Blueprint Killed It at Amoeba Berkeley Instore Today

Posted by Billyjam, May 8, 2011 05:51pm | Post a Comment

  Excerpt of "So Alive" by Blueprint at Amoeba Berkeley today

Just came from Amoeba Berkeley where I got to see/hear Blueprint up close and personal. An amazing Amoeba instore set from the Columbus, Ohio emcee/singer/producer, who is one of my favorite current artists and whose new album, Adventures in Counter-Culture, is among the top five best albums of the year to date. Currently on the Family Tour with Atmosphere headlining (they played the Greek Theater in Berkeley last night), Blueprint's set is so good that he has even been upstaging the main act along the way with his unique sound -- an effortless blend of hip-hop, rock and other sounds all engagingly delivered care of a backing duo of a bass player and DJ Rare Groove plus Print's own impressive multi-instrumentation (various keyboard instruments, an effects pedal & computer manipulation).

Two weeks ago when the Family Tour stopped in New York to play the cavernous Terminal 5 venue, I caught the show and was blown away by Blueprint's set. But at that packed, sold-out NYC show I was vying for a good view of the stage stuck behind about 3,000 excited bobbing heads -- not the best scenario. In direct contrast, this afternoon at Amoeba on Telegraph I was right up front with the perfect view and sound.

Hence, I could completely enjoy Blueprint's half hour set which, as he promised in the Amoeblog interview published yesterday, would feature him sneaking in a lot of stuff, including some things that are not on the tour's strict set list.

Probably in part because it was Mother's Day, with people still out to brunch with their moms, the attendance wasn't as high as it otherwise should have been. But for fans like me and Amoeba's E-Lit, who was up front shaking his thing, it made for the perfect setting to enjoy Blueprint's super-charged set that featured such new album tracks as "Radio-Inactive," "The Clouds," and "So Alive" -- the song that he finished his set with -- see excerpt in above video.  Also in the house today enjoying Blueprint's set were such Amoeba folks as Ryan (whose photos will appear here on the Amoeba site shortly, along with video footage) and Amoeba Marc, and such hip-hop heads as Ant from Atmosphere and Eligh of Living Legends, who headlined yesterday's big Hip Hop in the Park at Peoples Park behind Amoeba. If you haven't already done so, pick up Blueprint's Adventures in Counter-Culture.


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