out this week 4/5 & 4/12...cold cave...the kills...the raveonettes...

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the raveonettesApril is turning out to be a fantastic month for music! I think some of my favorite albums of the year are probably going to be taken from this month and the next. Two of my fave bands, The Kills & The Raveonettes, both have new albums out April 5th! It is almost too much to handle at once -- too much of a good thing. It has been hard to decide which to listen to but I really have been hitting up both of these albums at least once every day; I even listened to the new Raveonettes album three times in one day! I can't get enough. The Raveonettes have already been around for 10 years, even though it seems like just yesterday that I first heard about them. Their first album, Chain Gang of Love, was released in the US in 2003. I still think they have one of the best names. They are dark and a bit spooky, like a Raven, and sometimes they sound like one of your old favorite girl groups from the 60s -- somebody with a band name that would end in "ettes." Raven in the Grave is the group's fifth album. Over the years I have liked all of their albums to varying degrees but this new album is something fantastic and I can't get the songs out of my head. There don't seem to be as many bands coming out of Denmark as there are from Sweden and Norway (where many of my favorites come from). I don't really get why. The Raveonettes are pretty much alone in being from Denmark...along with Mew and Lars from Metallica, I guess. I love this entire new album but I have my favorite tracks, of course. Here are two of them. If you have not yet fallen in love with The Raveonettes you simply should not wait any longer. The time has come...

Listen to "War In Heaven" by The Raveonettes from the album Raven in the Grave...

Listen to "Apparitions" by The Raveonettes from the album Raven in the Grave...

The Kills, another opposite-sex twosome, have been around almost as long as The Raveonettes and I love them just as much. The Kills put out their first album, Keep on Your Mean Side, in 2003 too and I have been a fan ever since. I actually forgot how much I loved their last album, Midnight Boom, until I pulled it out of my collection and listened to it again a couple weeks ago. The new and fourth album is called Blood Pressures and It is excellent! I would seriously be content with just having the new Kills and Raveonettes albums this year to listen to. They are both that good. The Kills are more bluesy and garagey sounding at times like PJ Harvey mixed up with The White Stripes. I love these guys! You probably already love them too. But if need to.

Listen to "Satellite" by The Kills from the album Blood Pressures...

As if this was not enough, April 5th also brought us the amazing new album from Cold Cave. Love Comes Close came out a couple of years ago, and I loved it and still keep on loving it, but this new album is exactly what I sort of wanted from them. It's dark and gothy, new wave and synthpop, just like I like it! Cherish the Light Years has been in heavy rotation in my car for a while now. I listen to it when I am taking breaks from The Kills and The Raveonettes. Matador reissued Cold Cave's first album but this is their first true Matador release. It would be hard to figure out this band if you had never heard them before. They could easily be some darkwave or synthpop band from the 80s that you had somehow missed. Maybe they would have opened up for The Human League or Talk Talk. You will either love or hate this band -- there really is no in between. This new album sounds at times like The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie, Clan of Xymox, Bauhaus, Depeche Mode, and New Order. They have elements of all your (my!) favorites but somehow they make it work and create this brilliant little new-sounding masterpiece. I recommend listening to this album while driving around the city at night. Preferably in the rain. Or in your bedroom late at night. It is that kind of album. It is that kind of amazing.

Listen to "Underworld USA" by Cold Cave from new album Cherish the Light Years...

Listen to "Confetti" by Cold Cave from the new album Cherish the Light Years...

the new album Cherish the Light Years by Cold Cave

We also have new albums this week from Burzum & the SF's The Sandwitches, a reissue of your favorite album from the early 90's by Material Issue, and a remixed version of Daft Punk's Tron Soundtrack. The next week is the week of some big releases as well. Awesome new albums from TV on the Radio and the Vivian Girls. New Low and Panda Bear. New Crystal Stilts!

Listen to "Last Night at the Jetty" by Panda Bear from the new album Tomboy...

Listen to "Will Do" by TV on the Radio from the new album Nine Types of Light...

also out 4/5...

by Burzum

Blood Pressures
by The Kills

International Pop Overthrow: 20th Anniversary Edition
by Material Issue

Sigh No More: Deluxe Edition
by Mumford & Sons

Raven in the Grave
by The Raveonettes

Mrs. Jones' Cookbook
by The Sandwitches

Tron: Legacy Reconfigured

also out 4/12...

In Love With Oblivion
by Crystal Stilts

Honeysuckle Aeons
by Current 93

Salon Des Amateurs
by Hauschka

by Jonny

by Low

by Panda Bear

Nine Types of Light
by TV On the Radio

Share the Joy
by Vivian Girls

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