Interview with Analog Freak Mr. G

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With the release of his highly anticipated debut album Still Here, our man Colin McBean took some time to talk to us about the album and all things Mr. G...

Mr. G - Still Here
When and where were you born, and have you always been in the UK?

Born in Derby in the Midlands, August,1961, and yeah, I’ve always been here……….and……Still Here.

What got you interested in house/techno music

I’m an analog freak so it’s always been about synths. I didn’t know at the time, but that was the link. The sounds from Studio One to Stevie to Eno to Joey Beltram. It’s about the sound and rawness – that’s my link with house & techno.

When and why did you choose to start to making your own music?

I met Keith from Bang The Party and went to his studio at Interchange. Then with Cisco becoming KCC late eighties, early nineties………...Always had a crazy love of music and buying wax at a very early age, it was a natural progression.

Who were your music influences when first getting involved in the music business, and why?

There were no real influences. It was just another part of music being in my life……..I did love what Jeff, Joey, Maurizio and Luke were doing but then I was still buying lots of other music which was non dance as well. I suppose Cisco was a big influence cause he knew all the tech stuff and I didn’t, so it was a big learning curve and interesting.

Rekids logoWhy the long wait for Still Here?

What’s the rush, it’s right when you feel it, no? And I hadn’t wanted to make it before……James and Matt know just how to get the best outta me!

You mention that Still Here was started at a low point in your life; this can be heard in the darkness of tracks such as "Platonic Solid No.5." Can you elaborate more?

Yeah, lost my way, what with illness and the coming of the digital era I was becoming very negative and found there was not a great deal a love in the business, but hooking up with Rekids and seeing a whole other world run by folk who wear their hearts on their sleeve was a massive injection for me. You chose well with No. 5 cause the story behind that track’s a whole other world!!!

Listen to "Platonic Solid No. 5" here:

The closing track "Stolen Moments" sees a slower side to Mr. G beats; is there more material in the works like this?

I like gooood music – Funk, Soul, House, Hip Hop, Indie, Classical, Roots, Dub, etc, etc, so yeah, there’s so many other pictures to paint for ya; hopefully next time I’ll show you another side.

Listen to "Stolen Moments" here:

Has your technique for production changed much over the years?

Nope………..MPC and mixer, mixed live with me doing the cuts live. That’s why there’s always something I can show you in the track you wouldn’t know……..Could be 1 take or it could be 21 takes -- it's just how I work, ohh!! And there’s no going back after the mix is down.
Berghain Berlin
Tell us about the Rekids nights at Berghain/Panorama Bar.

One of the best clubs in the world. Run by a great team with a lot of love and detail. I’ve played both now and had a great time at both, but them being very different……..I think Berlin has a much more open mind to music than most and they know how to party hearty. Line ups are always interesting and varied and the staff are entertaining themselves……Love it love it love it! Always fun, which is what music should be at timez -- fun. Back there in September.

Any input on what's happening in this digital era?

Low vinyl sales, etc. Sorry, I’m an analog guy, so the digital era is frackin’ hard for me…. Way too much free music which seems to have no value. Gone are the days you bought something cause you loved it and played it over and over without worrying about fashion and trends. Anyone can put out music, but where’s the quality control?............. Isn’t a bit of history good? Also for the last years it’s been about self and not enough was put back in to bring through the youth, so it made sense that when the youth found another way to get music and change the system they would. I think it’s a great time now for music, if you don’t love what you do you ain’t gonna be in it.

What is the single most important event that changed your life?

Dying on an operating table at 44 and being brought back…….Life was never gonna be the same, little did I know! El Dorado Rum

What's the typical day in the life of Mr. G?

Up early, do some fitness, eat my porridge up into the studio make beatz, lunch at 12:30, then back in the studio til 6pm, cook dinner…………Oh, and drink Rum alllll day long.

What is the one thing that no one in the world knows about you?

If I told ya everyone would know……….I love a good ballad.

Anything else you'd like to say?

Hopefully sometime soon I’ll be able to bring Mr. G live to the States so you can hear me and my MPC and thanx for all the support you give.

Finally, do you have a chart for us?

Conforce  - Machine Conspiracy - Meanwhile
Mr. G - Summer Soul - Sino
Kindred Spirit Ensemble -  Shining Liberation (Tom Trago rmx) - Kindred Spirits
Jerome Sydenham - Black Ice - Apotek Records
Billy Love - Can't Keep Running Away - Sound Signature
Floating Points - Peoples Potential - Eglo
Nick Holder - Soul Size Love - NRK
V/A - Bush Wacker Bill - Soul For Yo Mind
Robert Hood - Omega - M Plant
The Realness - Shade - Cabin Fever
Black Jazz Consortium - The Om - BJC
Unknown - Contemplate - No Logo
Mr. G - Lights Out (G's Dub) - Phoenix G
Function - Burn/Disaffected - Sandwell District
V/A - Berhain 04 Pt 1 - Ost Gut
Echologist - Slow Burn (Sigha Reimagining) - Steadfast

Mr. G -
Still Here is out now! Order Still Here on

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