15th Annual Silent Film Festival @ the Castro Theater, SF!

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Among the most awesome benefits to living in San Francisco, the Castro Theater is a true landmark, built in 1922. Its gilded decor, elegant murals and one serious art deco chandelier (don't wanna be sitting under her during an earthquake!), plus the consistently fantastic film programming all add up to give us one phenomenal place to take in the full cinematic experience. Then when you add in the organ player, who is raised and lowered into the stage, rousing the crowd before each show with old timey and apt hits like "San Francisco," your brain just might explode with kitchy throwback fireworks. Truly, one of the best things ever.

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For the past 14 years, Silent Film fans from around the country have flocked to the Castro for the Silent Film Festival, and now here it is, the 15th anniversary of this uniquely San Franciscan event!

The festivities kicked off last night and will continue through the weekend with screenings of films such as Metropolis, The Strong Man by Frank Capra, Diary of a Lost Girl starring Louise Brooks, Man with a Movie Camera, and plenty more. Additionally, both Metropolis and Man with a Movie Camera will be scored live by the Alloy Orchestra! Head to the Castro Theater website for full listings and ticket information.

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