heights is sometimes referred to as The Heights

Like its neighbor, Rowland Heights, Hacienda Heights is primarily a residential neighborhood, with wealthier residents residing in the hills, and more modest homes and businesses in the flats of the north.

The CARDIS arrived in the morning and under cloudy skies and the group was greeted by the purplicious sight of copious jacaranda trees.


Prior to the Spanish Conquest, the Puente Valley (between the Puente Hills and South San Jose Hills to the north) was inhabited by the Tongva, who named the area "Awig-na," meaning "abiding place." The Spanish founded the nearby San Gabriel Mission in 1771 and the indigenous people were subjugated. Their land in what's now Hacienda Heights was used for ranching and grazing to support the mission.

             John Rowland                          William Workman                                         Rancho La Puente

After Mexico gained independence in 1822, the missions were secularized and the former Spanish holdings were sold and granted to private parties. Two such parties were John Rowland and his partner William Workman. In November 1841 they arrived in a wagon train from Taos with a group of settlers from Missouri and New Mexico. In the early part of the followingyear, the two applied for a land grant from governor Juan B. Alvarado. For $1,000 and pleading to employ Tongva, they obtained the 49,000 acre Rancho La Puente. They used the land to for cattle ranching, wheat production and wine and brandy distillation. The two partners amicably split their holdings in 1852.

Rowland prospered as did Workman for a time. However, Workman lost almost everything following the 1875 failure of the poorly managed Temple-Workman Bank he'd founded with his son-in-law, Francis Pliny Fisk Temple. Elias J. "Lucky" Baldwin issued a loan which allowed the bank to re-open but with conditions that were almost impossible to meet. The bank again failed in 1876 and a despondent Workman shot himself in the head at his home on May 17 of the same year.

After the competing Southern Pacific and Santa Fe Railroads arrived in the area, Lucky Baldwin began subdividing his possession although La Puente Valley remained primarily agricultural until the 20th century. Four years after Baldwin's death, his daughter Anita Baldwin sold 1,826 acres to developers Edwin Hart and Jed Torrance who established the community of North Whittier Heights.

Cattle and sheep ranching largely gave way to avocado, citrus and walnut groves and North Whittier Heights became well-known for its walnuts. The North Whittier Heights Citrus Association and opened a packing plant near Ninth and Clark avenues and the small community that grew up in the area became known as Hillgrove.

                            La Puente Valley in 1935                                                       Hacienda Heights in 1965

As with so much of Southern California, North Whittier heights grew into a large suburb of LA after World War II, with massive scale housing especially occurring in 1957. In 1961, the residents of North Whittier Heights successfully petitioned to change their town's name to Hacienda Heights (which, if you think about it, is kind of a silly name, no?) A master development plan was drawn up and over the next two decades the community saw a lot of housing construction. Several times citizens attempted to incorporate but, being primarily a bedroom community, its usually felt that the proposed city's sales tax base is too small to support a city.

For most of 20th Century, Hacienda Heights was primarily home to Anglo Angelenos. In the 1980s, Latinos, many from the Eastside and Midtown, began moving to the hilly suburb. By 1990, the Latino population was dominant and, up till the early 1990s, Hacienda Heights was regularly referred to as "The Chicano Beverly Hills."

In the 1990s and the decades since the area has seen another dramatic demographic shift with the arrival of many Taiwanese-Americans. Although there were Asian-Americans in the San Gabriel Valley for decades, real growth began in the late 1970s, when realtor Frederic Hsieh began promoting Monterey Park as the "Chinese Beverly Hills" in Hong Kong and Taiwan

In the years that followed, many Chinese businesspeople and their families moved to the area. By the mid-1980s, people were commonly referring to Monterey Park as Little Taipei. Even as more and more Chinese mainlanders and Hoa arrived Cantonese became the dominant language as many wealthy and by-then-established Taiwanese-American families began to relocate to classy communities like Arcadia and San Marino, nearby communities like Temple City, and less-developed communities like Walnut, Rowland Heights and Hacienda Heights, communities whose rolling hills practically begged to be covered by big, new-money/no-class McMansions.

Nowadays the community is mostly Latino and Asian-American - 46% Latino (mostly Mexican) of any race, 37% Asian (mostly Taiwanese and Chinese) and 5% non-Latino white. 

One of (if not the) main draws of Hacienda Heights is the food. Every year the community and Rowland Heights get together to host Taste of the Heights at Pathfinder Park. On the day of our visit we arrived in the morning and stopped at Four Sea Restaurant for a delicious breakfast of fried onion cake with egg, a rice roll with pickled vegetables and veggie pork, fried leek pockets and steaming hot soy milk.

Other well-represented cuisines include Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Mexican and are represented by Akasaka Restaurant, Boiling Point (smelly Tofu!), Boston Cafe, California Stonegrill, Casa Blanca Mexican Restaurant, Casa De Tacos, Casa Jimenez Mexican, China Gate, China Mandarin Restaurant, China Star, China Wok Fast Food, Cindy's Kitchen, Cindy Liu Deli, Da Bok Tofu Restaurant, Daikokuya, Deerfield Restaurant, Donut King, Dumpling Master Restaurant, E Mei Shan Chinese Restaurant, Earthen Restaurants, El Curtido, Flame Broiler, Foo Foo Tei, Fruity Deli-cious, Garden Fresh Vegetarian Food, Hacienda Grill, Hacienda Village Meat & Italian Deli, In-N-Out Burger, JJ Bakery, John's Kitchen, Katana Sushi and Ramen, Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot & Grill, Los Frijolitos, Malan Han Noodle, Montanos, Nini Bakery, Oh! Crab, Osaka Seafood Buffet, Ostioneria Colima, Pak Kai Market / Deli, Pauline's Chinese Kitchen, Run Taco Run, Senor Baja, Seoul Korea Restaurant, Shin Sen Gumi, Sokaku Sushi, Soo Ra Sang Korean BBQ, Sushi Umi, Taipan Kitchen, Taipei Ning Gi Hot Pot Restaurant, Taiwan Deli, Tamaya, Tasty Noodle House, Tiramisu Cafe, Tokyo Lobby Restaurant, Tony's Pizza & Pasta, Whimsical Frozen Yogurt Gelato, World's Best Pizza and Yunnan Garden.

Oh, and although I normally forgo mentioning international restaurant chains, Hacienda Heights is home to the first (only?) Feng Shui McDonald's.

Rivaling or perhaps even surpassing Hacienda Heights' eateries as a draw is the largest Buddhist temple complex in the Western Hemishpere, Hsi Lai Temple, which opened in 1988. It was founded by Venerable Master Hsing Yun, the 48th Patriarch of the Lin-chi line of Ch'an. He is also the founder of the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Order whose headquarters are in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

The large Temple includes many sites of interest including the Bodhisattva Hall, the Arhat Garden, the Avalokitesvara Garden, the large Founder's Statue, the Main Shrine, the Requiem Pagoda, Meditation Hall, Translation and Publishing Center, Fo Guang Yuan Hsi Lai Art Gallery (where they sell Buddhist DVDs and CDs), the Tea Room and the Dining Hall.

Although not especially hungry we decided to eat again in keeping with Taiwanese customs. Since Humanistic Buddhists believe that food and drink should be consumed as vehicles for nourishment and nothing else, it's pretty bland. In fact, garlic and spices are seen as obstacles to achieving a pure and clear mind. It definitely was decently prepared and could even possibly serves as a culinary bridge to the East for bland-food-favoring Middlewesterners.

Schabarum Park

Events Hsi Lai hosts many of the events and observances in Hacienda Heights, including the Buddhist Sangha, Buddha's Birthday and Dharma Day. The St. John Vianney Church hosts the annual Early California Days. There's also and annual Fourth of July celebration. Schabarum Park (which mostly lies in Rowland Heights) hosts annual summer concerts.

The largest landfill in the United States, the 2.8 km2 Puente Hills Landfill, is partially located within Hacienda Heights. It was featured in the Penn and Teller series Bullshit! as part of their campaign against recycling. It also appeared in an episode of MegaStructures called "Garbage Mountain." Up to 13,200 tons of refuse are in by up to 1,600 trucks daily. The landfill rises up to a height of 150 meters but will close in 2013.

The biogas generated by the trash's decomposition produces enough electricity to service approximately 70,000 area homes and is sold to Southern California Edison. The Puente Hills Landfill Native Habitat Preservation Authority is a Joint Powers Authority with a Board of Directors consisting of the City of Whittier, County of Los Angeles, Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County, and the Hacienda Heights Improvement Association. The Habitat Authority is acquires, restores and mangoes open space in the Puente Hills, with the primary purpose of protecting biological diversity. They also offer hikes and educational programs.

Other Parks of Hacienda Heights include the smaller Los Robles Park, Hacienda La Puente Park, Manzanita Park, Thomas Burton Park, County Wood Park, Pepperbrook Park and a small corner of Arroyo Pescadero Park
Retrieving a murder victim's body in Tunrbull Canyon

Turnbull Canyon, which passes through North Whittier and connects Hacienda Heights to Whittier, is a source of many local legends involving Satanic Cults, extraterrestrials, the KKK, a witch house, a hanging tree, murderous psychopaths, ghosts, an abandoned insane asylum and more. Some of the kookier stories involve X-Files style government cover-ups. It was supposedly (I can find no credible source) known to the Tongva as Hutukng-na, meaning "dark place." Not surprisingly, its a popular destination for thrill-seeking teenagers out for kicks and killers looking for a dumpsite. 

Bixby Plaza

Hacienda Center

Plaza Stimson

There are several shopping centers in Hacienda Heights like Gale Square Shopping Center, Plaza Stimson and Bixby Plaza but, to be honest, they're not the sorts of malls I see people going to just to hang out (well, not young ones. I remember going to a red egg party at Saka Seafood Buffet at the Hacienda Center years ago.

Revisiting it we popped into the local 99 Ranch Market to find that another observance was underway, the Shanghai Food Festival. There were numerous free samples being given out including lotion, golden kiwis, red bean ice cream, seaweed salad, asian pears and more.

In addition to the TV episodes filmed at the landfill, Hacienda Heights was featured in an eponymous English language novela. It's also the birthplace of The Spectacular Spider-man's Joshua Keaton and Caprice Bourret of The Surreal Life. It's also the birthplace of Brooklyn-based filmmaker/musician/photographer Tiffany Huang. Oh yeah, incontinence spokesperson Stacy Ann "Fergie" Ferguson is from there. Also, in music-related news, it's home to the Sound of China Guzheng Music Promotion Center.

Well, being a quiet, largely residential Taiwanese-American neighborhood, the nightlife options are few... with more tea houses than bars. The two bars, City Lights Cocktail Lounge and Sunset Room, compete against Boba Tea Hut, Guppy Tea HouseQuickly, Tea Station and Tenju Tea House for thirsty night owls. There are, however, a higher than average number of liquor stores suggesting that not everyone is a boba-teetotaler. Other nightlife options are Joy Karaoke and Empire Hookah Lounge.

