"Rain"/"Paperback Writer" Mystery Solved!

Posted by Miss Ess, September 2, 2009 11:29am | Post a Comment
Unlike some bloggers, I don't welcome or dream of dental surgery and/or visits to the dentist...

When I was a child, I was also particularly sensitive to teeth and their appearance. Chipping my teeth was up there as one of my worst fears for myself, and I'd often (for no real reason) vividly imagine the feeling of the moment of impact as my tooth hit something and broke (crazy, I know). It's still up there as far as things I'd like to avoid, to tell the truth...

Anyway, back then I was also an avid, constant viewer of the documentary The Compleat Beatles, in which clips of the videos for "Rain" and "Paperback Writer" are shown.

Seem like great videos, right? Cutting edge for 1966 too! But did you notice a little something amiss??

Imagine my trauma when watching these videos as a kid: My hero, Paul McCartney showed up missing a sizeable chunk of his front left tooth! It was awful. I had seen footage of him beyond the year 1966 and knew it had been fixed somewhere down the line, but I was gripped by curiosity and the need to know what had caused this most famous man to lose a good bit of his tooth in the heightened midst of his fame! It kept me up nights in my young life! I was about 8 years old (and the internet was a long ways off).

Much later in life, when I was in high school, my curiosity was at last satisfied when I read Beatles historian Mark Lewisohn's Complete Beatles Chronicle, literally a day by day account of what The Beatles were up to through their entire career...(I was a scholarly child, especially when it came to The Beatles). Finally, I could rest: I found out McCartney had been in a moped accident in which he broke his front tooth a few months before the videos were shot. The tooth was fixed soon after.

There, now you can all sleep at night.

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