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It has been almost a year and a half since the release of the debut album by Thieves Like Us. I'm still in love with that first album, Play Music. It just doesn't get much better than that. Records tend to get overplayed and then you sort of move on and get over them. It might happen for some fans with just certain songs... you sort of wear them out and there is always a new song around the corner to catch your ear. But some songs never get old and you never tire of listening to them. There have been certain albums that I have liked so much but ended up taking an intentional break from -- I had to sort of cut them off because I knew I would wear them out! Itthieves like us play music is like too much of a good thing. Sometimes you have to take a break from your favorite things just to keep them your favorite things. Music is often like this for me. I really almost wore out the album by The Teenagers a couple of years ago. And I almost wore out my Thieves Like Us album. Luckily there have been some great albums this year to keep me busy! I am still not nearly done with the Wild Nothing album but I now listen to it about once a week instead of every day. I was so in love with Thieves Like Us last year that it ended up at the top of my favorite albums of 2009, so I was obviously excited about this new album that just came out this week. It did surprise me a bit a couple of weeks ago when I first heard that they had a new album coming out already -- I didn't know if I was ready yet. I really was not quite done with the first album -- but I quickly got myself ready. This involved listening to the first album one more time and then doing some cleansing. I had heard the new record was going to be a different type of album for them, which was good news. I didn't want the first album replicated or replaced. I was ready for a brand new album from one of my new favorite bands.

Much of my youth was spent exploring older albums by my favorites. I didn't start listening to The Smiths until after I had bought my first solo Morrissey album. It is always fun to go back and explore the older albums of your new favorite bands or artists because they usually get better when you go backwards in a discography. My first cassette by The Smiths was Louder Than Bombs. I then picked up a copy of Strangeways Here We Come. Then it was Queen Is Dead followed by Meat Is Murder and the self titled debut. I bought Rank on cassette I think next because I found it a a record store and realized it was the only album I didn't own by them. I think The cassettesSmiths were the first band that I owned the full catalog of on cassette -- at least everything that I could find at the record store. I of course later updated to CDs and LPs. The same thing happened with most of my other favorite bands. I think Blue Bell Knoll was my first Cocteau Twins album and Into the Labyrinth was my first Dead Can Dance album. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me was my first album by The Cure. It just all depends how old you were when these albums first came out, how cool your older brothers or sisters or cousins were, what albums your best friends listened to, or even when your radio station decided to start playing certain bands. At this point in my life I have pretty much explored all the albums of the bands that I already like or am ever gonna like, but luckily I still do love new music, so it is exciting to find a new band that you can follow from the beginning. Sometimes though I wonder if it is better to go backwards. It does always seem like the albums get better when you go backwards. Early New Order is obviously better as ythieves like us posterou go backwards.

Bands like Thieves Like Us always get me thinking about this. I don't think Thieves Like Us will ever get as popular at The Smiths or New Order, but I can dream, can't I? I wonder what it will be like in 10 years when kids who are 5 years old now are just starting to really get into music. I think 14 or 15 was really the year I started getting really obsessed with music. Will they start listening to these bands that are new now? When they are onto their 10th album? And then will they go backwards and explore the older discographies like I did when I was 15 and 16? I hope so.

This new Thieves Like Us album is called Again & Again. You can listen to the whole album right here or just go ahead and buy it from I guarantee you it is that good! It's dancey and synthy but dark and melancholic as well. Imagine a mix of all your favorite bands -- bits of New Order and Pet Shop Boys mixed up with bands like The Smiths and Legendary Pink Dots and Galaxie 500. Like a more intense version of the Reality Check album by The Teenagers, which, by the way, is still one of my favorites that I keep going back to. I am still patiently awaiting the second album from the Teenagers. Come on, guys. Really -- I need this album to come out! Again and Again is probably not as fun as the first one and it seems a bit darker. There may have been some relationship breakups involved in the songwriting or maybe just some reflection on past relationships. Regardless, I love the album. A great listen for these early gloomy days of summer.

Buy the new album Again and Again by Thieves Like Us

Buy the debut album Play Music by Thieves Like Us. You should probably start with this album if you have not already. But as I said before, it is usually better to go backwards.

wild records
I also highly recommend a recent addition to the Amoeba store and to our website store -- the new compilation of LA rockabilly from the fantastic label Wild Records! It is called The Young Breed Vol. 2. and includes tracks from Gizzelle, Santos, Pachuca Jose, and the Delta Bombers. I have always known that LA loves its rockabilly, and I knew there was a whole new group of bands out there exploring the roots of rockabilly and creating their whole new sound, I just had not yet explored it myself. This compilation is a great place to start. You can then go explore the whole word of albums and 7"s that the label has put out. We now carry the entire Wild Records catalog in the Rockabilly section of the Hollywood Amoeba! Thewild records packaging from this label is fantastic. Each album is like a little piece of art. The albums looks old and vintage and the songs themselves sound like they come from a different time and place. This is good stuff! It sounds like the 50's country and rockabilly and simultaneously sounds like 1970's punk rock and garage music. It will make you happy to be alive and happy to know there are bands like this out there. You can check out some of the music right here, or just trust me and pick up the album from Amoeba!

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