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Amoeba Music San Francisco Hip-Hop Top Ten: 11:27:09

FELT 3 Slug Murs
1) FELT FELT 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez (Rhymesayers)

2) Rakim The Seventh Seal (Ra Records)

3) Gift of Gab Escape 2 Mars (Cornerstone/RAS)

4) Edan Echo Party (Traffic Entertainment)

5)  Cellski Chef Boy Cellski: Culinary Arts Institutiion (Inner City 2k)

6) Messy Marv Draped Up and Chipped Out Vol 4 (Click Clack Records)

7) Sean Price Kimbo Price (Vision Mktg)

8) Fatgums X Bambu ...A Peaceful Riot (Gamma Gums Music/Beat Rock)

9) Wale Attention Deficit (Interscope Records/Allido Records)

10) OC & AG Oasis (Nature Sounds)

Thanks for this Thanksgiving week's Hip-Hop Top Ten chart go out to Luis at Amoeba Music San Francisco, where the number one new release is the highly recommended, Aesop Rock produced third release in the FELT series (featuring Slug of Atmosphere & Murs of Living Legends), FELT 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez, which was written about here when it was number two on last week's hip-hop chart at Amoeba Berkeley. And this week's number two comes from perhaps the most influential and respected (particularly by other artists) hip-hop emcee of all time, Rakim, who has just released his latest solo album The Seventh Seal.  As immediately proven by Rakimthe album's Rakim as Grim Reaper cover art, The Seventh Seal takes its title from the dark 1957 classic film of the same name by Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. In the movie, a medieval knight confronts the meaning of life, death, and the existence of God as he plays chess with the personification of Death -- the Grim Reaper.

On the new album, which is steeped in talk of God, Rakim uses the Grim Reaper as a sort of metaphor for the death of hip-hop. As a solo artist he has never quite matched the artistic heights he reached when he was one-half of the influential duo Eric B & Rakim, who first arrived in the music world 23 years ago with their landmark single "Eric B. is President." Still, this third solo release (his first in ten years) does not disappoint. Coming out on Rakim's own label Ra Records after several lengthy delays (at one stage, back in 2002, is was supposed to be on Dr Dre's Aftermath Records), the 14 track CD features such cuts as "How To Emcee," "Man Above," "Dedicated," '"Holy Are You," and "Walk These Streets." The latter two are singles that were released in the past few months. Instead of going with such longtime producers as DJ Premier or Pete Rock, Rakim went with the more new school of studio talent for Seventh Seal, including Jake One, Nottz, Ty Fyffe, and Nick Wiz. Below is a video clip of the famous emcee last week at BB Kings in NYC gracing the turntables and showing off his scratch and turntablist skills.

                                               Rakim gets busy on the ones and twos

And since we are on the topic of legendary, landmark hip-hop artists, check out the video below of the Large Professor at Amoeba Music Hollywood recently where he was spotted diggin' in the crates for our website's always engaging and revealing What's In My Bag? video series..

Other new releases charting at Amoeba this week include the ever popular Quannum emcee Gift of Gab (Messy Marv The JackaEscape 2 Mars), Sean Price (Kimbo Price), Wale (Attention Deficit), and longtime hip-hoppers OC & AG, who dropped the album Oasis on Brooklyn label Nature Sounds this week. Longtime rapper Cellski from San Francisco's Excelsior District has donned a chef's hat and a culinary persona for his new joint Chef Boy Cellski: Culinary Arts Institutiion on Inner City 2k. Another new Bay Area rap release comes from the ever prolific Messy Marv and his latest installment Draped Up and Chipped Out Vol 4 on Click Clack Records. The 20 brand new tracks on this CD feature cameos from The Jacka, Keak Da Sneak, Tech N9ne, Rich The Factor, Mitchy Slick, Glasses Malone, AP.9, and many more. The remaining Amoeba chart entries come from Fatgums X Bambu (A Peaceful Riot on Gamma Gums Music/Beat Rock) and Edan, whose new Echo Party on Traffic Entertainment is one of the most intricate productions of the year and one that the Boston producer spent close to two years carefully crafting. Check back here on the Amoeblog in the near future for a deserving in depth look at this jawdropping release.

Below is the new video from Trinity (DITC's AG, Brand Nubian's Sadat X & DJ Jab) dedicated to the late, great DJ Roc Raida (X-men, X- Ecutioners), who passed recently. The track is from the trio's forthcoming (Spring 2010) album on Fat Beats. This video was directed & conceived by Mark Kotlinski with additional footage & photos provided by John Carluccio (Battlesounds).

Trinity Roc Raida tribute

Above is a promo clip of the soon to be released DVD 2 Turntables And A Microphone: The Life and 2 turntables and a microphone jam master jayDeath of Jam Master Jay, the new documentary about the killing of Jason Mizell, aka Run DMC's Jam Master Jay. Jay was shot and killed in his recording studio several years ago but still no one has been arrested for his murder. Produced by 50 Cent and featuring interviews with Russelll Simmons, LL Cool J, Ja-Rule, Snoop Dogg, and many more, the documentary is as much a hip-hop document as a murder mystery. The film examines the strange elements of Jay's murder, including the fact that the security tapes of his murder while in a Queens, NY studio all mysteriously disappeared. The DVD, which is a must have for any hip-hop history collector, will be available in Amoeba Music next week when it is released on December 1st.

And finally, I leave you with a (so bad it's still bad) video for a rap song that you might hope was made as a satire or out of deep irony. It could be a Daily Show skit but it isn't. It is a video for the song "Patriotic People" from conservative rapper Hi Caliber taken from the DVD documentary Tea Party Movie, which was released this week. That film, like this rap song, represents that vocal minority of player hating, Obama-fearing, abortion-opposing, pro NRA, anti gay rights, fear of change, ultra-conservative right wing individuals who confuse American "patriotism" with intolerance.

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