Amoeba San Francisco's Record Store Day 2011

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by Sally
Davey Havoc pic by Audra, all other pics by Kaitlin.

record store day 2011 amoeba

Every year Record Store Day just gets bigger and bigger, and the craziness grows! Here in SF before we opened the line was INSANE outside our doors and the first person in line had been there since 6am! That's some dedication! Even more astounding, customers were calling Friday night and asking if they could camp out for prime spots on the big day!

record store day 2011

At 10:30am on the button, the doors were opened and people swarmed into the treasure-laden vinyl aisles of Amoeba SF. There were hoardes of people packing the rows and surrounding the 7"s. Watch an awesome video below shot by Audra of the line and the vibe before the doors were flung open!

amoeba record store day

Releases by Big Star, Nirvana, Wild Flag, Phish, Fela Kuti, 13th Floor Elevators, White Stripes, Fucked Up, Foo Fighters, Doors, Kate Bush, and Wavves/Trash Talk were among the first to be snatched up. The line was directed down into and along the Pop Vocals and Classical sections! It was amazing to see, and our hardworking cashiers successfully blazed through their work, with satisfied customers picking up stuffed goody bags including a highly sought after Sub Pop sampler, RSD 2011 spokesman Ozzy Osbourne posters, Deep Dark Robot (Linda Perry's new project) CDs, stickers and much more!

record store day amoeba 2011

record store day amoeba 2011

amoeba san francisco

One customer ran up to the info counter and announced, "This is like my Christmas!" And our Kelly reports that she asked every customer who she rang up buying the Daft Punk Tron picture disc "if they'd ever attach the record to their "grid-suit" in order to imbibe further in some TRON 'realness' -- every single one of them said 'yes, of course I would!'"

Live 105 showed up soon after the doors opened to live broadcast from our stage for the duration of RSD. Their surprise guest was Davey Havok from AFI, who was interviewed on air.

amoeba record store day 2011

Los Shimmy Shakers brought the smooth swing to our day, playing sax-ed up jams and bringing along their own go-go dancing contingent!

los shimmy shakers amoeba

To everyone who came out and worked their way through the crowds to find some special releases, we truly love you. Let's make Record Store Day every day!

Click here to see even more RSD SF pics!

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