Amoeba Hollywood World Music Best Sellers For Jan. 2010

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1. Charlotte Gainsbourg-IRM
2. Aventura-Last
3. Shakira-She Wolf
4. Mahssa-Oyun Havasi Vol. 1
5. Manu Chao-Baionarena
6. Charlotte Gainsbourg-IRM (LP version)
7. Tinariwen-Imidiwan: Companions
8. V/A-Colombia!
9. V/A-Tumbele! Biguine, Afro & Latin Sounds from the French Caribbean, 1963-74
10. Buika-El Ultima Trago

Even though Charlotte Gainsbourg’s IRM has only been out for the last week, it has already sold well enough to take the top spot on Amoeba Hollywood’s World Music chart. IRM was produced by Beck and was the first anticipated release of the year. The vinyl version of IRM also took the sixth spot and probably could have sold more had we not sold out over the weekend. Last year, Charlotte's father, Serge Gainsbourg, was the only artist to also have the CD and vinyl version of a record in our top forty best sellers of the year, with the reissue of Histoire De Melody Nelson.

At number five is Manu Chao's second live album, Baionarena, which includes two CD’s and one DVD. Baionarena was recorded and filmed over the last couple of years while supporting the La Radiolina release. Having caught two shows during this tour,  Baionarena triggers many great memories I had attending the shows. Baionarena is also available on vinyl, which also comes with the DVD.

Most of the January sales reflected post Christmas sales. Aventura and Shakira continued their dominance of the Latin Music, as people bought for themselves what they really wanted for Christmas with gift certificates. Artists such as Buika and Tinariwen topped many 'Best of 2009' lists and their sales reflected that.

With the disasters in Haiti came, so did people’s interest in Haitian music. Our Caribbean section, which had been the bastard child of the Reggae section, has found new life ever since it was added to the World music section the middle of last year.  Unfortunately, many releases by popular Haitian artists have gone out of print over the last few years. I hate to think that it would take a disaster to spark people’s interest in Haitian music, but hopefully the renewed interest may spark some new releases and reissues from Haitian artists in the near future.

On the local front, we now have the CD version of Chicano Batman’s self-titled debut, with the vinyl version coming in a month or so. Local Cumbia heads Buyepongo also dropped off some of their debut release as well. Coming up in February will be, Bassekou Kouyate + Ngoni ba's I Speak Fula, which is hands down one of my favorites of this year thus far. Another favorite is the Now And Again compilation of Fela Kuti covers entitled Black Man’s Cry, which includes covers from around the world. There will also be a limited edition 4X10' vinyl box set version of this compilation as well, so start saving your money! I expect it to be a top seller for most of the coming year.

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