Incarcerated rapper X-Raided Stabbed by Fellow Inmates Over Refusal to Produce Their Rap CD

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A group of inmates on the "A" Facility Sensitive Needs yard area at Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga, CA  are now facing attempted murder charges after they recently tried to kill imprisoned Sacramento rapper & regular Amoeblog contributor Anerae "X-Raided" Brown (aka CDC # K-17737). According to the prison's recently released incident report, Brown was stabbed and sliced a total of seven times in the prison yard melee that escalated into a riot between a group of black and Mexican inmates. He was attacked near the basketball court on the recreation yard by a group of inmates, identified by R. Rodriguez (Search and Escort Officer #1), as a "known Northern Rider affiliates." Northern Riders are former members of the notorious Northern Mexican prison gang XIV,  who reportedly have been kicked out of the Norte and were removed from the mainline of the general population for their own protection. 

According to the prison's Lt. Lantz, it was determined that Brown, who is fast recovering from the recent stabbing (carried out with a State issued toothbrush that had eight razor blades taped and tied to it) but is in solitary confinement awaiting transfer, was the victim in this case and will not be facing disciplinary action or criminal charges. But what is most bizarre about this incident, according to Brown's attorney, is that his attackers had, "attempted to extort" the longtime incarcerated Sacramento rapper. "They wanted him to produce and release their rap album," he said of two of the accused inmates (identified simply as "inmates R. Werth and Gonzales"), who are each serving life without the possibility of parole. Apparently, when X-Raided, who oversees the running of the Bloc Star Entertainment rap music label from behind bars, refused to have anything to do with their music, the attackers' plans for the prison yard attack, that happened in late March but is only now being reported on, were hatched.

Incarcerated rap star Brown, who is classified as a "high notoriety" inmate, can only be housed on Sensitive Needs Yards (SNY). According to the experts, SNY are facilities for "drop outs," inmates who are inactive former gang members looking to stay out of trouble in hopes of making parole and doing their time in relative peace. Not to be confused with Protective Custody, such as the Protective Housing Unit (PHU) at Corcoran State Prison where Charles Manson is housed, SNY facilities are for incarcerated celebrities, inmates with high profile cases like Phil Spector, the Menendez Brothers, Sirhan Sirhan and Tom Sizemore

Inmates whose lives may be in immediate danger due to case factors, such as former prison gang members and ex-street gang members, are housed on SNY facilities as well, after undergoing an extensive process known as debriefing, which requires them to provide information about their former gang to the prison administration. 

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