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the new birth reincarnationdepeche mode new life 12"alien soundtrack

I would like to thank the New Birth, without whom this blog would not be possible.

the new birth it's been a long timethe new birth birth daythe new birth blind baby
hirax raging violencecrackin' Ivan halen 5150 back cover
contraband time & spacedells musical menuit's acinch to give legs to old hard-boiled eggs manfield parrish
yanni keys to imaginationmelt bananavicki lawrence newborn woman
southern fried rock lp country & western bulls-eyessbb egg label

It's a toss up between the Hirax and Yanni covers, isn't it? However, I must admit that the Van Halen design is what started me in this direction. I wonder if that sulfuric looking gas is emanating from Sammy or Michael Anthony ?

silverfish with scrambled eggsrhinoceros satin chickensyeah yeah yeahs it's blitz

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