Until next time when we head to Huntington Beach!
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Hip-Hop Rap Up 06:18:11: Top Five with E Lit, Jean Grae, Family Vacation Tour, Random Axe, Vans Warped Tour's Bring It Back Stage + more

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Amoeba Music Berkeley Hip-Hop Top Five: Week Ending June 18, 2011

1)    Hail Mary Mallon Are You Gonna Eat That? (Rhymesayers)

Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic and DJ Big Wiz top the charts this week with their deservedly popular collabo, which combines their abrasive Def Jux aesthetic with some fun party vibes. 

Hail Mary Mallon represents some of Aesop Rock’s strongest material in a minute, and really showcases his talents as a producer through some neck-snapping beats.  Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic have got great vocal chemistry, and are local SF-dwellers these days as well.  Worth peeping!

2)    Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 (Capitol)

The Beastie Boys continue to prove that they’re one of the most universally popular groups in hip hop by coming in second this week after a long run of topping the charts. 

Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 is a return to form from To the 5 Burroughs that proves that you can still record a grimy sounding album on a million dollar budget.  The sort of raw, playful rap music you’ve come to expect from these guys.

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New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 6/17 - Jon Convex, Lory D, Floating Points, Jamie xx, Sigha & more

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Jon Convex
Convexations 12”

Icey electro with a MORODER-esque bassline is the order of the day as warped, gibberish vocals glide in and out of the mix. Expanding the robotic terrain of side A is the 2-step rhythm of "FALLING AGAIN". Both wildly hypnotic and addictive tracks. (3024)

Purchase Convexations here:

Lory D
Strange Days Vol. 1 12”

An all-analog assault on the senses, LORY D's idiosyncratic take on techno is on display with two tracks of mind bending acid as only he can produce them, with old skool sounds made for the future. Includes "ACIDRONIX" and "ACID PRASTIX". (NUMBERS)

Purchase Strange Days Vol. 1 12" here:

Floating Points

Marylin 12”

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Money B & Chopmaster J Remember Tupac On What Would Have Been Shakur's 40th Birthday

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Were he alive Tupac Amaru Shakur (aka 2Pac), who was fatally shot in Las Vegas in September 1996, the phenomenally popular rapper & actor would be celebrating his 40th birthday today, June 16th, 2011. At the Rockit Room in San Francisco tonight Sellassie and a bunch of other local hip-hop artists will celebrate the event in a concert honoring the slain local rap hero who, while born in Harlem & raised in both NYC and Baltimore before relocating West in the late 80's, began his rap career in the Bay Area. And many others will be thinking of Tupac Shakur today too, from the millions of diehard 2Pac fans all over the world, to family and friends including his former crew members in Digital Underground; the legendary Bay Area hip-hop crew that Shakur came to fame in. 2Pac joined Digital Underground, at a young age, first as a roadie and backup dancer and then as a rapper which, in turn, helped kick start his extremely successful, illustrious, and ultimately tragic solo career.

This week I caught up with both Digital Underground's Jimi "Chopmaster J" Dright, who along with Shock G and Kenny K co-founded the group in 1987, and with  Money B, who along with DU's DJ Fuze also formed the side-project Raw Fusion,  to ask them each about Tupac. After all it was their ever-talented & most unique P Funk-fueled hip-hop crew, that took Pac under their wing and into their fold when he was a mere bright young teenager from the Marin City projects with a knack for writing poetry.

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Best Of The First Half Of 2011 BY Gomez Comes Alive!

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We have almost reached the halfway point of 2011 and once again time is just flying by. The rest of the year promises some great new World Music releases and live performances. Here are a few great moments and releases that have inspired me so far this year:

Chancha Via Circuito
Rio Arriba

I got this release almost a year ago at a ZZK Records showcase. I wanted badly to write about it but this is a blog about what you can get at Amoeba, right? In March, the CD/LP release of Rio Arriba became available in the U.S. and I couldn't be happier. Chancha Via Circuito explores the world of South American folklore, blending his hypnotic beats with the revolutionary past of South America. The result could be considered another sub-genre of the digital Cumbia movement…perhaps Digital Nueva Trova?? Nevertheless, it is one of the most beautiful and organic electronic records released in some time.

Celso Piña Live At Amoeba Hollywood

When we usually get Latin artists to play at Amoeba, it usually fits into two categories: The Latin Alternative set: (The Nortec Collective, Ozomatli, Aterciopelados and pretty much anything on Nacional Records) or Salsa/Latin Jazz artist. Having Celso Piña play in the store was a big deal for me for two reasons. He is a Cumbia artist, a music that is more popular in Los Angeles than people in the Latin Music industry will have you believe. The second reason is Celso appeals to our many Mexican, Central and South American immigrant customers who frequent Amoeba Hollywood on a daily/weekly basis. Next up for Amoeba Hollywood? How about a legitimate Regional Mexican artist to play the Amoeba stage? Then a Bachata group? a Punta group….

Pachanga Fest In Austin Texas

This was a festival that I had to attend. On the bill was almost every artist that I ever wrote about on this blog; Some of the highlights included deejay stage that featured some of the best in so co called "Neo-Cumbia" movement, Toy Selectah, Mexican With Guns and The Peligrosa All-Stars. On the smaller stages was Austin’s best kept secret, Maneja Beto, back from a brief hiatus but sounding stronger than ever. Chico Mann performed solo and still managed to keep the audience dancing. Even Chino Bling, who I considered more of a gimmick rap artist, had a fun show. The main stage had yet another Adrian Quesada project, called The Echocentrics, whose live show only added more dimension to an already great album.  L.A. represented with East L.A’s Chicano Son and homies from L.A., Ozomatli, as the headliner. Everyone was legitimately into each other’s music. Going from deejay tent to watching a Ska group to some psychedelic rock. Austinites really have a good time. In Los Angeles, people are hard on each other. We are judgmental and because there is so much competition we are constantly trying to define and differentiate ourselves from another genre of music. In Austin (and I imagine in a lot of other cities) people just have fun and enjoy the many flavors that come their way. In a way, I think it makes us musicians and deejays in Los Angeles work harder because it’s too hard to be the big fish in a small pond because we don't live in a pond, we live in an ocean! Still, at the same time, we never sit back and appreciate what we already have.

Buying World LPs Online Via The Amoeba Website...Just Too Cool!

Can’t make it to Amoeba every day to see all the new and exciting LP wall items we have up on the store? Missing out on those limited edition LPs? Can’t seem to find rare and out of print CDs? Now you can buy them online. Click here for more info

Because It Feels So Good Being Right

Before L.A. Records Magazine, The L.A. Times or The L.A. Weekly included them in The Best Of L.A. People 2011, Amoeba have been supporters of the group, Chicano Batman. We carried their CD since 2009 and we still do, along with the Uniconio LP they released in 2010. They were #17 on the 2009 Best Of World Music list and are still one of my favorite listens. You can still get their vinyl and CD at Amoeba Hollywood.

Comments? You can now add me on Twitter!

Amoeba Hollywood Vinyl Insider -- Huge Library & Production Music Collection Hits LA Store & Website

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This week our Hollywood store will unleash a massive collection of rare library LPs. For those of you who might be a little confused as to what exactly library/production records are, these LPs contain music produced and owned by production music companies, who licensed the music to film, television, radio, record producers and other composers. The music was produced with the most accurate attention to a generic style or context, so that it would fit with any precise musical needs of the user.  This is a rare opportunity to browse bin after bin of obscurities from all the famous and sought-after production library companies including but not limited to De Wolfe, KPM, Colorsound, Sonoton, Hibou, Spectrum, CREA, Valentino, Intersound, Telemusic, Boosey & Hawkes, Bruton, Intl. SFX, Chappell.  This collection consists of all genres and styles of music, from psychedelic rock and jazz to electronic and symphonic background scores, ethnic styles are represented and there are plenty of LPs featuring solo instruments such as drums, synths, bass, guitars & more. Please check out the buy stuff section on our website for more of these titles.

(Wherein I meow.)

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Sometimes my cats are so cute, it annoys me. Especially if they’re being passively cute – you know, just laying in a sunbeam, exposing their bellies – not even trying, but so effwording adorable it just pisses me off and makes me want to stomp them.

It reminds me of when you see a girl who’s so fine, she almost becomes a villain. Like she’s doing it just to torment you. Like, wow you are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen you asshole.

Is there anyone out there with technical know-how who lives in LA that can help me put together my podcast? You must be house-broken, not say mean things about diet Coke, know how to record and broadcast a podcast, and never trick me into getting addicted to heroin (please).

I’m drinking kiefer and listening to Lil’ Kim. Don’t take it personally.

I’m concerned, a teeny bit, about the phenomena of cute cats on the Internet. Increasingly, I’m seeing how the no-fail excitement of kitty-cams and what-not is impacting, not only the World Wide Web, but TV commercials as well. Word is out, and cat footage has gone viral on our screens like AIDS on the prettiest boys of 1984.

Now I’m listening to Jayne County and the Electric Chairs. I’m out of kiefer, so I’m drinking coffee.

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If 'Tweren't for Bad Luck: Game of Thrones, Episode 9

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For the past three weeks, I've been able to do little else but read the first four volumes of George R. R. Martin's bestseller, A Song of Ice and Fire. For an entertaining pageturner, there's so much morbid cynicism and so little gratification that it pretty much reconfigures what's typically thought of as a diverting crowd-pleaser. The TV version is a lot of fun, too. The lead character, Ned Stark, was just beheaded tonight, and it only gets worse from here.

Two Essential Paul McCartney Solo Albums Being Reissued This Week In 2CD, 2LP, & Deluxe Formats

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Good news for Paul McCartney and Beatles fans. This week will see the reissue of two must-have solo albums by Sir Paul; 1970's McCartney (his first post Beatles solo release) and 1980's McCartney II (his first solo album following the final Wings release).

Similarly to the recent re-issue of Wings' 1973 tour de force Band On The Run, these two new remastered reissues, available from Amoeba on Tuesday June 14th,  are being re-released in a variety of formats (2CD, 2LP, & Deluxe) with lots of great bonus material.  Paul himself personally supervised these two reissues for which the remastering was done at Abbey Road with same team responsible for recently working on the complete Beatles' back catalog.

While these two McCartney albums were originally released a full decade apart they actually have a lot in common since each were solo releases coming on the heels of a break from bands: McCartney came right after the Beatles breakup while McCartney II came a year of the final album by Wings; 1979's  Back to the Egg.- and a year before they officially dissolved. Essentially then, these 1970 and 1980 solo McCartney albums bookend his work with Wings. Furthermore each were largely experimental spontaneous, freeform recordings (with the obvious exceptions of such songs as the infectious pop of "Coming Up" and the soulful, timeless "Maybe I'm Amazed" - Paul's moving love letter to Linda), and each  were recorded in a home studio with Paul playing much of the instrumentation himself and clearly just doing exactly what he felt like doing without the constrictions of working within a band structure. For example on McCartney II he fully explored the use of electronics and experimental sounds, incorporating lots of synthesizers which he was very attracted to at the time.

