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Kayne West vs Taylor Swift
Kanye West
's well publicized little outburst at Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), in which he bum-rushed the stage during country singing teen Taylor Swift's acceptance speech to grab her mic and offer his uninvited opinion on how unfair he felt it was that Beyonce didn't win in the Best Female Video category, gave the media some fodder complete with a good headline for their report on the otherwise ho-hum awards show. And the fact that there suspiciously was no security whatsoever to stop West from storming the stage merely proved what many have long speculated: that MTV's producers secretly encourage any kind of controversy to spice up and give some edge to their show.

But by now Kanye's attention grabbing stunts are beyond tired. On Sunday night, even Beyonce, whose honor he somehow believed he was defending, wasn't impressed by his rude gesture. Neither was anyone else it seemed. And why should they be? Beyond the disrespectful act itself, it's not like he was sticking up for some totally underrated, slept-on artist. It was Beyonce -- one of the world's biggest stars, who a little bit later on in the same show would be bestowed with the Video Of The Year award. If Kanye is going to bum rush the stage and grab someone's mic, he should use the opportunity to say something of substance or worth.  Here are five suggestions for Kanye of what he could have said instead:

1) Talk about something really important or of social/political relevance like he did four years ago in his infamous post-Katrina "George Bush doesn't care about black people" comment (see video below). Or take Beyoncethe opportunity to comment on the growing thinly veiled tide of racism towards Barack Obama, or question why a FOX News host is getting away with calling the president "a racist." Or how about offering some opinion on health care? Note that even the host of the evening, Russell Brand, addressed this issue. However, like everything else that this English host-with-an-acquired-taste uttered throughout the long evening, it simply didn't register with the VMA audience.

2) If you must complain about how certain artists don't get props, then instead of standing up for superstar Beyonce, why not shed some light on some up and coming hip-hop artists who don't get the attention they deserve? Shoot, he could have started with in-house performer Wale, whose night long set he and his live band & guests poured their hearts into went pretty much ignored by the MTV cameras & mics and more importantly by those in attendance at Radio City Music Hall. At one point poor Wale shouted out to the non-plussed crowd, who apparently were too busy talking amongst themselves, something like, "Make some noise, New York" and got a response of dead silence. Ooh, that was cold! Now here was a talented artist who deserved to be stood up for, Kanye!

3) If you're going to complain about the VMA's then simply boycott the superficial event altogether or else complain about the crass commercialization of the entire awards show, which, in addition to the barrage of cheesy commercials, was full of commercial endorsements and kanye westtie-ins, including Rhapsody and Verizon.

4) Allegedly a little (or a lot) drunk Kanye, who was photographed by the New York Post drinking a bottle Hennessy on the red carpet earlier in the evening, should consider switching his poison from booze to dank. Weed, no matter how strong in THC content, is never as detrimental to one's behavior as alcohol can be. Kanye, give up the booze and make a statement on stage about the legalization of marijuana..

5) If Kanye must bum-rush the mic to upstage the artist receiving the award then he should be a tad more engaging & entertaining in his delivery. As favored so heavily on his most recent album, last year's 808s & Heartbreak, he should have likewise delivered his little speech by saying/singing it via Auto-Tune and while wearing those silly glasses he loved to wear last year.

P.S: One thing that Taylor Swift could have said, but was too classy to have gone there, was "Kanye West doesn't care about white country singers."

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