Amoeba.Com's Videos Offer Incredible Quality Concert Clips Plus Unique Behind the Scenes Footage

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Tegan & Sara @ Amoeba Berkeley

For many years now Amoeba Music has been presenting must-see, free instore events spanning all types of music. For the past several years the folks at the Amoeba website have been diligently recording the majority of these unique instores, and then systematically uploading most of them to our website's Fang Islandimpressive Video Gallery where they are neatly sorted into New Videos, Featured Videos, Browse All Videos, and Upcoming Videos, which tracks which ones are being coded, edited, and/or awaiting approval.
The Amoeba videos are great on many levels. It's fun just to go back and re-watch an Amoeba show you attended and to be able to it see from new angles, and, of course, it's even better to be able to catch up on shows you wanted to attend but couldn't make. Sometimes we will even have a live video stream cast of certain instores that you can watch in real time from anywhere in the world!

In addition to the high quality (both video and audio) of these Amoeba instore concert clips, what sets them apart from typical YouTube fare is that they are not limited time wise to ten or so minutes in length. For example, the Tegan & Sara video at Amoeba Berkeley (above) runs 41 minutes and includes five full songs plus an intro with fans outside the Telegraph Ave store. You can also check out an interview video with the ladies right here. Another wonderful aspect of these Amoeba videos is that they also often include behind the scenes interview clips like the Aceyelone concert video below (including the songs "All Balls Don't Bounce," "Anywhere You Go," "My Fantasy," "Rappers Rappers Rapper...," & "Hardship"), which is accompanied by another ten minute piece in which the knowledgeable Luis from the Haight Street store sits down and chops it up with the famous LA emcee.

Immediately below is a brief interview I did with videographer Kyle from Amoeba Hollywood, who has shot many of the instores at the Sunset Blvd store. Also below is an example of another great Amoeba video feature -- the ever-engaging "What's In My Bag?" series. The clip shown was shot at the Hollywood store and is of Mexican rock pioneers Maldita Vecindad talking about some of the treasures they unearthed at Amoeba Music. Another well worth watching What's in My Bag? piece is one with Margaret Cho. And don't miss a What's In My Bag with your favorite South African group, Die Antwoord! If you want to be in the loop on what's coming up next in Amoeba videos, just sign up for the Amoeba Newsletter or check Amoeba's New Video RSS Feed.

Kyle from Amoeba Hollywood talks about shooting instores

Maldita Vecindad - What's In My Bag? at Amoeba Hollywood

Aceyelone performance at Amoeba San Francisco

Aceyelone interview by Luis @ Amoeba San Francisco

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