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Mash Up Of The Week: Thin Lizzy vs The Pixies + Bootie SF Club Tonight

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This latest mashup has actually been around for a few months now but I just caught up with it this week thanks to the good folks at the San Francisco found global mash up club Bootie who posted it on their website. I think that the above melding of Thin Lizzy and The Pixies by Phil RetroSpector is just pure brilliance since it so effortlessly melds two songs into one - it's like they were always meant to be heard this way as "The Boys Are Back in Heaven." So popular is the Bootie SF party that it happens every Saturday night at the DnA Lounge on 11th Street in San Francisco. Most parties tend to be monthlies. Only a rare club night can sustain weekly parties. So to have one every Saturday and a major metropolitan club speaks highly of the brand that Bootie SF's hard-working promoters / DJs / producers Adrian and Mysterious D (aka A plus D) have built up over the years. In fact they've taken the Bootie party all over the country and the world.

At Bootie SF, which has become the world's biggest mashup party, happens every Saturday at the DNA Lounge on 11th Street in San Francisco. Tonight the line up is creators/residents A plus D throwing down all the latest and best mashup jams plus Smash-Up Derby, the live mashup rock band, do a set at 11pm. Additionally tonight will be a performance from Girl Tack ("the world's first Girl Talk tribute act) doing, Night Ripper in it's entirety. There will also be electro-pop duo out of LA/Brooklyn Purple Crush doing a 2 song live show at midnight and DJing electro, indie and pop remixes upstairs.  Check out the Bootie website for updates on all their parties including NYC and be sure to check out the latest June Bootie Top 10. mashups.

June 7, 2011: X-MEN First Class

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Hip-Hop Rap Up 06:10:11: Hail Mary Mallon, Vast Aire, Agerman, T.I.E., Sadat X, Baby Jaymes, Fishbone + more

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Amoeba Music San Francisco Hip-Hop Top Five Week Ending 06:10:11

1) Blu & Exile Below The Heavens Re-Issue (Sound In Color)

2) Neek The Exotic Still On The Hustle (Fatbeats)

3) Vast Aire OX 2010: A Street Odyssey (Man Bites Dog Records & Fat Beats)

4) Oddisee Odd Seasons (Mello Music Group)

5) Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic & DJ Big Wiz are-Hail Mary Mallon Are You Gonna Eat That? (Rhymesayers Entertainment)

Thanks to Luis at the San Francisco Amoeba for this week's Top Five chart that features Blu & Exile's reissue of Below The Heavens and the new  Neek The Exotic's Still On The Hustle holding down the two top spots. Fans of Def Jux's famed NY hip-hop duo Cannibal Ox are among those snapping up Vast Aire's new OX 2010: A Street Odyssey which is a sort of throwback to his former group even if his former partner in rhyme Vordul Mega only appears on of the album's 15 tracks; the track "Thor's Hammer" that also features Raekwon. Fellow Wu warrior Cappadonna also makes a cameo on this guest heavy release that includes  Double A.B., Kenyattah Black, Guilty Simpson, and Genesis of LXG. OX 2010 may not be quite as great a work as Vast Aire's The Best Damn Rap Show but it is a tight album that displays the lyricist's clever wordplay.    

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Peaches Christ's Fashion Tips for Special July 1st Screening of Purple Rain @ The Castro with Apollonia In The House

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"Take Me With U" Prince & Apollonia from Purple Rain1984


Anyone who lives in San Francisco or who follows the Amoeblog already knows that Peaches Christ's Midnight Mass movie series is a thing of legendary status and that, along with everything else that the drag icon and her Backlash Production Company produces, rightfully commands a large & loyal following in San Francisco as well as the other cities and countries the traveling show has visited. But the upcoming July 1st special screening of Purple Rain at San Francisco's historic Castro Theatre may top all other Peaches Christ events to date.

In addition to the 35mm film presentation of Purple Rain (already a proven Midnight Mass favorite) and the guaranteed entertaining Purple Pre-Show, the event will also feature none other than Apollolina herself who starred alongside Prince in the 1984 film. Apollonia, the actress, singer, and former model who was born Patricia Kotero, will be Peaches' live guest for both a Q&A session and a post show meet-and-greet. Yesterday I caught up with Peaches Christ to ask about what fashion tips she might have for attendees of this special event and also what she thinks will be some of the favorite movie scenes with the audience at the Castro on July 1st? "All of the musical numbers tend to be the best scenes at our screening, especially the finale when the big concert finale breaks into 'I Would Die 4 U.' The audience goes nuts!" said Peaches Christ - the alter ego of accomplished drag performer, emcee, filmmaker, and actor Joshua Grannell who began the ever popular Midnight Mass series at the Bridge Theater in SF back in the late nineties.

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California Fool's Gold -- A Northeast Los Angeles primer

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Pendersleigh & Sons' Official Map of Northeast Los Angeles*

Northeast Los Angeles is situated on a green, hilly topography bounded by the Los Angeles River, the Arroyo Seco and the San Rafael Hills. It's neighbored by The Verdugos region to the north, the San Gabriel Valley to the east, the East side to the south, and the Mid-eastside (part of Central Los Angeles) across the LA River to the west.

Many of the neighborhoods of the area began as small settlements that developed independently and were gradually annexed by LA. Highland Park became part of LA in 1895, Garvanza followed in 1899, Occidental in 1916 and Eagle Rock in 1923. It's gone through many changes but has always maintained a unique vibe that distinguishes it among LA regions. It's especially well-known for its many fine Craftsman homes. Currently, the population is roughly 63% Latino, 17% white, 16% Asian and 2% black.


An Arroyo Seco regional affiliation really began to take off in the 19th Century when the river and surrounding hills were home to a handful of later-annexed communities. However, it wasn't until around the 1970s that the current/not quite synonymous Northeast Los Angeles identity began to emerge. Before then, gangs of Cypress Park, Garvanza, Glassell Park, Highland Park, Montecito Heights, Rose Hill, &c invariably represented "The Eastside" (I'm not aware of the regional affiliations of any historic Hermon or Eagle Rock-based gangs although in a 1971 episode of Adam-12 called "Gang War" a Latino gang called The Eagle Rocks beefs with one called The Verdugos). In the 1970s, the small Varrio NELA 13 formed around a group of about 30 members in Highland Park and were likely the first organization to popularize the now widely-favored NELA acronym. 


Eager to disassociate their properties with "The Eastside," which was by then synonymous with "the barrio" and Latino gang violence in the minds of many Angelenos, real estate developers and others jumped on board with the furtherance of the distinct NELA identity in the 1980s and actively attempted to shed their associations with the Eastside they'd historically been part of. Nowadays, every single Eastside Los Angeles neighborhood (including Boyle Heights, El Sereno, and Lincoln Heights) has been re-branded by some as part of Northeast Los Angeles, leaving only unincorporated (and therefore not part of the City of Los Angeles) East Los Angeles part of the city's Eastside. (Some 20 years later a new crop of developers and others would attempt to co-opt and commodify "The Eastside's" edgy/gritty/authentic nature to market Central Los Angeles communities like Westlake, Los Feliz, East Hollywood, Silver Lake and Echo Park as a re-imagined Eastside for people at best unaware of and at worst simply uninterested in the real Eastside). What neighborhoods are part of The Eastside vs Northeast LA is therefore a matter of ongoing debate.

And now for the neighborhoods… 



Arroyo View Estates is an early 1960s suburban development located in the hills between Highland Park and Pasadena. The tract was developed by William Gorham in two phases, and is almost exclusively comprised almost exclusively of mid-century ranch homes. It was once famously the neighborhood of choice for several professional athletes. 


Annandale General Hardware & Builders Supply (image source: John McVey)

In 1917, part of Annandale was annexed by neighboring Pasadena. In 1992, what remained of Annandale joined Garvanza, Hermon, Sycamore Grove, and York Valley in forsaking their individual identities for increased clout they hoped would come from joining together with Highland Park in the Greater Highland Park Association.


Atwater Village began as a poppy field known as "Atwater Park," named after Harriet Atwater Paramore. It was subdivided in 1912 and became Atwater Village. Most of the Spanish-style homes and bungalows were built beginning in the 1920s. One of the oldest restaurants in the county, the Tam O'Shanter Inn, opened in 1922 and was frequented by Walt Disney. The Los Feliz Drive-In opened in 1950 at the corner of Riverside and Los Feliz although it only lasted six years. Many of the early residents were employees of the nearby DWP station. Nowadays the diverse population is 51% Latino (mostly Mexican), 22% white and 20% Asian (mostly Filipino). To read more about Atwater Village, click here


Cypress Park is the youngest, poorest and least diverse neighborhood with a populace that's 82% Latino (mostly Mexican), 11% Asian (mostly Chinese) and 5% white. Two of my favorite local chains, King Taco and El Atacor, both started there. One of the local bars, Footsie's, was featured in a TI video. To read more about Cypress Park, click here.


Eagle Rock is the oldest, wealthiest and most diverse neighborhood in NELA, with a population that's 30% Latino (mostly Mexican), 30% white and 24% Asian (mostly Filipino). The name comes from a large boulder which, at certain times of the day, casts a shadow that looks like a flying bird. It's long been a desirable neighborhood for artists, writers, musicians and filmmakers. To read more about Eagle Rock, click here.


Garvanza is a tiny neighborhood considered by many to be part of the larger Highland Park neighborhood that was a major center of the California Arts & Crafts movement. It's named after the garbanzo beans that purportedly flourished there after being planted by Don Julio Verdugo in 1833. In 2007, the neighborhood was made an Historical Preservation Overlay Zone. To read more about Garvanza, click here.


Glassell Park was established by attorney Andrew Glassell, who received part of Rancho San Rafael as a result of the Great Partition of 1871 lawsuit. Many of the streets, including Toland Way, Drew, Andrita and Marguarite Streets are named after his family members. It was annexed by Los Angeles in two phases, in 1912 and 1916. Today the population is 66% Latino (mostly Mexican), 17% Asian (mostly Filipino) and 14% white. To read more about it, click here


Half-square-mile Hermon was established in 1903 as a colony by the Free Methodists, who purchased the valley area from Ralph Rogers, who'd previously struggled to sell his isolated property. The Methodists named it after the Biblical landmark in Syria (currently occupied by Israel). It was annexed by Los Angeles in 1912. Hermon streets including Ebey, Coleman, Terrill and Redfield were named after clergy. Today it has a small commercial district but is primarily residential. To read more about it, click here.


