LA Punk Rock Supergroup OFF!'s First Four EPs 7 inch Box-Set Is a Must-Get

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OFF!With great attention to detail and an obvious respect for the music, the lovingly assembled OFF! First Four EPs seven-inch box set, recently released by Vice Recordings, is a must get collectable set (featuring Raymond Pettibon art + booklet). But even more importantly, OFF!'s music kicks some serious ass. "Pure punk rock" is how the band was accurately described by Karen P at Amoeba Hollywood, where OFF! had a most memorable instore a few months back. Drop the needle on any of this box set's eight sides and OFF! will instantly remind you of all the reasons you loved punk rock in the first place; provided, like me, you appreciate that loud, raw, fast, angry manic punk that harks back to the original hardcore SoCal sound. And no wonder -- that is where and when the core of OFF! hails from.

"The collective history of this band equals the power packed in Einstein's E=mc theory," wrote Thrasher of OFF! who are literally a "supergroup." Comprised of Keith Morris (Black Flag/Circle Jerks), Dimitri Coats (Burning Bridges), Steven McDonald (Redd Kross) and Mario Rubalcaba (Earthless/Hot Snakes/Rocket From The Crypt), this LA punk rock group, whose impressive individual histories you can read about on their website as well as in the booklet that comes with the box-set, have somehow managed to sustain the wild aggressive, confrontational energy all these years later, as they continue (in the true original punk aesthetic) to crank out short, simple-but powerful, rebellion & alienation themed punk rock masterpieces.

OFF! "Now I'm Pissed" (from First Four EPs)

OFF! "Darkness" (from First Four EPs)

"These guys still have that same energy," said Karen P, who recalled that their instore was off the hook and attracted fans of all ages from all over including a lot of kids from Orange County who trekked all the way over to the Sunset Blvd. Amoeba by public transit. Check out photos of the October 13th OFF! Hollywood Amoeba instore right here. As witnessed by such tracks as "Now I'm Pissed," "Full of Shit," "Fuck People," "Panic Attack," and "Darkness," OFF! harken back to that late 70's Black Flag sound; back to a time when Morris was still the vocalist for the group, before Henry Rollins joined, and before Morris split to form the Circle Jerks (shortly after the release of Black Flag's acclaimed debut EP Nervous Breakdown). In fact, in an interview with Punknews last May, Morris described the new band as, "My opportunity to re-live some of my Black Flag glory. What would have happened if Keith never left Black Flag? What if I was allowed to introduce some of my music inspiration into Black Flag?"    


Barely a year old, OFF! has only done a handful of shows and, according to their website, they have no future shows planned. If they do, I recommend going to see them play live -- although be forewarned, in the true punk tradition, their sets tend to be fast paced and relatively brief. Quality over quantity. Same with the 16 track First Four EPs box-set, which is packed with short, high energy fueled songs that don't mess around and kick into high gear from the onset. Priced at only $20 and available at each Amoeba Music, the OFF! box-set is well worth the money. Its cover is designed by the legendary Raymond Pettibon (whose legacy includes the Black Flag and SST artwork -- click here to check out an array of his art, including a famous Sonic Youth LP cover) and each of its four 7"s have an exclusive Raymond Pettibon designed sleeve. Then there's the 12-page booklet on the band and its illustrious members' histories plus exclusive pics, an introduction by Pettibon, and cool artwork. It also comes with digital downloads so you can preserve the singles over the coming years.

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