2009 US DMC Finals: 1) DJ Shiftee 2) Mista B 3) DJ Shmeeze

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dj shiftee
1st - DJ Shiftee

2nd - Mista-B

3rd - DJ Shmeeze

Yesterday's DMC 2009 US Finals at Santos House in New York CIty was a great experience for me. The winner was DJ Shiftee from New York; second place was San Francisco DJ Mista B; and third place was DJ Shmeeze from Fountain Valley in Southern California.

But I must say, beyond these three official winners, all of the DJ's that participated yesterday were winners as far as I am concerned. I really enjoyed everyone's routines. And despite the hiccups that happened such as humming coming out of the sound system, or simply a DJ's needle skipping, the event was a big success. I may have arrived at the battle a little late because of traffic congestion on the wack ass New Jersey Turnpike, but I still got there in time to witness the turntablist heaven that was this year's DMC finals.

And once again DJ Red Alert hosted the battle and Lord Finesse was providing the tunes. It was my first time hearing Lord Finesse on the turns, and he did a pretty damn good job keeping the crowd alive during one of the breaks during the competition.  Red Alert kept the crowd laughing and hyped up just a bit throughout the night. I wonder what's in the "Poo Poo" juice he kept on drinking all night? The crowd turnout was pretty good, as I saw a lot of people from the next generation of Hip Hop heads. There were a few youngsters in their early teens in attendance as well.

Listening to all the DJ's, you can really tell whether they are from the north, east, south or west. I remember at one point, it was either DJ Shmeeze or DJ Lodus, both from California included a song from Flying Lotus's "Los Angeles" album in their routine. I must say he flipped pretty well. Also, San Francisco's own Mista-B rocked music by Dam Funk. He pretty much brought that style of Funk with him and the rest of his crew, 4Onefunk, have been showcasing for many years now. His routine started with a "Going Back to Cali" quote and a quote about bringing the funk back. Pretty much he utilized a huge percentage of both Dam Funk's current releases from Stones Throw to his advantage of sticking to his theme of bringing the funk back. 

DJ Ohm, who is from the west by way of Albuquerque, NM, showed how they get down -- from what I heard, a mixture of the east and west coast styles. As-One, hailing from Rockville, MD included dj schmeezea part in his routine where he flipped the theme song from Inspector Gadget. He did it so well that Penny would have fallen in love with him! DJ Shiftee, hailing from New York City, brought a routine that I would describe as fast paced, utilizing a lot of the functions on the mixer and turntables. This may have won the judges and the crowd over, as he was declared the winner. He will go on to represent the U.S. in London on September 11th and 12th.         

The showcases at the finals this year were given by DJ Precision (Ill Insanity) and DJ I-Dee. Precision showed why he is now known as Red Alert, and said he is competing with himself. He displayed hints of that X-ecutioners style of DJing throughout his set. He utilized Serato to its fullest and still rocked regular vinyl at times as well. He truly showed why he was crowned the 2007 DMC US Champ. 

DJ I-Dee, known as "Obama-Dee" for the night because of his voice imitation of Obama earlier in the evening, came off with a nice set as well. Also utilizing Serato, he did a variety of juggles with little voice interludes in between. He ended his set with a routine using Michael Jackson's "Thriller." I was pretty much amazed at what he did with it, and I'm sure MJ would have approved as well.

Overall, I was very impressed at the turnout of the event, from the great amount of people attending, to the show continuing despite of technical difficulties. Big shout out to Christie Z (Tools Of War) for keeping this important part of the DJ culture alive.   -- DJ ALF

This Amoeblog was written by special guest Amoeblogger DJ ALF. Special thanks to him and also to Deejaysoul for the great accompanying photos.

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