New 12" Releases @ Amoeba Hollywood 4/27 - Agoria, Donato Dozzy, Gatto Fritto, Rick Wilhite, Argy, Tyree & More

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Heart Beating (Remixes) 12"

What a Grand Opening on the A-side! With album releases on Fat Cat, Type, SYLVAIN CHAUVEAU is among the forward-thinking producers with a classical background who are re-inventing Chamber Music with up-to-date technologies. Wrapping up Kid A voice with strings arrangements, his beatless remix stirs the emotional elements of the original and reminds the listeners that the heart is to be handled with care. Originally from Greece, Argy Theofillis aka ARGY has made a reputation for himself with highly percussive productions for Poker Flat and Coccoon. Universally crafted for the clubbers, his “Tension mix” instinctively raises your blood pressure, pumps your heart up and condemns your legs to unstoppable footworks. This one is for the floors! JOHN ROBERTS has released last year with “Glass Eight” on Dial, one our favourite albums of 2010. Extracting a loop of violins and the vocal whispers of Kid A from the original, he delivers with his remix a modern House jewel, particularly tailored for after-party times. Speechless, indeed. Mostly recognized till now for his experimental exercises for InFiné or Shitkatapult, FRACTION proves with his remix that he's also got the muscles to turn a pop-anthem into a dance-machine. He steamrolls the original elements and releases an incredibly powerful wave infuriated by handclaps and phasers. Simply Bombastic! 

Purchase Heart Beating remixes here

Gatto Fritto
Gatto Fritto 2LP
International Feel

UK music producer Gatto Fritto emerged from the suburban witchcraft and hard drug fallout of the late '90s, the bastard offspring of John Dee, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists and the Parachute Regiment, with the sound of Terry Riley, the Belleville Three and Glenn Branca ringing in his ears. He put Theo Parrish on at an empty club and cleared dancefloors at Analog City. He sold secondhand records in some of London's rudest secondhand record shops and spent months arguing with Sam Weaver over which edit of "Illuminations" to release (as one-half of the terrifying MK Ultra/Afrobeat project Hungry Ghost). He caused security alerts at out-of-town airports, had psychedelic Menorcan nightmares, stitched his wounded heart back together with spite and meditation and channelled the power of a thousand broken dreams through the prism of Baby Ford, John Fahey, Holger Czukay and Stelazine.

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Rick Wilhite
Analog Aquarium 2LP+CD
Still Music

Still Music is proud to present Analog Aquarium, the debut album by legendary Detroit house producer Rick "The Godson" Wilhite. Rick is a longtime member of Detroit's dance music scene, dating back to his time working at Buy Rite records, one of the epicenters of Detroit's 1980s techno music explosion. More recently, his own record shop, Vibes New&Rare Music, has achieved revered status amongst those in the know, acting as the heart and soul of deep dance music in the city. His love for music and records has led to a DJing career that has spanned many genres, though it is his take on deep house music that has led him to international acclaim. Drawing from Detroit's history of soul, jazz, disco, house, and techno, Rick's productions weave these sometimes disparate elements into a beautiful, cohesive whole that remains distinctly his own, just as he does with the records he plays in his DJ sets. Working with Theo Parrish, Kenny Dixon Jr. and Malik Pittman on the 3 Chairs project has grown Rick's reputation even greater. With many classic 12" releases under his own name that have been absolutely beaten to death by DJs worldwide, it is now time for Rick to leave his mark on a wider audience. While it is undoubtedly HIS album, Analog Aquarium allows Rick to explore all sides of his musical abilities with the assistance of some of his most trusted allies. The record kicks off with a hot, jazzy vocal track in collaboration with Osunlade, Theo Parrish, and Billy Love, the Jacksons-referencing "Blame It On The Boogie." "Dark Walking" sees Rick team up with fellow 3 Chair Malik Pittman to explore the deep, nasty underbelly of the 313 with menacing synth bass and warm jazz chords. The two-part jam "Muzic Gonna Save The World" is a loose, stomping string-heavy romp, bringing to mind Pharoah Sanders if the synthesizer and sampler had been his instruments of choice. "Sunshine Pt. 2" starts off pleasant enough with rolling percussion and Rick's own voice but those vibes are soon belied by the ominous strings and bells that transform the track entirely. One of the tracks from Rick's first outing on Still Music is revisited on "City Bar Opening (Basement Mix)," taking the already raw feeling to an even higher level. "Deep Horizons" begins with frenetic percussion that is eventually whittled down to a soulful groove before building the intensity back up. Rick's famous late-night sampled grooves reappear on "In The Rain," with Billy Love vibing up the place with his heartfelt vocals. On "Cosmic Jungle" and "Cosmic Soup," Rick explores outer and inner space with tripped-out sci-fi effects but without sacrificing the soul that makes his productions so personal. All in all, a fitting full-length for such a diverse musician.

