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                  Betty Davis "F.U.N.K." (remastered and reissued by Light In The Attic Records)
The Black Angels
At this past weekend's WFMU Record Fair in Manhattan I ran into Josh Wright, who along with Matt Sullivan co-owns the amazing Light In The Attic Records (LITA). The music fanatical duo had trekked out from their Seattle base to set up a table to sell some of the latest releases from LITA's impressive catalog (lots of lovely vinyl) and also to give away cool freebie sample CDs.

Scroll down to see the Amoeblog interview with Josh in which he talks about some of the new and upcoming releases from the unique label known for its lovingly compiled catalog of reissues of forgotten music by such greats as Rodriguez, funk goddess Betty Davis (above), and pop-psych outfit The Free Design. LITA were featured on the Amoeblog back in May of this year when they undertook their West Coast Road Trip that included stops at Amoeba. The label also releases new music from contemporary acts, including an EP and LP from the Seattle/Tacoma pop/rock/rap outfit The Saturday Knights', Mingle, that featured the great opening track and single "45" (see video below). Another contemporary act on LITA is Austin, Texas psychedelic rock group The Black Angels.
Rodriguez cold fact
As Josh mentioned in the Amoeblog video interview below, some of the exciting new releases include the aforementioned Betty Davis and the Black Angels, seventies reggae artist Noel Ellis, keyboard/xylophone artist Emil Viklicky, 60's/70's Czech female vocalist Marta Kubisova, and the various artists release Reggae to Toronto: Soul Funk & Reggae: 1967 - 1974

Meantime, among upcoming LITA releases is an early, early Kris Kristofferson recording from before he signed a record deal -- when he was a janitor, sweeping floors at Columbia Studios in Nashville and he would sneak into the studios late at night on the DL to record. Karen DaltonThese early recordings will be released in March, 2010 by LITA.

Also among the other gems in the flawless, rich LITA back catalog are guitar & banjo-playing folk blues singer Karen Dalton's In My Own Time -- the unique, hauntingly beautiful voiced sixties singer's second of only two albums, which LITA re-released on CD and LP in 2006. Other great LITA releases include the two albums they put out by The Monks, the five primitive-rhythm driven, beat playing American GI's stationed in Germany in the sixties whose unique spin on garage rock was light years ahead of itself. For proof, look for their documentary or check out the mind-blowing video down below of their 1965 German TV appearance doing the song "Monk Chant" -- a live version of which is found as a bonus track on the LITA (CD and vinyl) release Black Monk Time

Look for all of Light In The Attic's releases at Amoeba Music.

                         Josh Wright (Light In The Attic) interview at WFMU Record Fair

The Saturday Knights "45" (LITA) (2008)

The Monks "Monk Chant" live on German TV 1965

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