Current 93 Celebrates Its 28th Year with a New Album and Three Box Sets

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Current 93
began a new revitalized era with the release of last year’s quite exceptional Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain. The long running project helmed by the forever impish David Tibet introduced dark swirling pools of amped-to-11 guitars to its starry-eyed mix of esoteric tripping and psychedelic visions alongside Tibet’s more recent languid and typically pensive compositions. Mountain also marked a new C93 era in that it is the first full-length release to fully delve into Tibet’s most recent obsession: apocryphal Christian texts written in Coptic. Tibet used his inspiration from these ancient texts to write his fever dream poetry that is, as with most C93 albums, the focus of Mountain. This month welcomed the release of Aleph’s follow-up, Baalstorm, Sing Omega. Baalstorm sees the happy return of Mountain collaborators and Tibet’s post-Michael Cashmore wingmen James Blackshaw and Andrew Liles (as well as many other co-conspirators). The heavier elements on Aleph are replaced here by some light Eastern percussion, creepy-yet-playful outbursts of children’s voices (either real or made to sound childlike via a pitched-up Tibet), and Liles’ atmospheric electronics. Like its predecessor, Baalstorm is a journey best taken all at once, but unlike Mountain it is a journey much more easily traveled courtesy of its majestic and less oppressive atmosphere.

Listen: Current 93 "Baalstorm! Baalstorm!"
Also (finally) released this month is C93’s long-delayed Like Swallowing Eclipses, a 6-LP vinyl-only box set featuring remixes and reconstructions by Liles of the first five Current 93 LPs: Nature Unveiled, Dogs Blood Rising, ICurrent 93; Tibet and Lilesn Menstrual Night, Dawn and Live at Bar Maldoror. Exclusive to the set is also a 6th LP, Haunt Invocation (Apadno), which features Liles remixing Tibet’s interpretations of Count Eric Stenbock’s Faust and text by Horror author Thomas Ligotti.

As if that were not enough to feed your need for Current 93, German label Vinyl-on-Demand is releasing TWO 4-LP eponymous box sets of early C93 material in July. The first features completely unreleased (!!!) material from the years 1982-95, while box set #2 features the albums Christ and the Pale Queens, The Red Face of God, As the World Disappears, and Emblems. This release is particularly exciting, as both Emblems and As The World Disappears see their first vinyl release here. Both sets are packaged in sturdy wooden boxes with 28-page booklets and other ephemera, including a C93 metal pin. The super-geek collector fever doesn’t stop there either; available separately is a limited quantity of deluxe embossed fine linen folders to complete and protect the 2 wooden boxes. All three box sets are extremely limited.

Amoeba Music Hollywood will have quantity of Baalstorm, Sing Omega likely on Friday, July 2nd and Like Swallowing Eclipses will be available in limited quantity as of early next week. The Vinyl-on-Demand boxes will be available in late July.

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