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Donato Dozzy

Acid Test 03 12"
Absurd Recordings

The third part in ABSURD RECORDINGS' ACID TEST SERIES. A spaced out, ambient acid tune recorded for the Labyrinth festival in 2010. Label mate TIN MAN remixes the track on the flipside and turns it into a dark acid journey with his added vocals. Hand painted sleeves.

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Sexual Harassment

Give It To Me Hot 12"

Killer 4 track EP from the CITINITE label featuring DAM FUNK, LIL KENNY, JIMMY EDGAR & others doing cover songs from an obscure 80's band, SEXUAL HARRASSMENT, who was most known for their track "I NEED A FREAK."

Purchase - Give It To Me Hot here

Daze To Come 12"

ARGY absolutely kills it with this outstanding 12" on the VERSATILE label! The first tune on here sounds like an old RELIEF RECORDS or DANCE MANIA track that flips into a modern club killer. "THE DIFFERENCE" on the flip brings a classic NYC feel to the record. But cuts come with "DUB" versions.

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Nuthin Wrong 12"
Mojuba Underground

Mojuba is proud to present a new little daughter to the label family called Mojuba Underground -- a new home for unforgettable, rare, obscure licensed tracks that left a huge impression during the years at the clubs. Tyree aka Tyree Cooper starts it off with "Nuthin Wrong," licensed from a classic Dance Mania 12" released in 1995. This track has the magic combination of being emotional and soulful in terms of house and straightforward, funky and kicking in terms of techno.

Purchase - Nuthin Wrong here

Jamie Woon
Lady Luck 12”
Candent Songs

This up & coming underground soul vocalist drops the gorgeously catchy 2nd single from his forthcoming sophomore album. This featured "Rising Artist" of PITCHFORK gets remixed in fine style by by ROYCE WOOD JR., HUDSON MOHAWKE (with an aces downtempo mix!), and DEBRUIT. Absolutely necessary!

Purchase Lady Luck here

Chilean Pop 12"

Having opened 2011 with the splendid debut by young and talented Ana Helder from Rosario (Argentina), Cómeme is back with its third release this year and is as usual a display of unpindownable style that demonstrates once again these musicians have a firm understanding of rhythms and dancing and, most of all, want to communicate to very different people and not just to a certain musical context. Chilean Pop is a truly special Ep that digs up Cómeme's connections in Santiago de Chile and sees some of the most beloved artists of the label remixing a couple of bands from the current and awfully exciting underground Chilean pop music scene, a real breeding ground of young music talents at the moment. A side focuses on one of the weirdest and most original bands to come out of Santiago's feverish underground music scene, Fredi Michel, a fabulous band formed in 2002 that have only recorded a few songs but have been playing for years, always accompanied by the hyper-pitched, infant voice of Andrea Guerrero and distinguished by the brilliant music sensibility of Diego Morales, one of Cómeme's precious addictions from the very beginning.

Purchase Chilean Pop here

Auto Delta Time
Inception 12”
Acoustic Division

ACT RE ACT: “Daaaaark” is the typical expression used to define ACT RE ACT. Uplifting synths, spastic Latin percussion, and a pummeling 808 bring some light for the harder moments. Ms. MINNIE: Kitty “Ms.” Minnie, age 39, was caught Saturday evening sneaking a 909 into The Club and having her way with the hi-hats. She ripped it up in honor of Larry Heard before being forcefully removed by security. The whereabouts of said 909 are unknown. THE ORIGIN: A minimal bit of italo kit shoved through the hatch of a NASA shuttle (it was recorded in Houston, TX after-all) and sent around several moons of several planets. What was discovered is only now being made available for public consumption.

