Hip-Hop Rap Up 05:13:11: Foreign Legion, Young Montana?, Blueprint, Beastie Boys, Equipto, Hopie @ Hip Hop in the Park, Skratchpad Moves to LA + More

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Billy Jam's Top Five Hip-Hop Songs of the Week Ending May 13, 2011

1) Blueprint "My Culture" (Rhymesayers Entertainment)

2) Beastie Boys "Too Many Rappers (feat NAS)" (Capitol)

3) Foreign Legion "Son of a Gun" (Quality Control)

4) Equipto feat Mike Marshall "Heart and Soul" (Solidarity Records)

5) Young Montana "Sacré Cool" (Alpha Pup)

For this week's Hip-Hop Rap Up I am supplying my personal fave top five hip-hop songs -- new tracks that I am really feeling this week. These include, in the number one slot from the man who can do no wrong, Blueprint's "My Culture," taken from his highly recommended latest album Adventures in Counter-Culture on Rhymesayers Entertainment. At last Sunday afternoon's amazing Blueprint Amoeba Berkeley instore the MC/singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist delighted lucky fans like myself, Eligh and E-Lit to several tracks off this diverse album that redefines what hip-hop is in 2011. And for insight into what a cool guy he is, check out my Blueprint Amoeblog interview.

Since it came out last week I have fallen in love with the new Beastie Boys album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two on Capitol and in particular the song "Too Many Rappers (featuring NAS)" which, like the rest of this flawless release, has a killer throwback retro Beasties feel to it. An Instant classic! Another instant classic but on a much more down-tempo, laid back tip is Limerence on Alpha Pup, the debut from 21 year old Coventry, UK production wizard Young Montana? who, unlike the legions of J-Dilla wannabe copycats out there who fail at imitating their hero's sound, can do J-Dilla style production on the same level as the late Detroit great. Furthermore, that strain of instrumental hip-hop & electronica is only one style in this promising young producer's bag of tricks. The song "Sacré Cool" is pure awesomeness. Check it out below.

Young Montana?  "Sacré Cool" (2011)

Foreign Legion "Son Of A Gun" (2011)

Other top five songs this week include SF rapper Equipto's "Heart and Soul" (Solidarity Recordsfeaturing the great Mike Marshall (see the song's great video, which includes Amoeba on Haight in the Hip Hop Videos that Show Much Love for San Francisco Amoeblog), and Foreign Legion's "Son of a Gun" (above) from the Oakland duo's killer new album Night Moves on Hunger Strike/Quality Control. About a month ago the witty and always hella entertaining in concert pair, Prozack Turner and Marc Stretch, did a record release party in their East Bay hometown. Tonight they travel across the Bay Bridge to the South of Market spot 330 Ritch to throw a San Francisco version of this movie-screening meets hip-hop show.

And what a show it will be! After the 9pm sharp screening of the 40 minute Night Moves movie that accompanies the new album (which Prozack tells me "is hosted by Ketel One and Redbull bar from 9-10pm") there will be non-stop music from Foreign Legion & The Legionnaire Non-Marching Band (full band), DJ Swamp, Richie Cunning, and Portland's Animal Farm. Plus on the decks will be Sake One and Sean G with hosts Lunar Heights running things. Should be a hell of a night.  9pm - 2am tonight. Get presale tickets here for $12 or pay a little more at the door.
Last Saturday at People's Park in Berkeley, CA -- right behind Amoeba on Telegraph -- was the all afternoon free Hip Hop in the Park music festival. Now in its fifteenth year, it continues to draw both diehard hip-hop fans and quality hip-hop acts every May. Headlining this year was Living Legends' emcee Eligh, who rocked it. Others on the slightly raised wooden park stage were Moe Green and Josie Stingray. Additonally on the bill was talented Bay Area female emcee Hopie (formerly known as Hopie Spitshard) who had DJ Snayk Eyez on stage with her. Earlier this week the femcee told the Amoeblog, "As a Bay Area artist, I was honored to be featured in this year's Hip Hop in the Park. I knew that budget cuts were an intense issue and threat to the concert this year, but am very pleased that the quality of this year's show wasn't compromised in the least. The line-up was amazing and thoughtfully put together, and I had an intense time on stage! I would love to come back and do everything even bigger and better. Overall, awesome and a very satisfying experience as an artist and a hip hop fan."  

Skratchpad, the long-running San Francisco skratch DJ party run by Deeandroid and Celskiii that recently celebrated its eight year anniversary, is taking the club down south to LA this weekend. This week I caught up with Deeandroid to chat about the move to SoCal for the event that is as much an night of entertainment as it is a meeting place and community center for skratch DJs. "As you know, Skratchpad just celebrated our 8th Year Anniversary in San Francisco and have also expanded to other cities in Northern Cali, Skratchpad Sacramento and Skratchpad San Jose. Skratchpad's mission is 'To help preserve Hip Hop culture, elevating the art of DJing, and connecting the music, culture, & people' So I'm really excited about Skratchpad expanding to LA, great to keep building with more DJs that are practitioners of the DJing Arts and love this music as much as we do to help this art continue to grow and evolve. It will be great for the DJs in So Cal to have a space where they can showcase their skills and jam together during the open turntable Q & A sessions," said Deeandroid.

I asked her specifically what triggered the decision to take the event to LA. "Our host for San Francisco Skratchpad, Johnny Krush (rom Masta Plann crew), is real close friends with the Handroidz (DJ Crew) in Los Angeles. One of the DJs, DJ IQ, who used to DJ with Supersonic, talked with Johnny Krush about having a regular Skratchpad event in LA. So they approached Celskiii and myself to see if it would be cool with us. Of course we were down with the idea since there are a lot of dope DJs in SoCal, it would be awesome to build a DJ network with folks in LA with us DJs in SF, Sac and San Jose. Skratchpad LA is organized by the Handroidz crew; they also have rotating residents helping out, such as DJs Ejay, Dement, Raichous, Image, Kidragon, and Dstrukt and more." Live art by Agapito Doronio (aka PROTO of Collective Aesthetics). Hosted by The Lady Tigra and Prefyx of the Handroidz family with DJ Showcases by DJ Image, DJ Jawa, DJ E-Jay, Mista B, Snyak Eyez, and others.

Starting this Sunday, May 15th, and every third Sunday of the month hereafter, Skratchpad Los Angeles will happen at Blu Monkey Lounge at 5521 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028. 9pm to 1am. 21+ No cover. Note that the entire evening will be webcast live on Astronaut Disco for those that can't attend. More info here and in video below.


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