Highland Park is a scenic neighborhood that's a popular filming location (it's been filmed in Reservoir Dogs, Cutter's Way, La Bamba, Tuff Turf, Up in Smoke, Yes Man, Cyrus, Karate Kid III and other films). In 1928, resident Edward M. Hiner established a music studio/rehearsal building that developed into the music department at Los Angeles State Normal School, and later UCLA. Today it's 72% Latino (mostly Mexican and Salvadoran), 11% white (mostly German) and 11% Asian. To read more about Highland Park, click here.


Montecito Heights is situated in the Monterey Hills and was another signigican center of the California Arts and Crafts movement. It's also known for Heritage Square, a "living history museum" where old and significant building from around Los Angeles have been relocated for preservation. It's also home to the Audubon Center and a population that's 66% Latino (mostly Mexican and Salvadoran), 17% Asian (mostly Chinese), 12% white and 3% black.


Monterey Hills is a small condominium development that has developed a neighborhood identity distinct from that of Montecito Heights. It's part of the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council (ASNC) and the LA Department of Transportation has installed signs at its borders. In 1971, The Monterey Hills Redevelopment Project proposed building over a thousand units on a previously undisturbed hillside. Twenty years later many of them suffered severe structural damage resulting in high profile court battles.  The cultural highlight is the annual Monterey Hills Jazz Festival. To read more about it, click here.


Mt. Washington was founded in 1909 by developer Robert Marsh. On the summit of Mt. Washington, he built the Mt. Washington Hotel and the Mount Washington Railway offered passage up the steep hillside until 1919. It's home to the Southwest Museum of the American Indian which was established my noted anthropologist, historian and journalist Charles Fletcher Lummis and is the oldest museum in the city. It's population today is 61% Latino (mostly Mexican and Salvadoran, 21% white (mostly German) and 13% Asian. To read more about Mount Washington, click here.


Sycamore Grove was annexed in 1895.The area early on began to attract bohemians and bandits, resulting in brothels and saloons springing up around Sycamore Grove. The day after Sycamore Grove became part of Highland Park, the sporting clubs in the area were razed and the land became a park. Sycamore Grove Park was dedicated in 1905. By 1910 it was a popular filming location. In 1922, Hiner began conducting bands at the Sousa-Hiner Bandshell.

York Valley is named after its main thoroughfare, York Boulevard. It was originally known as Eureka Avenue before it was changed to New York Avenue. In the 1920s, in part to distance itself from it's nickname "Poverty Flats," it became simply York Boulevard (whether true in reality or not, in the popular conscience New York is more impoverished than York). In 1922, York Valley joined other neighborhoods in retiring its name in favor of identifying with Greater Highland Park but, as with many forsaken identities, in more recent years some have attempted to restore it.


This is Your Library #3 - LA Central Library Fundraiser June 23

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This is Your Library is a new series of late-night talk show style events occurring after-hours at the historic Central Library in downtown LA, featuring well-known and not so well-known Angelenos talking about what they do, how they do it, and what it means to be doing it in Los Angeles.

The third installment on June 23 will feature producer and host Huell Howser, author and art critic Chris Kraus, theater artist Diane Rodriguez, and special musical guest Amanda Jo Williams in conversation with the Library Foundation’s Justin Veach. Celebrate with Dublab DJs, a full bar, complimentary hot dogs by Pink’s, Brett Farkas and the Library All-Star Band, and more. Doors open at 7:30pm. More info.

This is your Library

out this week...5/31 & 6/7...depeche mode remixes...suede reissues...

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Depeche Mode have always been know for their remixes. They take this stuff seriously. These are not just your everday remixes. This is the good stuff. I am actually not even really a fan of remixes. I mostly associate them with artists like Cher and Madonna. But the remix can be an awesome reinterpretation of one of your favorite songs. Depeche Mode and the artists that remix them usually take a song and create a whole new song. Sometimes it might take you a minute to even place the song. They have also been know to make a mediocre song great. And a great song amazing. They released their first collection of remixes back in 2004. Remixes 81-04 was available as a 3CD set and a single disc set. They had also released their fancy single box sets years early. These six box sets included all of their original singles with the b-sides and remixes. But this new collection went a bit farther and included mostly remixes that I had never heard before. I listened to these remix albums for months. I have loved this band since I can remember loving anything. So it is always fun to hear a new version of one of your favorite songs from your youth. I really didn't think there were very many more remixes out there. But Depeche Mode has done it again and released another 3CD set of remixes. Depeche Mode Remixes 2: 81-11. This collection covers the period between 2004 and 2011 not covered on their last remix album. But it also goes deep into the early years as well. It includes remixes of Strangelove, World In My Eyes, Never Let Me Down Again, Leave in Silence, Puppets, A Question of Time, Everyting Counts, & Happiest Girl. As you would expect, this new compilation of remixes is amazing. It is obviously not meant for anyone who is not a fan of the band already. If you don't like Depeche Mode then you will not be liking these remixes. But if you are a fan then you are in for a treat. I will probably be listening to nothing but Depeche Mode for the next couple of weeks. If you were one of the lucky ones then you may have also picked up the limited edition remix 12" available with purchase of this new album. We only got a handful unfortunately.

Here is a breakdown of the remixes on the 3CD compilation and what albums the songs originally appeared on. There is at least one song from every album except for Some Great Reward. But "Lie To Me" and "Blasphemous Rumours" remixes did appear on the last remix album. Depeche Mode could probably still release another album of remixes in the next couple of years. They have had a long career and tons of brilliant songs over the years. I am still hoping for some sort of video box set from them. They need a DVD and Blu-Ray box set of all of their videos and TV appearances. I think it might be in their future. I will be counting down the days...

The 3CD set includes 35 remixes. Here is the breakdown...

Speak and Spell
Tora! Tora! Tora!

A Broken Frame 1982
Leave In Silence

Construction Time Again 1983
Everything Counts

Black Celebration
Fly on the Windscreen
A Question of Time

Music for the Masses 1987
Never Let Me Down (2 remixes)
Behind the Wheel

Personal Jesus (3 remixes)
World In My Eyes

Happiest Girl (bside)

Songs of Faith & Devotion
Walking In My Shoes
I Feel You
Higher Love

Barrel of a Gun
Only When I Lose Myself (bside)

Slowblow (bside)

Dream On
When the Body Speaks

Playing the Angel
Suffer Well
I Want It All
John the Revelator
A Pain That I'm Used To
Darkest Star

Sounds of the Universe
In Chains (2 remixes)
Fragile Tension

Ghost (bside)

Watch Depeche Mode perform "Leave in Silence" Live on the Tube from 1983!...amazing...

If Depeche Mode is my favorite band from the 80s then Suede is probably my favorite band from the 90s. They are giving us some amazing reissues over the next couple of weeks. Each of their 5 albums will be remastered and reissued with an extra disc of outtakes and bsides. And they also will each come with a DVD of videos and live performances. Amazing. I could not be more excited. Those first three Suede albums are amazing. And they still hold up after all these years. First up is Suede, their self titled album from 1993. The album that brought us Metal Mickey, So Young, Animal Nitrate, Sleeping Pills, The Next Life, Pantomime Horse, & The Drowners. This album really is amazing. I still know all the words to all of the songs on this album. I didn't really think it could get any better than this. And while their second album is maybe not as fun as the first. It is just as amazing. Maybe a bit darker. Dog Man Star was released in 1994. This reissue is out next week on June 14th. This album included We Are the Pigs, The Wild Ones, New Generation, The Asphalt World, Heroine, Still Life & The 2 Of Us. This will be followed by reissues of Coming Up from 1996, Head Music from 1999, and A New Morning from 2002. The reissues look great and I can't wait to watch all the DVDs that come with them. It doesn't get much better than this.

Here is what you will find on the second disc of the Suede reissue...

suedeDrowners [Rocking Horse demo]
Metal Mickey [Island demo]
Pantomine Horse [Island demo]
He's Dead [Rocking Horse demo]
Moving [Rocking Horse demo]
To The Birds [Rocking Horse]
Sleeping Pills [East West demo]
My Insatiable One
To The Birds
He's Dead
Where The Pigs Don't Fly
Painted People
Big Time, The
High Rising
My Insatiable One [piano version]

Brass In Pocket
Diesel [instrumental/studio outtake]
Stars On 45 [rehearsal room recording]
Just A Girl [early demo] - Suede & Justine Frischmann
Sleeping Pills [strings]

and here is what is on the NTSC Region 0 DVD...

original videos...

The Drowners
Metal Mickey
Animal Nitrate
So Young
The Drowners (US version)

live at the Brit Awards 1993...

Animal Nitrate

live at the Leadmill,
Sheffield 1993...

Metal Mickey
My Insatiable One
Animal Nitrate
Pantomine Horse
Drowners, The
Painted People
So Young
Animal Lover
Sleeping Pills
To The Birds

Love & Poison Tour, Brixton Academy 1993...
Next Life, The
Animal Nitrate
My Insatiable One
Metal Mickey
Pantomine Horse
He's Dead
Drowners, The
Painted People
She's Not Dead
To The Birds
Sleeping Pills
So Young

Brett Anderson And Bernard Butler 2011 Interview

Watch Suede perform "Metal Mickey" Live in 1993 from the Love & Poison Tour...

also out 5/31...

Director's Cut
by Kate Bush

Codes & Keys
by Death Cab For Cutie

by My Morning Jacket

Go With Me
by Seapony

by Alex Turner

What Did You Expect from the Vaccines
by The Vaccines

also out 6/7...

Suck It & See
by The Arctic Monkeys

Gloss Drop
by Battles

Arabia Mountain
by The Black Lips

Book of Mormon
Broadway Cast Recording

by Cults

It's A Corporate World
by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Remixes 2
by Depeche Mode

David Comes to Life
by Fucked Up

by Peter Murphy

Nick 13
by Nick 13

Loud Planes Fly Low
by The Rosebuds

Suede: Deluxe Edition
by Suede

Elzhi Pays Tribute To Nas Classic

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Elzhi "It Ain't Hard to Tell" (from Elmatic, 2011)

While you cannot repeat the greatness of a hip-hop classic verbatim, you sure can pay homage to it. Case in point is the fantastic new Elizhi tribute to Nas' timeless "It Ain't Hard To Tell" from the hip-hop legend's critically acclaimed 1994 debut album Illmatic. The inspired tribute track by the underrated gifted Detroit emcee Elzhi (video above directed by Michael Castelaz) appears on his new 10-track mixtape CD Elmatic which, in conjunction with XXL magazine is available for free download here. It was produced entirely by Will Sessions with guest spots from both Illmatic beatmaker Pete Rock and Detroit rapper Royce da 5’9” (who this month will be dropping the Eminem collab Bad Meets Evil's Hell The Sequel EP on Shady Records)

It is now 20 years since Nas first appeared on record when in 1991, then known as Nasty Nas, the teenaged MC made a memorable cameo on Main Source's single "Live At The BBQ." from the album Breaking Atoms. The following year he made another great guest spot on 3rd Bass' MC Serch's "Back To The Grill Again" single. Serch became Nas' manager and was instrumental in him signing with Columbia Records and hence in launching the career of one of hip-hop's greatest lyricists. The single "Halftime" from Serch's soundtrack for the 1992 movie Zebrahead was Nas' official solo debut. The song would also appear on Nas' debut album Illmatic which would not be released until two years later, in 1994.

