19 Days 'Till Coachella Go Boom

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, Coachella, Coachella. Figure if I say it enough times it’ll eventually get old but it never does. Every year it comes around the same time and every year I get equally as excited, like I'm some sort of frat boy exploring his inaugurate freedom. The thought of a mini vacay alone sounds appeasing to me; it's high time for celebration. Take that, social eruption and enough music to runneth my cup a gazillion times over, and I’m there. I’d clone myself if I could to double my pleasure, that’s just how I feel about it. We're skimming the surface here -- we haven’t even gotten to the line-up yet; the line-up this year is the cherry on top. Wanna talk goodness: It could be just another plain dusty ol’ donut or it could be a sumptuous, glistening glazed donut, but it’s still a donut, still edible, still sweet. This year it’s a mammoth jelly filled, chocolate glazed donut with sprinkles and powdered sugar on top. I’m geeked, your mom’s geeked, everybody’s geeked, it's one big geek feast. Yaaa for Coachella's line-up 2010! Bummer side note: I might not be going... don't wish to bore you with the details really, will just say 'keep you posted for now'. Ah, pooh.
None the matter, I'm still just stuck on stupid over the cast of characters this year. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been on this new kick: “new beginnings, first times,” taking the leap into the unknown whenever I feel so inclined. So far it's working out nicely for me, took my first trip to Thailand (awesome), twisted my thumb for the first time while trying to ride a motorbike for the first time, got my arm pits waxed for the first time (never again) and I also dyed my hair for the first time—since high school—but the color didn’t hold, so you can’t tell, no one notices. Cut the mumbo jumbo and you get whatever goes, that’s my plan for Coachella: whatever goes—if I go. No game plan, just roaming fields. Too many good acts; Gil Scott Heron could be playing in one tent, Grace Jones could be performing in the next tent, then pop one tent over to catch the end of 2 Many DJ’s set and then and then and then... Just putting it on destination: cruise control. I’ll spare you the farcical dissertation on the art of music and cut straight to my short list…Part 1:

King Khan and The Shrines – so many delectable things all in one; their 2009 album release What Is?! further proves their truly unique patter and equally unique performance caper defies categorization. Performing Sunday, April 18th. Check the antics:

Also check this video of King Khan and The Shrines performing at Amoeba Hollywood.

Mayer Hawthorne and The County
– ‘blue eyed soul’ more Stones Throw goodies. His debut album A Strange Arrangement will soon be synonymous with “greatest albums of …” lists. Performing Sunday, April 18th.

– Their Sophomore album Oddblood sounds like dazzling electro/pop from New York; it’s probably the best album—in its entirety—out this year…so far, trust me. Sounds nothing like: MGMT. Performing Friday, April 16th.  To follow is an extraordinary expenditure of song and video. Dance if you know what’s good for ya.

– Disc jockey zeitgeist. Performing Saturday, April 17th. Fab Five Freddy had to pick his jaw up off the floor and mop up a pile of drool after watching his set, which speaks volumes. Don’t believe the hype? Watch for yourself...

That’s it for now, folks! Stay tuned for the extended list. Till next time chew the corners off.

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