Electronic New Releases 02/01/10 - Four Tet, Mark E, Lindstrom, Pop Ambient, Monolake & more...

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Four Tet
There Is Love and You

Kieren Hebden embraces the sharp and brazen musicality of his 2003 album Rounds, but with a more club-friendly feel. Hebden's
interdisciplinary sonic collage is at full force here, with melodious house, 80s synth design, repetitive minimalism a la Cluster and Steve Reich, italo disco, and dusty jazz records chopped up and redefined. (MT)

Listen - "Angel Echoes":

King Midas Sound

Waiting For You

This debut very much sounds like a ghostly carnival procession out of a psyche ward -- and in line are wayward dub daydreamers and heart-broken lovers rockers'. A deeply narcotic album reminiscent of Tricky's Maxinquaye, crooked hip hop nodding to RZA's darkest productions, with male female vocals densely lacing the songs in smoked paranoia. A magnificent killer of noir-like austere grandeur, a modern classic. (MT)

Listen - "Outer Space":

Pop Ambient 2010

Kompakt opens 2010 with the latest in their sound-sculpting series. Highly recommended! Exclusive tracks from Wolfgang Voight, Dettinger, Thomas Fehlmann, Marsen Jules and many others provide a shimmering concrete soundtrack to a twilight in an icy winter scene.
Listen - Wolfgang Voigt - "Zither und Horn":

Fabric 49

The dark queen of mnml on Richie Hawtin's M_nus label presents a patchwork yet flawless blend of tasty techno blip-funk for Fabric's well-lauded series. Spooky prog-horror jams from Goblin appear in a
relentless trail of burners by Farben, Isomer Transition, Christian Vogel, Yello, and Magda's own cuts. Killer dancefloor-fillers. (MT)

Listen - Gaiser - "Mfnstmp":



Scuba operates at the cutting edge of the whole dubstep/techno/house/bass axis, and this mix boasts a vast number of HEAVY artists contributing to 70 minutes of undulating rave-emotion and chest-caving big room vibes. Featuring Joker, Surgeon, Joy Orbison, Shackleton.

Preview 9 minutes of Sub:stance:

Lindstrom & Christabelle
Real Life Is No Cool
Smalltown Supersound

Scandinavia's space cadet number one, Lindstrom, drops an album with gal pal Christabelle aka Isabelle H. Sandoo, whose vocals propel Lindstrom's productions into pop-realization from outer space. Features previously released tracks from 12s, and the highlight are the bonus 7 tracks with edits from Idjut Boys, Prins Thomas, Sally
and others. Psyched-out house, crystalline 80s sparkle, and hi-NRG jet propulsed disco-trance sugar coat this record into a much-welcomed release opening 2010.

Listen - "Let's Practise":

Mark E
Works 2005-2009

This disc compiles 8 of Mark E's finest tracks from said dates, including edits of Labelle, Gabor Szabo, and Birth Control. A fine lesson in tripped-out hypno-psychedelic effects, and slowed
down/reduced tempo arrangements for the quirky disco house dancefloor. Fans of Trus' Me, Lindstrom, Tom Trago and Theo Parrish will definitely dig these heady deep grooves.


Monolake has consistently been at the forefront of exploratory and experimental techno for the entirety of this decade, blending hi-end
complexity with a personal and ultimately human vision of sound construction that goes beyond the academic to evoke rarified feelings of technofied wonderment. A stunning album meant to be heard in 3-D!

Listen - "Watching Clouds":

Down Low Music

Holy fook! Unearthed from some warehouse are the very last copies of this holy grail of dub techno. If youre into Basic Channel, Maurizio, Model 500, Deepchord, etc, etc, this record has most likely been on your
wish list. And now you can grab it on CD, too. Gerard Hanson, aka Convextion, has provided us with some of the most indulgent,
trance-like, soulful techno that simply needs to be shared and heard.

Listen - "Solum Ferrum":

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