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New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 6/7 - Sun Ra: Mike Huckaby edits, Rising Sun, Vladislav Delay, Matias Aguayo, Traxx & more

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Sun Ra
The Mike Huckaby Reel To Reel Edits Vol. 1 12"
Kindred Spirits

During afterhours, Mike Huckaby produces Sun Ra edits from a dancefloor perspective, using only a mixer and a reel-to-reel player. Now, some of his finest edits are released on The Mike Huckaby Reel To Reel Edits series, containing reworks of classic tracks from the Art Yard catalog which were previously-released on the collaborative series between Art Yard and Kindred Spirits. Housed in a full-color outersleeve including a silkscreen-printed plastic insert by L.A. designer Stephen Serrato. Limited quantities, so don't miss out!

Purchase The Mike Huckaby Reel To Reel Edits Vol. 1  here:

Rising Sun

Lift Up Your Faces 12"
Fauxpas Musik

Fauxpas Musik welcomes Rising Sun, who also runs labels such as Styrax and Millions Of Moments and their respective sub-labels."Lift Up Your Faces" is a grounding yet epic tale in best Bobby Konders manner, flowing and warm. Julius Steinhoff takes it to the floor. "Lonely Clarinet" and "The Sun Orchestra" sing with the birds, funking the last dark thought out and spreading pure love. This limited beautiful piece of colored vinyl comes with an extra-large poster done by Paetrick Schmidt.

Purchase Lift Up Your Faces 12" here:

Vladislav Delay Quartet
Vladislav Delay Quartet 2LP
Honest Jons

Vladislav Delay has always been a maverick artist. But after relocating to Hailuoto, Finland in 2008, what he calls "absolute freedom" has become the de facto muse guiding his music. On 2009's Tummaa, Delay cracked open ambient dub's hermetically-sealed aesthetic and ushered in elements of jazz-fusion, free improv and industrial noise. Tummaa is dark, restless and challenging. It's also a stepping stone, one that leads directly to Vladislav Delay Quartet, the musician's most radical statement to date. Though this absolute freedom is inextricably linked to the relative isolation of his Finnish home, Delay's latest record is very much a product of collective participation and multiple locales. In Derek Shirley, Lucio Capece and Mika Vainio, Delay has found three musicians more than willing to translate such a non-negotiable concept into sound. A balance is reached between individuality and the demands of the unit. The album's opening salvo -- "Minus Degrees, Bare Feet, Tickles" -- is a commanding declaration of independence. Layered with murky static, churning woodwinds and bowed bass, the music is visceral and unsettling. It also has nothing to do with ambient, dub or the myriad micro-genres they have spawned. This is noise -- vital 21st-century electronic noise that cuts a sharp angle between Borbetomagus' wicked maximalism and the wraith-like aggression coursing through black metal's more drone-based manifestations. That said, VDQ doesn't deal in sonic aggression, exclusively. Spotlighting Capece's soaring, avian reed-work, "Killing The Water Bed" is a vaporous foray into avant-garde jazz; "Presentiment" is deep, liquid blues, dripping suggestively from the celluloid of a long-forgotten sci-fi noir. The penultimate piece, "Louhos," is easily the record's most brutal in terms of rhythm, volume and density. Recalling free jazz and heavy metal's cacophonous flirtations in the late 1980s, the massive rock-beat anchoring the maelstrom swirling about it wouldn't feel out of place on Last Exit's Iron Path or even Ground Zero's epic Consume Red. Eventually, clattering electronics, fuzz-spiked percussion and a scalding wash of reeds rise up. Obliterating all forward propulsion by track's end, they leave a hazy cloud of reverb and feral cries in their wake. Recorded at the former Radio Yugoslavia studios in Belgrade throughout one week, Vladislav Delay Quartet is an expansive and multifaceted listening experience. In Delay's scrupulous production, the ensemble's raw and natural interaction finds a deep coherence: the articulation of absolute freedom. Vladislav Delay (drums, percussion), Lucio Capece (saxophone, bass clarinet), Derek Shirley (double bass) and Mika Vainio (electronics, live processing).

Purchase Vladislav Delay Quartet 2LP here:

Matias Aguayo
I Don't Smoke EP 12"

Matias Aguayo returns to Kompakt with his first new recordings for the label since 2009's acclaimed full-length Ay Ay Ay (KOMP 076CD/KOM 205LP). Aguayo takes it back to the dancefloor with his first foray into house music. I Don't Smoke is here -- pure electronic body music. The music here is a tour diary of sorts -- tried and tested on the crowds, these tracks were improved and built up, then finally mixed down with Scott Monteith aka Deadbeat.

Purchase I Don't Smoke EP 12" here:

Wherever I Lay My Head 2x12"

Finally, Dessous key artist Vincenzo is back in the spotlight with his third full-length album. Some nine years after Welcome To Zanarkand (DES 006CD), his last long-player, the Berlin-based producer has been making magic in the studio, crafting what is sure to be his greatest work yet. Wherever I Lay My Head is a glorious journey through rich, spiritual and stunningly-crafted electronic sounds. Vincenzo's crystal-clear production and years of writing experience have culminated in this heroic new work. Two songs feature U.S. house vocalist Lisa Shaw.

Purchase Wherever I Lay My Head 2x12" here:

Massimiliano Pagliara
Focus For Infinity 2LP
Live At Robert Johnson

Massimiliano Pagliara moved from Lecce to Milan to pursue a dream, approaching club culture from an academic angle, which led to a diploma in theater-dance and choreography. And then Milan's alternative club scene gave him even more hints of what music was out there, seemingly waiting to be morphed into his very own vision of sound. After he moved to Berlin, this urge became stronger, and soon dancing in an academic context was just not enough, and dancing in legendary clubs like Ostgut took over, until he felt ready and willing to join in the buzz as a DJ. And not before long, Massimiliano Pagliara was the one who got the same crowds moving he formerly was an enthusiastic part of, with knowledgeable selections touching a plethora of bases from disco and house origins, spiked with a good dose of the unexpected, leftfield, obscure and overall utmost grooviness. All of this is delivered with his very own super-charming demeanor, styled with both grace and conviction, coming on like the sweet missionary of nocturnal bliss. And as much as he loves playing the music he loves, producing the music he loves was the obvious next step to take. Having developed an obsession with analog synth sounds, Pagliara gathered vintage equipment and holed up in his studio to work on producing the music he always wanted to produce. And the results were so convincing that they led Daniel Wang to release his debut single on his legendary Balihu imprint. Since then he has spread his lovely melodies and infectious grooves to mainstays like Rush Hour Recordings, Meakusma, Needwant and eventually the seminal club and label haven, Robert Johnson. And thus, Focus For Infinity came to life, Massimiliano Pagliara's testament to his own inspirations and preferences, transferred into a superb voyage of disco and house transcendentalism that owes as much to electronic pioneers like Patrick Cowley as it does to the legacy of the defining days of Italo disco, synth-pop and Chicago house. But however he may have put his Prophet 5, Korgs and Rolands into action, this album is clearly not clinging to paying tributes. It aims to sing its own song, and dance to its own rhythm. Judging from his acclaimed achievements, it may come as no surprise that this album sounds diverse and personal and is executed with dedication and grandezza.  

Purchase Focus For Infinity 2LP  here:

Gene Hunt
Chicago Dance Tracks Part 2 2LP
Rush Hour

Part two of two 2LPs of never-before-released tracks from the archives of Gene Hunt -- rare, newly-unearthed Chicago house barn-stormers from the '80s. Gene Hunt shares his ancient treasures with us -- up to now, this stuff resided only on reels! Featuring a truly all-star line-up. Part 2 includes unreleased tracks from Virgo Four, Craig Loftis, Farley Keith Williams, Virgo & Adonis and even a track by Dion, who later on went on to kickstart Common's career and more recently has been Kanye West's sidekick. Also included is a rework of Lil Louis' "Video Clash" and a mash-up of Marshall Jefferson and a Larry Heard track, which was a Music Box/Ron Hardy favorite. The vinyl release holds seven tracks, all presented in their original length and includes one vinyl-only bonus track, Virgo & Adonis' "Trust." All tracks have been restored and remastered from the original, first generation reel-to-reel tapes. The artwork shows original Chicago flyers and the release comes with an insert with artist interviews, a Gene Hunt interview by Jackmaster Farley and original photos from back in the day. Also features reworks by Zernell Gillie and DJ Cease aka George Dupree.

Purchase Chicago Dance Tracks Part 2 2LP here:

To The Beat 12”
Lumberjacks In Hell

After releases on INTERNATIONAL DEEJAY GIGOLOS and CREME ORGANIZATION he drops this 12" on LUMBERJACKS IN HELL featuring two epic cuts: "TO THE BEAT BIZARRE" is a 13 min ode to DANIELLE BALDELLI with TANGERINE DREAM-like synths and "AN INSANE EXPERIMENT" a 10 min acid house jackin' track.

Purchase To The Beat 12” here:

Mo Kolours
EP1: Drum Talking 12”
One Handed Music

Mo Kolours drops into the One Handed roster like Hawk on a half pipe. The rhythms lead the way here, whether the straight, percussive workout of "Drum Talking" or the crafty vocal manipulation that drives the low-slung bump of "Biddies," a song that traces an imaginary line between Theo Parrish and Gonja Sufi. "Dead Of Night" mines the symbolism of The Beatles while his own "Bakiraq" resembles a soul classic. This is a set of deep, spaced-out weed shanties.

