Five Reasons To Go See Shonen Knife Play Amoeba San Francisco at 2pm Today

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Shonen Knife "Daydream Believer" (1998)

There are dozens of reasons why you should go see Shonen Knife play an instore at Amoeba Music San Francisco at 2pm today. Here are five of those reasons.

1) Shonen Knife is always great in concert (many say even better than on record), as the Japanese trio deliver their infectious retooling of classic American pop, such as their cover of the Carpenters' "Top of the World" (below) or the Monkee's "Daydream Believer." (Above is the promo video for the song that appeared on the all female band's 1998 album Happy Hour, which also featured "Banana Chips," below).

2) They are a musician's band. Kurt Cobain, who had good taste in music, was among their many admirers. So who knows what famous musicians might show up at Amoeba this afternoon to check em out?

3) The three members are adorable people both on and off stage and today's instore may present an opportunity to meet them briefly in person.

4) It's free. This concert will cost you nothing to attend.

5) It's an afternoon show so you will still get home to see the VMA's (spoiler alert -- Lady Gaga will win near everything, the Jersey Shore crew will say something memorably stupid, and  Kanye West will shock by not doing anything shocking).

And in case those five reasons are not enough to go see Shonen Knife for free at Amoeba San Francisco at 2pm today, then the five songs/videos here should convince you.

Shonen Knife "Top Of The World"

Shonen Knife "A A A" (live at Fuji Rock Festival) (2002)

Shonen Knife "It's A New Find"

Shonen Knife "Banana Chips" (1998)

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