New Electronic CD Releases 8/14/09

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"There is for sure no lack of electronic music producers in the German capital, but in contrast to most of their colleagues, Dreher & Smart were really born in Berlin, which becomes obvious already after the first verbal exchange. In the beginning of February they left their urban sphere and headed towards day. Through snow-covered forests and past frozen lakes, they finally arrived at the cozy Dacha on the ground of Fusion festival where the Fortschritt3000 crew welcomed them very heartily. Little by little, more and more guests arrived and the evening became more and more frisky and social. And so, Dreher & Smart soon unpacked their music machines and serenaded the audience. They set all the experiences from their eventful day to music and so also the recording became very entertaining and exciting. On a continuously forcing groove, varied sound constructions unfold, which lead from trippy-minimal deepness over hypnotic melodies and through huge reverb rooms to distinctive percussive take offs. The unobtrusive reactions from the dance floor mixed into confer Wandertag its authentic live atmosphere and increase the anyhow very strong pressure of this recording." - 3000˚

The Burgenland Dubs

Relocated from Wales to Jena, Germany, Ian Simmonds (aka Juryman) is responsible for pure innovation on the electronic scene. He left London in 2005 and began a new chapter in the East German province of scenic Jena in Thuringia, recording The Burgenland Dubs in the old Castle Wendelstein in the middle of the vineyard region in Unstrut Valley in Burgenland Saxony-Anhalt. Working in an environment with faulty heating, rotting old windows, and two hard winters that set ice crystals in his beard, Simmonds toiled in his castle like a sorcerer in his spiritual craft, revealing an album filled with maritime dimensions, rhythmic, lyrical moments, dramatic beat wizardry, and orchestral presence. This album also demonstrates a swinging, acoustic flight of traditional instrumentation paired with modern electric sonic culture. He also doesn't shy away from soul and jazz, and possesses a smooth British breakstep sense and even the depths and straight lines from Detroit. His sound began on the bass with the extraordinary combo, Sandals (1992-1994), whose proliferation anticipated British-isle club innovation. As Juryman, Simmonds began to merge modern music with traditional. From there came unbeatable productions in the form of 12" remixes, albums on renowned labels like SSR, Ntone, Studio-K7!, Pussyfoot, G-Stone, Compost, and more. The Burgenland Dubs is pure beat-fiddling sound research plus orchestral radiance and moving, warm peak-time brush-strokes for the home or club.



The Kompakt label's most-anticipated compilation release of the year reaches the double-digits with number 10. This diverse collection of solid-gold hit favorites is still standing and stronger than ever, coinciding with the Kompakt Total event. Spanning the course of two CDs and three LPs, Kompakt Total 10 features essential tunes from the Kompakt catalog and highlights exclusive, new music from the likes of DJ Koze, Thomas/Mayer, Jürgen Paape, Wassermann aka Wolfgang Voigt, and others. What one immediately will notice in comparison to other editions is the inclusion of remixes -- the likes of Ivan Smagghe & Tim Paris aka It's A Fine Line tackling the likes of Burger/Voigt, Gui Boratto's remix of Sam Taylor-Wood, produced by Pet Shop Boys, Thomas Fehlmann's stunning impression of The Field, and of course, finally available, the lost remix of Gotye's hit "Heart's A Mess" by Supermayer. Expect the unexpected this year, 'cause Kompakt Total 10 promises to be one of the most diverse collections of tracks the label has ever brought forward in their history. Other artists include: Justus Köhncke, Dirk Leyers, Shumi, Ada, Coma, Wighnomy Bros., Nicolas Stefan, Jonas Bering, Matias Aguayo, Mayburg, Reinhard Voigt, Mugwump, and Pachanga Boys.

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