Top TV on DVD Picks of 2009!

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by Kaitlin

I hate commercials. Really, really loathe commercials. I hate commercials so much in fact that I stopped watching TV altogether for years. But there is a wondrous, magical invention called TV on DVD that allows me to watch TV commercial free!! Not only that, but I can waste hours at a time watching episode after episode. Here, in no particular order, are my top TV DVDs of 2009, some new to DVD, some just new to me but all were found in the DVD room in Amoeba SF:

New to me:

Roseanne Seasons 1-9


I’ve only watched up through season 5, but this show is so funny. Not only is Roseanne hilarious and really cutting edge, but the amazing John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert and rest of the Connor clan make this cast so strong. But the best thing about this show is how real it feels; they’re just a working class family trying to survive everything life has to throw at you. With lots of love and humor, they yell and fight and laugh and I really love this show! Their Halloween episodes are some of the most memorable…

How I Met Your Mother Seasons 1-4

how i met your mother

The first thing I have to say is the main character of this show, Ted, is kind of annoying… But luckily he has Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segal and Alyson Hannigan in the supporting cast to make this show very funny. Neil Patrick Harris plays a womanizing scumbag with a heart of gold buried really, really deep, and Jason Segal and Alyson Hannigan play the kooky, kinky long term couple… the supporting cast makes the show!


Spaced Seasons 1 & 2


Written by and starring Simon Pegg & Jessica Hynes, this BBC show is so funny! The two main characters meet in the first episode in a coffee shop and strike up a conversation because they’re both looking for a place to live due to break-ups. They lie and say they’re a couple to get a great flat and once they get to know their wine swilling landlord and her screaming daughter, the weird artist downstairs, and each other's friends, the madness ensues! 

The Mighty Boosh Seasons 1-3

mighty boosh

Another great BBC series, the quote on the cover of Season One says it all and simply: “Surreal Hilarity.”  I’ve only watched Season One and bits and pieces from the other two, but the show really can only speak for itself:

New to DVD in 2009:

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 4
It’s a Very Sunny Christmas

it's always sunny in philadelphia

This group of depraved and misguided 30 somethings own and run Paddy’s Pub and get mixed up in horrible situations and offend everyone in the process. They never really get anywhere or do much of anything, their ideas are so half-brained and backwards, and they’re always wrong, but they’re always in trouble and getting out of it somehow. The Fourth season is full of more hijinks and fun, and culminates with the AMAZING “Nightman” play… a must see.

Also out by these folks as a DVD only release is It’s a Very Sunny Christmas. Mac's childhood gifts were stolen, Charlie’s mom really loves Santa and Sweet Dee and Dennis try to get back at Frank for always ruining Christmas… Since this wasn’t aired on TV and is a DVD only release, they can finally use the f-word and go even further out on the sick and twisted angle. Here’s a funny outtake/ad:

30 Rock Season 3

30 rock

Tina Fey is a genius.  She revived the "Weekend Update" on SNL, she made Lindsay Lohan look like a good actress, and she’s editing, producing and starring in one hell of a show. 30 Rock is a show within a show. Tina is Liz Lemon, the head writer, Alec Baldwin is hilarious as the fatcat network executive, Tracy Morgan and Jane Krakowski are the insane lead actors. Liz ends up playing “babysitter” to a crazy group of attention seeking looneys a little too detached from reality…

The Office Season 5

the office

Oh, Michael Scott. He means well but it always comes out so wrong! The whole gang at Dunder/Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, PA have the world’s most tactless boss. The actors acknowledge the camera, which is something more unique about the show. The office staff is being filmed and they know it, and being able to interact with the camera and, therefore, viewer adds an element that makes this show even more unique. 

Californication Season 2


David Duchovny is back again and funny as hell as Hank Moody for another season of sexual escapades all over LA. This season, he’s back together (temporarily, of course) with his ex/mother of his daughter but never wife; their daughter, Becca starts dating; Hank ends up sleeping with Becca’s boyfriend’s mother and then there’s the Runkles. Charlie gets fired for whacking off too much and Marcy ends up in rehab… Becca’s wise-beyond-her-years philosophical moments, when she breaks it all down for her parents, especially Hank, that are my favorite moments… 

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