Purchase EP1: Drum Talking 12”EP1: Drum Talking 12”

SVENDSEN, BE: Catchy Penny & Cosmos Part 1 12"
WANDLER: La Petite Mort 12"
EXTRAWELT: Vorsprung Durch Hektik 12"
TADEO: Signals 12" D5: Neutrino EP 12"
GARY BECK: Egoist 12"
SECRET CINEMA: Minerals EP2 12"
SECRET CINEMA: Minerals EP3 12”
ELOQ: Galactic Neckbreaks EP 12”
VA: Deep Disco & Boogie Vol. 1 (Part 1) 12”
VA: VA IT 2 12" BAREM: Blue 12"
HECTOR: What The Hec? 12”
HEY: Summer Of Seven 3/7 7"
SILVERSHOWER: Early Fever 12"
BERMUDA: Ihasama 12"
ZADIG: P8 12"
BICEP: EP2 12"
DJ YELLOW: Night In Tranzylvania 12"
VA: African Calling Vol. 2 12"
Debukas/DEBUKAS EP 12”
Deep Space Orchestra/LO PAN 12"
Miss Cheesecake/GET OFF THE FLOOR 12”
Mirror People/REACTION - ODYSSEY 12”
Various/THE ART OF ACID PART 2 12”
I-Boat Captain/SLOWER - MOODY BEAT 12”
Jam Factory/ONE NIGHT STAND EP1 12 LENG008
Rayko & Em Vee/LUMBERJACKS IN HELL 2 12”
Frank Martiniq/GOLDEN DUSK REMIXES 10”
Jerzzey Boy/LOST CUTS PART 1 12”
Majesty's Pleasure/VOLUME 1 12”
London Elektricity/METEORITES RMX'S 12”
William Onyeabor/ANYTHING YOU SOW LP
Various/SCCUCCI ONE 12" EP
Brawther/DO IT YOURSELF EP 12”
Phantom & Hold/GLASS HEART 12”
William Onyeabor/ANYTHING YOU SOW LP
Drop Out Orchestra/OUT TO LUNCH 12”
Lovebirds/WANT YOU IN MY SOUL 12”
Various/MIAMI 2011 SAMPLER 2 12”
Doug Willis/DOUGGY STYLE EP 12"

In The Case Of KUSF 90.3FM, You Don't Know What You Got Til It's Gone

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Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" summed up the KUSF FM situation

I always appreciate when people utilize relevant song lyrics to reinforce a point they are making. Hence I enjoyed, during Saturday's heated Saving College Stations panel discussion on the last day of the NFCB's (National Federation of Community Broadcasters) 36th Annual Community Radio Conference in the Fillmore suite of the Parc 55 hotel in downtown San Francisco, when panelist Dorothy Kidd, quoted and gave props to Joni Mithcell's 1970 song "Big Yellow Taxi." "You don't know what you got til its gone," said the Save KUSF advocate & University of San Francisco (USF) media studies professor quoting the song's famous lyrics in reference to how she, as a listener/fan of the beloved SF college radio station, felt in the weeks and months since January 18th when  90.3FM got the plug pulled on it by her bosses at USF. 

"We don't need  technocrats to come in and control our station," continued the articulate and ever vigilant Kidd, who as a panelist at last month's SF Music Tech Summit similarly spoke out against the actions of the USF administrators. At Saturday's panel however she was directing her comments at fellow panelist (and seeming target of the entire discussion) Marc Hand of PRC (Public Radio Capital) out of Denver, CO whose company was instrumental in brokering the deal that paved the way for KUSF FM's demise.
Another panelist was WFMU New Jersey station manager Ken Freedman, one of the Save KUSF organization's biggest allies, who point blankly asked Hand how he could broker such a deal which he knew in his heart was just plain wrong and detrimental to the community's needs. Freedman was referring to the demise of KUSF and such other stations as KTRU FM - the Rice University radio station in Houston, TX that two months ago similarly had the plug pulled on it following a PRC brokered deal.  Panelist Duane Bradley, of Pacifica station KPFT, Houston, spoke on behalf of KTRU and noted that how Rice University's lame excuse for getting rid of the popular Houston college station after 40 years on the air was that they "needed the space to build a new cafeteria." Bradley also made the excellent point of how, when a volunteer run college or community radio station like KTRU or KUSF goes away for good, so too does the combined pool of irreplaceable resources of music programmers who are extremely knowledgeable of and passionate for the music they specialize in - so much so that they do it all for free.

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I Can't Stand The Rain But I Like The Song

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Eruption "I Can't Stand The Rain" (1978)

For those of you currently not in the Bay Area let me report that the weather here has been pretty crappy of late with lots of wet days disrupting peoples' outdoor activity plans. Over the past week, for example, it has rained five out of seven days and seemingly always in the morning right as I'm trying to head outdoors on my bicycle. Not fun.  Saturday morning's heavy downfall put a damper on a lot of Bay Area festivals, street fairs, and outdoor events including the Berkeley World Music Festival which, even though it has a "rain or shine" policy, resulted in many vendors backing out at the last minute.

Luckily it didn't disrupt everything since many of the festival's events were also indoors including the Amoeba Berkeley in-store with Mamadou & Vanessa. Other East Bay events I attempted to attend over the weekend but couldn't due to weather included Shady Nate's canceled community BBQ in DeFrermery Park in West Oakland and yesterday's Temescal Sreet Fair in North Oakland which was,according to organizers, "postponed due to an inclement weather forecast" until July 10th.

Ann Peebles "I Can't Stand The Rain" (original version, 1973)

I know that rain is good for the environment and California water supplies sure can use a good back up of H2O. But personally I can't stand the rain, especially in June when I'm all ready for good outdoor weather. But I do like the song of the same name and for some reason it always pops into my head on rainy days.  Hence I've been humming "I Can't Stand The Rain" a lot lately and thought I would do a run down of some of the different versions of this much covered song that was first recorded by Ann Peebles in 1973 who co-wrote it with Don Bryant & Bernard "Bernie" Miller.

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Love Thy Vampire? Priest (2011)

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I wasn't going to see Priest until I read Noah Berlatsky's critique. I could tell from the trailer that it wasn't offering anything new, nor was it going to even try. Indeed, it is cobbled together from clichés, tropes and designs borrowed from other films -- many of which would best be forgotten, as well. There's not one, but two "I won't let you / don't you let go" scenes as someone is dangling from the hero's hand. The villain conducts while his minions play a catastrophe on a town, just so you know how evil he is. Black Hat, the villain, is a former member of the superpowered priesthood, now corrupted by vampire blood, making him more powerful than both the pureblood vamps and the priests. The vampires are based on the same boring, wormlike design that was used in I Am Legend -- preferred, I guess, because it's generic and doesn't require eyes. Black Hat's main plan is get his old friend, Priest, to join him as a halfbreed and take over the world for the vampire queen. The worst offense is that the action is yet another uninspired appropriation of The Matrix's bullettime. Why, then, did I see it? Because Berlatsky argues that the film is virulently racist, and I can't stay away from films that unintentionally go horribly ideologically wrong. He had my hopes up for another 300 or the aforementioned I Am Legend, but is it a "racist piece of shit," or just shit?

The film's one innovation -- if you can call it that -- is borrowing the basic plot from The Searchers. In John Ford's classic, the Comanche kidnap Ethan Edwards' (John Wayne) niece, torch his brother's homestead and kill most of the family. The vampires do the same to Priest's (Paul Bettany) family, bringing him out of forced retirement to find his "niece" (actually, his biological daughter), and, thus, against the direct commands of the church state that he serves. The heroes are accompanied by the nieces' suitors, both of whom intend to keep the girls alive against the uncles' vows to kill their nieces if they show signs of infection -- cultural in the case of the Indians and genetic in the case of the vampires (or, I guess you might say, genetic mutation determines an ideologico-moral shift in the latter). It's the substitution of vampires for Indians in the plot that is central to Berlatsky's condemnation:

[I]f the Indians are vampires, suddenly you don’t have to shilly-shally. One by one the Western set pieces are trotted out and stripped down to their primal level of racist hatred and fear. The (white) family of peaceful farming folk out on the frontier is beset, utterly without cause, by slavering, hideous eyeless beasts. The reservation on which the vampires are herded is an impoverished, backwards tract of dirt—surrounding a slimy, stinking pit of sub-human insectoid breeding and bloodletting. 

[...]  But, of course, where Ford’s film at least intermittently sees Ethan’s bloody-minded racial panic as a monstrosity, in Priest there is no such bleeding heart nonsense. Racial mixing deserves death, period, and even Hicks has to admit that Priest’s absolute anti-miscegenation stance is the only true morality.

His hyperbolical reaction rests on one faulty assumption that seems to me fairly obvious: borrowing a plot doesn't entail the same intent or interpretation of that intent for the stories sharing the plot. As Roger Ebert put it, The Searchers has a nervous racial politics in the way it attempts to walk the line between the legitimate fear Euro-American settlers had for the Comanche and the genocidal solution that many, such as the character of Ethan, promoted. Berlatsky would have it that by substituting the vampires in the role of the Other, the nervousness is taken away, making genocide a moral solution to the settlers fear of the Comanche.

Even though he refuses to admit it (confer his article's comments section), the use of monsters of pure evil instead of humans from a different cultural tradition necessitates a different interpretation of storytelling intent. Granted, monsters often serve an allegorical role, but this role isn't merely determined by their placement within a plot. Rather, I suggest content of the villain role is crucial here -- i.e., the form doesn't determine (top-down) the way the content is to be interpreted. When Dirty Harry rails against the liberal bureaucrats in San Francisco, that suggests (regardless of the intent of the filmmakers) something about the realworld bureaucratic organization of a realworld city. It asks the audience to temporarily identify with a perspective (right-wing and reactionary) about something that actually exists for the movie to work the way it does. The vampires represent the Comanche (or Indians in general) only if one assumes that they do. And the only reason for assuming that they do is because of Priest's sharing a plot with a film about white settlers and the Comanche. But imagine a story where a girl is kidnapped by a Nazi group who intend on raising her with pure Aryan racialist beliefs (this idea shares similarities with the horror film Frontier(s)). Her uncle, a vehement Nazi-hunter, goes after her with the intent of killing her if she's been ideologically contaminated. I suspect his intention would find more sympathy from contemporary audiences than Ethan's, based as it is on a hatred that's considered more morally justified than hatred of Indians. Using Berlatsky's rationale, the Nazi-hunter would be just as bigoted as Ethan. 

However, even for the individual who finds Comanche beliefs as insidious and heinous as the Nazi's, there would be a monstrousness to either of the uncles' decisions to kill his own kind that simply doesn't obtain in Priest's situation: the ideological change in the niece is psycho-cultural in the former two instances, but genetic in the latter. One doesn't learn the evil of vampirism; it's a cancer that rapidly takes over the mind and body with the exchange of blood. The person that you were is really dead; what remains is an evil simulation. A white girl raised as a Comanche or Nazi continues to possess agency and can, therefore, be responsible for her actions. Her beliefs could change again. Ethan's racism is shown in the way he takes the Comanche and their culture to be something like vampirism, robbing his niece of her agency and replacing it with an evil, inhuman mockery of her former self. He finds some redemption when he embraces her in the end, despite her Comanche ways. Contrariwise, Priest would be mistaken to assume a vampiric version of his niece still possessed moral accountability -- a mistake that would result in more people being killed as the undead virus spreads like the pods in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The vampires in Priest represent a pure, evil Otherness, a group that shares no moral beliefs with and has none for the Orwellian church-state that the humans live under. (As dumb as this film is, it's actually a good deal more politically complicated than Berlatsky makes it out to be: many human ethnicities live under the totalitarian regime that probably isn't much better than the collectively minded existence of the vampires.) Whatever fear the filmmakers attempt to create using vampires is rooted in an abstract fear that underlies all fear of things we don't understand, or can't integrate within our own cultural codes. Who the hell fears the Indians these days? Racism enters the picture only when someone chooses to treat real humans as if they were these vampires. But the only person making that connection is Berlatsky.

