New Electronic CD Releases 7/23/09

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Vertical Ascent CD
Honest Jon's

This is the highly-anticipated debut full-length release by The Moritz von Oswald Trio, comprised of members Moritz von Oswald (Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound), Max Loderbauer (NSI, Sun Electric), and Vladislav Delay (Luomo). Through Basic Channel and Rhythm And Sound -- his collaborations with Mark Ernestus -- Moritz von Oswald first of all conjured from thin air, then comprehensively mapped out the grounds of a deep exchange between real-deal Jamaican dub and classic, Detroit-style techno. The duo's accomplishment and influence are immense. The repercussions of their work within electronic dance music have been incalculable. Though a departure, Vertical Ascent retraces various signatures of the earlier styles -- the fastidious density of sound, the massive bass and detailed upper registers ("a frequency massage," Ricardo Villalobos has called the album), the stripped, stepping repetitiousness, the seriousness. The striking differences stem from the qualities of live performance (the driving, clattering percussion in particular, and the loose, improvisatory approach), the exploded palette of sounds, including a trace of steel drums, something like a cuica -- and of course, most of all -- the fresh line-up. Vladislav Delay is a drummer and electronic musician from Finland -- like von Oswald, trained in classical percussion (while the third member studied classical piano for 20 years) -- who released a landmark album on Basic Channel's Chain Reaction imprint, before working with a diversity of artists (under pseudonyms like Luomo and Sistol), from Massive Attack to the Scissor Sisters. On Vertical Ascent, he plays home-made metal percussion. From Munich, Max Loderbauer was a partner in the ambient duo Sun Electric. Behind the scenes, his work has ranged between Tresor and Can's Spoon Records. In 2004 he teamed up with Tobias Freund to form NSI (Non Standard Institut). On Vertical Ascent, he plays synthesizers, alongside von Oswald, who also contributes Fender Rhodes and additional percussion. At the heart of Vertical Ascent is a dream crossing of Basic Channel, Larry Heard and Can -- as at home with calypso as it is Stravinsky.

Totems Flare CD

"One of Warp's rising stars, Clark releases what is undoubtedly his breakthrough album. Totems Flare is the Berlin-based, UK native's boldest effort to date, featuring breakneck dance, driving techno and baroque melodics. It's also perhaps his most accessible, as it's the first to feature his own vocals. All of the hyperactive intellect and technically dazzling detail you'd expect from this master Electronic producer is here, but there is straightforward musicianship at work that is no longer subtle -- Chris uses guitar, drums and piano (albeit unrecognizably processed at times). Following the critical acclaim of Clark's two previous full lengths, Body Riddle and Turning Dragon, this latest effort shows the steady and clear progression of an artist who has combined his incredible ambition with a natural ability to create soundscapes that are as welcoming as they are hard-hitting. These qualities, along with Clark's refusal to partition music by subculture or allegiance, and his natural desire to communicate directly without obscuring the details, pushes Clark past the 'Warp sound' that was his original calling card, into a completely new and uncharted territory."

Inner Jukebox
Get Physical

Get Physical co-founder DJ T. returns with his second album, The Inner Jukebox, a singular and accomplished set that reflects its maker’s ongoing interest in rigorously re-inventing classic sounds for modern ears and dancefloors. After four years of 12″ releases and collaborative experiments, DJ T.’s full-length follow-up to 2005’s Boogie Playground is upon us. While Boogie Playground was an exploration of T.’s 70s and 80s influences, a melting-pot of styles that touched upon electro, disco, italo and funk, The Inner Jukebox draws inspiration from the 90s and is a more focused adventure -- it’s T.’s vision of house music as it should be. So much “house” around right now is really just glorified minimal techno, vibe-killing in its meticulousness; by contrast, the tracks which comprise The Inner Jukebox are bold, vivid, expressive. They’re cerebral and carefully crafted, yes, but more importantly, they have a bounce and a sexiness to them. T. has always sought to make proper, no-nonsense dance music with real groove at its heart -- and The Inner Jukebox finds him fully realizing that ambition. Produced with Thomas Schumacher, who used to helm Elektrochemie and now produces acclaimed solo material for Get Physical, The Inner Jukebox is an assuredly mature work, but is notable also for its youthful exuberance and confidence. This is no concept album -- it’s about quality dance music that will sound great in the club, the car, the home, wherever. The album opens with its title track, a deep, atmospheric piece replete with dubby chords and shuffling, brushed snares; even without a kickdrum, the tension is built up beautifully with sampled, wordless voice-fragments-- a recurring feature throughout the album. Drawing upon the vast record collection and sound-archive which he has built up over the years, T. samples human voices and cuts them up so that they no longer convey words but rather act as percussive, syllabic stabs. This technique is employed to dramatic effect on the album, making for a fresh listen.

8Bit Reasons Part One CD

The Mannheim-based label 8Bit Records releases its first CD compilation, 8Bit Reasons Part One. 8Bit was established in 2005 by Nick Curly and Gorge, whose aim was simply to release the music they love. These days, the label is focused on deep, minimal house. Now, after four very successful years, which have included the signings of artists such as Audiofly, Peace Division, Johnny D, Sis and Brothers Vibe, 8Bit is ready to gather up the best of their brightest. 8Bit Reasons Part One is mixed by Nick Curly and features 15 tracks from artists such as Johnny D, Joris Voorn, Nima Gorji, Gorge & André Hommen, Markus Fix, Alex Celler, as well as some new, exclusive Nick Curly tracks.

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