Purchase Inception here

Joy Of Sound Productions
Joy Of Sound 12”
Mahogani Music

Solid House tracks from Detroit on Mahogani Music.

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Norm Talley
The Journey 12”
Third Ear Recordings

Norm Talley's The Journey has been one of the biggest dj tools over the past two years. Preparing for a European dj tour in early 2010, Scott Grooves was motivated to make a special version of Norm Talleys track to give him the edge over other djs using the original version, and to give himself a secret weapon. Made in collaboration with Kataconda, and calling themselves Panther, here is Scott's remix. Making special edits for his personal use is something Scott Grooves has always done. After the tour, Scott sent the new version to Third Ear so we could hear it. Our response was to ask Scott if we could release it. Scott has never allowed any his personal edits to be released before, so this is a first. His decision was made in part to introduce Kataconda, the other half of the Panther production team. The Journey beats are on the flip. Scott told us that djs always need beats and as The Journey's beats are quite distinctive and recognizable, it made sense to do just that.

Purchase The Journey remixes here

Ceephax Acid Crew/Unstoppable
Marcellus/EP 2
Bill Youngman/HH3 Sandwell Rmx
Reggie Dokes/Hi Tek Soul
Gesloten Cirkel/Mustache
Gray/Early Works Siege,
Lance Desardi/ONLY YOU 12”
6th Borough Project/ONE NIGHT...PT 3 12”
Haules Baules/HAULES BAULES O1 12”
Barry Manalogue/ANALOGUE 10”
Anyman/GENESIS 12”
Phil Weeks & Dan Ghenacia/FIRST STEP 12”
Super Value/SPECIAL EDITS 15-LTJ 12”
Todd Terje/3 TRACK SAMPLER EP 12”
Robert Owens/I'LL BE YOUR FRIEND RMX 12”
Soundbox Dynamic Recordings/VOL. 1 12”
Jack Beats & John B/ALL NIGHT-SKREAM 12”
S.P.Y & Kasra/SURFACE 12”
Miracles Club/LIGHT OF LOVE REMIX 12”
Poolside/DO YOU BELIEVE 12”
Katzuma/HEADCUTS VOL. 2 12”
Starkey/PC 12” Kevin McPhee/GET IN WITH YOU 12”
Esa & Mervin Granger/LUXARAMA 12”
Excision & Subvert/RUDE SYMPHONY 12”
Datsik/FIREPOWER 12”
Mark System/HOLD IT EP D12”
WEHBBA: Dirty Pictures 12"
MOLLONO.BASS: My Hidden Playground Part 2 12"
OLDERIC & ALEX PICCINI: Mister Postman 12"
TRC: Oo Aa Ee (VIP Mix) 12"
S-X VS. RAMADANMAN: WooooGlut/Bricks 12"
MIXHELL: Antigalactic 12"
DARKO ESSER: Clean Slate 12"
RYO MURAKAMI: In Chain 12"
SEBASTIAN: Embody 12”
VA: The Bee Sides 5x7" BOX
FRANCESCO TRISTANO: Idiosynkrasia 12"
PROMMER & BARCK: The Barking Grizzle 12"
H.O.S.H.: Tour De Fonque 12"
EFDEMIN/SVEN WEISEMANN: Lohn & Brot/Slices 12"
HIGHBLOO: Time To Change 12”
RAY OKPARA: Booty EP 12"
PAUL WOOLFORD: Can't Do Without/Bareback 12"
REALMZ: Astral Body 12"
RE.YOU & RAMPA: Our Thing EP 12"
PINCH & LOEFAH/PINCH & ROSKA: Broken/Paranormal Activity 12”
JON MUELLER: Alphabet Of Movements LP
PATCH PARK: Not My Best Behaviour 12"
JEROEN SEARCH: Destiny 12" TR-000
Terrence Parker "Beautiful Life" 12"

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