Amoeba Hollywood World Music Best Sellers For April & May 2011

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1. Mana-Drama Y Luz (CD & CD/DVD)
2.V/A- Bossa Nova And The Rise of Brazilian Music in the 1960s (CD/LP)
3.V/A- Those Shocking Shaking Days: Indonesian Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock and Funk 1970-1978. (CD/LP)
4. Zoe-MTV Unplugged (CD/DVD)
5. V/A- Bossa Nova And The Story Of Elenco Records (CD/LP)
6.V/A- Cartegena! (CD/LP)
7. V/A-Nigeria 70 Vol.3 (CD/LP)
8. Ceci Bastida- Veo La Marea (CD Only)
9.V/A-Fania Records 1964-82(CD/LP)
10. V/A- Cult Cargo Salsa Boricua De Chicago (CD/LP)

Mana was Amoeba Hollywood’s bestseller for the last two months thanks to their massive in-store autograph session on April 12th. It was pretty nuts, even for someone like myself who anticipated that the in-store would be huge. There were plenty of people leaving the autograph line either shaking or crying after they met the band. To those in L.A. who do not understand how big Mana is, they will be playing four nights at The Staple Center in June…that’s between 70-80 thousand tickets!

Alt-Latin darling Ceci Bastida landed in the eighth spot after a well-received in-store performance. Speaking of Alt-Latin darlings, Zoe’s MTV Unplugged CD & DVD put them at the number four positions. The rest of the slots when to various world compilations from Brazil, African and Latin America, all 1960 to 1980 retro collections.

Summer is a great time for African music. Out now in our African section is the reissue of Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou  First Album and Funky Rob Way by Rob, both on the Analog Africa Label. The domestic release of Youssou N’Dour’s Dakar-Kingston will be out June 7th and more Touareg rock from Terakaft, entitled Aratan N Azawad will be out on June 14th. Seun Kuti will be releasing his latest, From Africa With Fury: Rise on June 21st. We currently have the vinyl version of Seun Kuti’s latest on LP.

On the Latin side we have Joaquin Claussell’s Hammock House: Africa Caribe, which are reinterpretations of classic Fania tracks by the legendary House Music producer. From Soundway Records we have the LP & CD version of Michi Sarmiento and Y Su Bravos, Aqui Los Bravos. A must get is the Peruvian compilation, El Sonido De Tupac Amaru, an LP only release with a scorcher of a 7” single included. Fans of the Roots Of Chicha compilations will love this LP, which is limited to a numbered 500 copies. This is some massive heat coming from the Mass Tropicas label. Speaking of LP releases, the Secret Stash label will have a few new releases, The Rhythms of Black Peru, which features plenty of traditional Afro-Peruvian gems.

Another interesting release to check out is Los Tigres Del Norte’s MTV Unplugged, which has the band performing many of their hits with Latin America’s most known Pop & Rock artists, including Paulina Rubio, Juanes, Residente of Calle 13, Andrés Calamaro, Diego Torres and Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine. There are two versions, CD only and the CD/DVD combo.


Fifth Month In Exile, Ousted KUSF DJs Continue To Be Remarkably Resilient, Tirelessly Keeping Station Going 24/7 Online and Fighting To Get Back on FM Dial

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While the tireless members of the Save KUSF organization are realistic enough not to expect any miracles to come out of the NFCB's (National Federation of Community Broadcasters) 36th Annual Community Radio Conference at the Parc 55 hotel in downtown San Francisco this week, which features the pertinent panel discussion Saving College Stations on Saturday (June 4th) morning at 9am, there is an underlying hope that with this national gathering of like minded individuals - equally passionate about the importance 
of local, community radio - that some new pointers on how to get KUSF back on the FM dial might arise. Or at the very least that there will be a show of solidarity towards the unfairly ousted KUSF programmers from their fellow left of the dial broadcasters of the NFCB whose tag is, "We are local. We are global. We are independent, connected, and engaged." 

Since KUSF was abruptly pulled off the FM dial on January 18th, when the University of San Francisco (USF) management secretly worked out a deal with Public Radio Capital (PRC) replacing 90.3FM with an out of town programmed classical station, the ripples have been felt across the country by other college & small non-commercial radio stations who, particularly in this time of federal & state funding cutbacks and universities clamoring for ways to generate money, wonder if they might be next to get the plug pulled on them. The move by USF was not an isolated one but rather part of an increasing trend by budget challenged colleges across the country. While tomorrow's panel will focus on the events that went down at KUSF and KTRU (another radio station that got kicked off the air) its message of what to do when your station faces the chopping block is as much, if not more so, directed at those college/student stations that are still on air but could soon face a similar fate.

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Band Crush: Earth Girl Helen Brown

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Bewitched at the drop of a needle, "nomadic psychedelic folksinger" Earth Girl Helen Brown owns my heart...

A customer turned me on to this jam as I was ringing up his purchase, the debut record from one of the fictitious artists associated with Sonny Smith's 100 Records project. Considering that more than a few of my favorite bands began as an inside joke (like the Sugarcubes) or some similar spontaneous venture (hello OOIOO) the scheme beneath Earth Girl Helen Brown's Story of an Earth Girl six song EP (on Forest Family) would be easy to miss if it weren't for the intergalactic, martian-love blues that color this collection of stellar musicianship --- a pleasant oddball mix of doo-wop, (earth) girls in the garage, Muscle Shoals soul, and a heady dose of feminine mystique.

"I Walked All Night" - Earth Girl Helen Brown

Captained by Heidi Alexander of the Sandwitches, with sandy sister Grace Cooper also on board along with a crew of SF local hitmakers (including Kelley Stoltz, John Dwyer and Sonny Smith, of course), this infinitely enjoyable record sets the bar way high for future endeavors. Limited to 500 copies on 10" white vinyl, Story of an Earth Girl dredges memories of some of my past loves and style crushes circa 80's (an obvious influence?), 90's (Meryn Cadell's "The Sweater"!!!) and all points beyond: xoxo!

"Story of an Earth Girl" - Earth Girl Helen Brown

QBert and D-Styles at Skratchcon in 2000

There is a lot going on right now in Bay Area hip-hop music and what is most impressive is not just the quantity of artists making new music but the diversity of hip-hop music in the Bay Area as we head into what promises to be one a most prolific summer of music. One week ago exactly I wrote about Bay Area female rapper Kreayshawn's meteoric rise to fame within the previous week and a half, thanks in large part to her viral video "Gucci Gucci." Well since then, the buzz-worthy artist who did her first show only three months ago at SXSW, sold out her White Girl Mob show with Lil Debbie & V Nasty at SOM Bar in SF and had Erk da Jerk and Mistah Fab opening for her. More significantly she landed a major deal with SONY: reportedly a one million dollar deal of which she sees a quarter up front.

In the world of turntablism, which many agree is rooted in the Bay Area thanks to such pioneering crews as the Bulletproof Scratch Hamsters and the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, this week is a really exciting time in San Francisco. On Wednesday (June 1st) the monthly Bay Area Skratchpad party, which recently extended to LA (after Sacramento and San Jose) jumped off at the Rockit Room on Clement (formerly the Last Day Saloon). In addition to such resident DJs as Deeandroid, Celskiii, DnZ, and Snyak Eyez flexing their stuff on the turns also making beautiful turntable music were Primo, Robynn Battle, MuddBird Waxaholic, and SoundTronix. Additionally Chicken Skratch (the night's expert beat selector) was laying down an incredibly rich variety of grooves from old school to dubstep.

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Omar Souleyman at the Mezzanine in SF this Tuesday June 7

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Syrian master of dabke and Iraqi choubi jams Omar Souleyman will be setting the sweaty boogie-party off this Tuesday in San Francisco at the Mezzanine! Come one, come all and join the one-third of the Amoeba Music SF staff that already hold tickets to this high-impact, calorie-shedding dance party --- hope they properly packed that keyboardist this time 'round: get your tickets here!
check out this sweet vid below featuring "Leh Jani" --- the opening track from the Sublime Frequencies CD Omar Souleyman - Highway to Hassake: Folk and Pop Sounds of Syria:


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Happy Ascension Day, Mortals!

Today is the perfect day to fire up the barbeque, emulsify marshmallows in their own, meaty juices, make necklaces out of macaroni and firecrackers and teeth, roast corn on the cobweb, take pictures of your auntie, run through the sprinklers praising God in His infinite wisdom for creating a world and people that would one day invent sprinklers which must therefore be a part of His Divine Plan for the Glory of All, post pictures of your auntie online, bob for apples without safety pins hidden inside them by your heathen neighbors next door, pop popcorn, scream for ice cream, sing hymns, taunt your auntie by telling her the pictures of her have gone viral and now her privacy will be compromised, her bank accounts plundered, and her likeness will be used by terrorists to bring down the American Government, jump on a trampoline and pretend you're ascending yourself, make peace with zombies, fly a kite, cut some ribbon, pick up litter, drink the salty/sweet tears from your auntie's quivering cheek-beds.

And enjoy these Ascension Day tunes!

Pharoahe Monch Plays Several Cali Gigs This Week In Support of W.A.R. (We Are Renegades) Album

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Pharoahe Monch "Clap (one day)" Extended Music Video Version (2011)

Pharoahe Monch, who plays San Francisco's 330 Ritch tonight (Thursday June 2nd) and The Pagoda in San Jose on Saturday, has the distinction of being one of that rare breed of emcees who has managed to  sustain a career for two solid decades, which is an eternity in hip-hop and to keep reinventing himself along the way. The Queens, NY Monch, who came to fame as one half of the much heralded (read critically but not commercially acclaimed) early 90's hip-hop act Organized Konfusion, went solo after the split and by the end of the decade enjoyed the biggest commercial success of his career with his 1999 solo debut Internal Affairs which spawned the raunchy rap hit "Simon Says" (see video below).

Since then Monch has released just two more albums including 2007's Desire (with live band backing he did a wonderful instore performance at Amoeba Berkeley around that same time) and this year's excellent W.A.R. (We Are Renegades) which includes the anti-police brutality track "Clap (One Day)" as seen above in its extended video version. The album W.A.R. was a hot item at Amoeba when it dropped two months ago. It was the number one selling hiip-hop album at Amoeba Hollywood the first week of April. Since the newt album dropped the artist has been busy promoting it by doing lots of gigs including several in Cali and Nevada this week. Tonight, Weds June 1st, he plays Fulton 55 in Fresno. Tomorrow, Thursday June 2nd is the big San Francisco show, that also features DJ Apollo spinning all night, at 330 Ritch (that's the club's address too) in downtown San Francisco.  9pm 21+ $15 More info here  Saturday, June 4th he plays at the Pagoda (inside the Fairmont Hotel) at 170 S. Market Street, San Jose. 10pm, 21+ $15. And Sunday, June 5th, he plays at the Underground at 555 East 4th St in Reno, NV. 9pm 21+ $10. More info.

