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faith no more angel dust vinyl mobile fidelity

The above is the only remastered vinyl that I've been willing to pay 40 bucks for. What can I say? I'm still a fan, and it makes me pleased as punch to see these guys playing together again. But it's without these two:

faith no more jim martin cowboy hat
     faith no more chuck mosley
Jim Martin                                   Chuck Mosley

I didn't much care about the band after guitarist Martin was given the boot, and still don't. So, here are my favorite songs from the Big Jim-era albums that Faith No More played live at the recent Download Festival in Donington Park, UK:

Introduce Yourself's "Chinese Arithmetic" (coupled with a version of "Poker Face" from someone named Lady Gaga -- she's popular, evidently):

The Real Thing's "From Out of Nowhere":

Angel Dust's "Midlife Crisis":

And while mining the web for info about the reunion, I found this 2005 interview with Metal Hammer (it's still around!), where Roddy Bottom, Billy Gould and Mike Patton dish on their erstwhile guitarist:

Bottum: “Jim Martin had always been very conventional in what he wanted to do with the band, very much a fan of guitar music only and metal specifically. During the recording of Angel Dust it became apparent to both him and us that we were heading in very different directions.”

Patton: “We weren’t having a good time together and it was pretty obvious. We saw it coming for too long, while we were making the Angel Dust album. The whole time for two years while we were touring we kept hoping it would get better. After that much time you can’t help but feel like an idiot for feeling that way. Basically, what it came down to was that he couldn’t hold up his weight musically. When The Real Thing broke out, it was a shock. It’s kinda like being around somebody you don’t like, like a co-worker or family, somebody you’ve known for a long time but you realise you don’t like them. You get to know them, everything’s okay, you move in with them, everything’s fine but then all of a sudden you realise what’s going on. You realise you don’t like them, so you HATE them, you know. You waste all your energy hating them, you hate them and hate them. So you kick them OUT of your house to pacify this hate.”

Gould: “Jim became totally dissatisfied with the direction that the music was going in. At first it was just kind of annoying ‘cos every idea we came up with he’d just pull a disgusted face. Then he started just not showing up at rehearsals. On a lot of that album I had to fill in guitar parts. I think the only track he had real impact on was 'Jizzlobber’. He just wasn’t into the way FNM was going. But because he was such an established part of FNM’s look he stayed.”

Bottum: “Yeah, I remember ‘the look’ being important to some people. Never really to us though. I mean, Mike HATED Jim, wouldn’t even look at him on stage unless he was about to throw something at him. It was inevitable that he’d go.”

Gould: “After The Real Thing came out, some of the things we were asked to do were ridiculous. The company and everyone really wanted to push Mike as this pretty boy, something about his cheekbones made dollar signs light up in the industry’s eyes. Jim had a real big image. He had a cowboy hat, a cigar and a beard. In a way we had to make a decision, because he had an image, and a lot of people associated the band with his image. You have to choose if you want to put up with this fucking shit for the style or sacrifice the image for the substance. Are you gonna be like Whitesnake and Poison or are you gonna be real? A lot of people were telling us that we were doing a lot of stupid things. We had a hard time convincing people that we knew what the fuck we were doing.”

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