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New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 6/1 - Kassem Mosse, Steffi, Bocca Grande, MMM, Surgeon & more

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Seltene Erden
Northern Rae 12"
Mule Electronic

This is the debut release from Kassem Mosse under his new moniker Seltene Erden. This new incarnation was started when Mule Electronic asked him to make an ambient song for Mule's ambient compilation Enjoy The Silence. The title track is dubby beatdown house -- like Theo Parrish meets The Orb. "Bayan Obo" is taken from Enjoy The Silence Vol. 2, and sounds peaceful and ambient.

Purchase Northern Rae here:

Remixes 12"

This EP showcases three special remixes of tracks off Steffi's debut album Yours & Mine (OSTGUT 016CD/008LP). Staffan Lindberg's hypnotic, rave-tinged mix of "Yours" weaves an intricate tale for the dancefloor -- nothing is rushed and the classic elements have room to shine in his fluid arrangement. Lone's remix works the Chicago-vibed "Arms" into a magical cosmic future-acid trip. The Analogue Cops' pumping remix of "You Own My Mind" is a perfect example of their trademark rough, tripped-out house vibe.

Purchase Steffi - Remixes here:

Bocca Grande
PROCEDURE 2011 12”

BOCCA GRANDE (MATHEMATICS, FOUR ROSES) drops this dope minimal tech house track that starts with a quiet and quite beautiful piano intro. A stripped down but very melodic instrumental track. B/w a MORGAN GEIST remix which is more bumpin' and aimed more at the dancefloors. Nice.

Purchase Procedure 2011 here:

Holy Ghost!
WAIT & SEE 12”

The catchy single from HOLY GHOST's self titled debut gets a makeover from 5 of dance music's titans: CFCF, FLIGHT FACILITIES, KRIS MENACE, RICHARD X & MOBY. Each artist steer the track in new directions while capitalizing on the irresistible danceability of the original.

Purchase Wait & See remixes here:

Julianna Barwick and Ikue Mori
RVNG Interntional

"Frkwys Vol. 6 features four pieces composed and performed by artists Julianna Barwick and Ikue Mori as part of a month long installation curated by RVNG Intl. at White Columns gallery, New York City, NY. For the installation, a particle board cubicle was custom constructed and placed at the center of the Project Space. The cubicle wall separated Julianna and Ikue to their respective seated work stations, while stationary web cams captured the musicians at work/play and became interactive projections auto-manipulated by video artist Erik Mika, illuminating this exercise in simulated engagement. Each of Julianna and Ikue's improvised performances on October 29th, 2010, were cut live to vinyl via portable lathe. Julianna and Ikue met a second time three weeks later at White Columns, November 16th 2010. This time the two musicians collaborated without an audience, cubicle, web cams, or lathe, but with past experience and spirit in place, an exercise in actual engagement. The four pieces of FRKWYS Vol. 6 include two performances from the first collaboration, and two performances from the latter collaboration. The LP is available in limited edition, packaged in thick black jackets with a two color adhesive wrap. All LPs come with a 24 page black & white zine featuring photography by Mayer and Rogac."

Purchase FKWYS V. 6 here:

Orlando B

UK producer Orlando B. laid down this material in West London, but its heart and soul lies an ocean away, as the "Motorcity" track title suggests. "Contemplate" induces a contemplative state with a sparkling flow of warm Rhodes melodies, crisp house beats, and creamy analog synthesizers. "Motor City" features thudding bass lines and stepping beats, while "It Ain't Over" drapes a syncopated keyboard theme and synth chords over a slamming house pulse to marvelous effect. Comes in two different colored vinyl versions. 

Purchase Future Resist here:

Yoruba Soul

As one of the most revered and respected producers on the scene, OSUNLADE needs no introduction and this limited 10" further proves both his vision and his skill. Part soaring house and part analogue love song, the title cut in one of the most unique house records of 2011

Purchase - Idiosyncray here:

MMM 5 12"

Party guaranteed, sub heavy & subtly rhythmical world musics infected deadly sounding techno cuts - TIP!

Purchase MMM 5 here:

Breaking The Frame DLP
Dynamic Tension

Outstanding explorative techno for the fearless - Absolutely & Highly Recommended!

Purchase Breaking The Frame here:

NICO LAHS: Clouded Visions EP 12"
SKREAM: Where You Should Be feat. Sam Frank Part 1 12"
SKREAM: Where You Should Be feat. Sam Frank Part 2 12"
RYAN DAVIS: Light & Shadow EP 12"
Disco Deviance/#19 INNERWESTSOUL 12”
Todd Terje/ALICIA KEYS & S. WONDER 12”
Seegweed Edits/PART 1 12”
MMM: Dex 12”
MMM 1 / D 12"
MMM: Elektro Cut 12”
MMM: 2 / D 12"
MMM: 3 / Soundhack 04 / D 12"
MMM & Soundhack: Anniversary EP 12”
MMM: 4 / D 12"
Bottin & Rodion/SHOOTING STAR 12”
Tron Hoax & Persist/I DARE YOU 12”
Mario Basanov/LONELY DAYS 12”
Project Tempo/PROJECT TEMPO VOL.2 12”
Fatboy Slim/GANGSTAR TRIPPING 2011 12”
Lasertom & Blast Crew/TWO SIDES EP 12”
Total Science & S.P.Y/GHOSTRIDERS D12”
Todd Terje/ALICIA KEYS & S. WONDER 12”
Speedometer/AGAIN & AGAIN 12"
Incarnations/MEET ME AT MIDNIGHT 12"
Gecko Turner/GONE DOWN SOUTH PT 2 12"
Mike Simonetti/I'M GETTING TOO OLD...12"
Breach vs. T Williams/2 BOB NOTE 10"
Eamon Harkin/PARTY OUT OF SIGHT 12”
Rayko/DIE FOR YOU 12”
Fernando/THE 87 - NON STOP 12”
Gemmy/JAH KNOW 12”

California Fool's Gold -- A Santa Monica Mountains primer

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The Santa Monica Mountains are a traverse mountain range that stretches from the Pacific Ocean 64 kilometers east to the flood plain where the LA River is fed by the Verdugo Wash. The southern side of the eastern end of the range is almost always referred to as the Hollywood Hills. The central portion lies within LA's westside and the foothills are home to some of LA's most affluent neighborhoods (e.g. Bel Air, Beverly Hills and Pacific Palisades). To the north, separated by the mountains, is the San Fernando Valley. Technically, the Channel Islands are also part of the range, although they're separated from the mainland by water.

Pendersleigh & Sons' Official Map of the Santa Monica Mountains

The western portion of the Santa Monica Mountains separates the Conejo Valley from Malibu and the neighboring communities that make up the Los Angeles district known as the Santa Monica Mountains area. The district borders Ventura County to the west and north, the San Fernando Valley to the northeast and the Westside to the east. 

The chaparral covering the region is home to mountain lions, steelheads, Southern Pacific Rattlesnakes, various kingsnakes, Gopher snakes, Garter snakes, Western fence lizards, bobcats, mule deer, golden eagles and other less glamorous creatures. The area around the shore is home to dolphins, octopi, sea gulls, crabs, anemones, mussels, sharks, cormorants, seals, pelicans, sea lions and whales. For thousands of years, the land was shared by the Tongva in the east and the Chumash. The Chumash called the area along the Pacific "Humaliwo," meaning "the surf sounds loudly," and Malibu derives its name from this. There is some evidence that the two sea-going peoples had contact with the Polynesians. The natives were later conquered and displaced by the Spanish. Later, the land became part of Mexico. After that, it was conquered by the US. Today it is home to six separate communities and a large, unincorporated region in the middle. 

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A critical analysis of the cultural impact of the Andrews Sisters on the United States of America

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The Andrews Sisters: Curly, Groucho and the Holy Spirit

When considering the Andrews Sisters the word “blood-thirsty” rarely comes into play.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these essays on harmonizing, pop-vocal groups. Below you’ll find other ditties from this genre that I think are the bee’s articulatio genus. Before that, though, I want to share with you a little culinary experience I had recently.

The boyfriend and I had our friends Rachel and Paul over for dinner. As usual, I did all the cooking – the boyfriend, after all, can’t make an entire meal out of burned water alone – and I was thinking of various ways to spruce things up. It occurred to me, instead of serving bread with our meal, to make a simple yellow cake with the addition of savory herbs.

First, hours before I was ready to bake, I chopped up fresh rosemary and sage and simmered them in one cup of unsalted butter, over low heat. Once the liquid gold of the butter had soaked in the essence of the fresh herbs, lending a faint grass-green hue, I took it off the fire and allowed it to congeal. I used this butter for the cake. The effect of this savory dessert – being both salty and sweet – was similar to cornbread, but earthier, lighter, and altogether swell. I thought you should know.

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Part of the Treasure Hunt – Round 5 Action Figures

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The Round 5 UFC action figures are crazy little finds at Amoeba Hollywood. With exaggerated features (like over-sized Hobbit feet and Thing-sized fists, impossibly squat legs and real to life thoraxes) and really pretty startling likenesses, they are the coolest caricatures of cage fighters going . If you're a fan of the sport, you know that the astonished look in Matt Serra's face as he's pointing to his belt isn't to denote his own shock at beating the unbeatable Georges St. Pierre, but yours. The stoned  look on Joe Rogan's face is priceless. Bas Rutten is burning a hole through your liver, and he wants to punch it.

Them's good times.
I honestly cannot tell you whether these collectibles are at Amoeba because we order them, or because people bring them in at the buy counter, or what. But they are a cult fixture in my office at home, precisely because they go along in strange harmony with my vinyl and my books. Baudelaire gets on fine with Gina Carano. Giono and Brock Lesnar are a handsome pair. Somehow Rulfo's "The Burning Plains" and Diego Sanchez makes sense next to one another.  At the store, they match the random Brobee figures and Ace Freeley's or Misfits figures that are also available. Somehow there are toys that make sense to independent record stores.

The latest series, so the Round 5 website tells me, will feature not only Matt, but superstar Jon "Bones" Jones, who is MMA's Cassius Clay, and the "Outlaw" Dan Hardy, who is an Amoeba fan (check out what he found there in his What's In My Bag? video here) among others.

Combined with some of the weird things you can get at Amoeba Charity Auctions (my personal favorite, a bottle of Mullet Shampoo), it's all part of the treasure hunt.