This Week At The New Beverly!

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This Week At The New Beverly!

The March / April calendar is now online:

Printed calendars will be in early this week! Now  we need your help to make sure they get seen - pick one up for yourself and a few for your friends!

Screenwriter Josh Olson, writer of the Oscar nominated script for David Cronenberg's 2005 film A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, will be guest curator and will appear in person together with other special guests. The week kicks off with a screening of his A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE paired with Sam Peckinpah's STRAW DOGS, and then continues with a series of films selected by Mr. Olson.

From Josh Olson:

A couple years ago, I drove past the New Beverly, and came to a screeching halt in the rain when I saw they were showing a double feature of Straw Dogs and A History of Violence. I was flattered, honored, tickled, and half a dozen other things that felt pretty damn good, and I mentioned this event many times in many forums.

So, flash forward to this year, and I am now programming said theater for a week - the second week of March, to be precise.

There's no theme to the week, save "These are movies I love," and it's a weird, hodgepodge of stuff.

I'll be there to introduce them all, and, in some cases, to talk to some of the writers responsible for them.

I urge you - nay, I beg you - to take the time from your busy lives and come check them out. If you've seen them before, you know they're good. If you haven't, I guarantee you'll have a good time.

Here's the schedule as it stands now:

· March 8/9:
Straw Dogs/A History Of Violence (They insisted. I swear, I'm not the guy who programs his own movie, especially when it's taking a slot that could belong to Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia)

· March 11:
Ed Wood/Problem Child, with special guests Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski, the writers of both these gems.

· March 12:
A Boy and His Dog/The Day The Earth Caught Fire, with special guest (the man, the legend) Harlan Ellison

· March 13/14:
The Ninth Configuration/Exorcist 3 - If you haven't seen Ex3, for the love of Satan, come out. I know your immediate reaction is "It can only be worse than 2," but you must trust me - it has its flaws (and they are minor), but it is one of the scariest horror films you'll ever see.

Sunday & Monday & Tuesday March 8 & 9

Screenwriter Josh Olson (A History Of Violence) in person!

A History Of Violence
dir. David Cronenberg, starring Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello, Ed Harris, William Hurt
Sun: 6:30 only; Mon: 7:30, Watch The Trailer!

Straw Dogs
dir. Sam Peckinpah, starring Dustin Hoffman, Susan George, T.P. McKenna
Sun: 8:40 only; Mon: 9:40, Watch The Trailer!

Tuesday March 10

Brian Quinn and Eric Caidin with Grindhouse Releasing present
The Grindhouse Film Festival

Eastern Grind:
Sammo Hung Classics from Hong Kong

Directed by Ricky Lau
Starring Sammo Hung and Lam Ching-Ying

Directed by Lau Kar-Wing
Starring Sammo Hung and Karl Maka

All Tickets $8, More Information Available At

Wednesday March 11

Josh Olson Programs

The films' screenwriters, Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, scheduled to appear in person!

Ed Wood (1994)
dir. Tim Burton, starring Johnny Depp, Martin Landau, Sarah Jessica Parker, Patricia Arquette
7:30, Watch The Trailer!

Problem Child (1990)
dir. Dennis Dugan, starring John Ritter

Thursday March 12

Josh Olson Programs

Legendary writer Harlan Ellison set to appear, schedule permitting!

A Boy And His Dog (1975)
dir. L.Q. Jones, starring Don Johnson, Susanne Benton, Jason Robards
7:30, Watch The Trailer!

The Day The Earth Caught Fire (1961)
dir. Val Guest, starring Janet Munro, Leo McKern
9:35, Watch The Trailer!

Friday & Saturday March 13 & 14

Josh Olson Programs

Two Written & Directed By William Peter Blatty

The Exorcist III (1989)
dir. William Peter Blatty, starring George C. Scott, Ed Flanders, Brad Dourif, Jason Miller
Fri: 7:30; Sat: 3:10 & 7:30, Watch The Trailer!

The Ninth Configuration (1980)
dir. William Peter Blatty, starring Stacy Keach, Scott Wilson, Ed Flanders, Jason Miller
Fri: 9:40; Sat: 5:10 & 9:40

Saturday March 14

Brian Quinn & Adam Trash present
Midnight Grind: Classic 1970's Adult Cinema

Tribute To Armand Weston

Directed by Armand Weston
Starring Jean Jennings, Jason Russell, Heather Ellis, Fred Lincoln, Jamie Gillis, Sonny Landham, Pam Sanders, Alan Marlow and Alex Mann

- Plus! -

Directed by Armand Weston
Starring Jennifer Welles, Ras Kean, Annie Sprinkle, Jody Maxwell, Catherine Burgess, Sunshine, Eve Adams, Cecilia Gardner, Yolanda Savalas, Bobby Astyr and Rod Dumont

- PLUS! -

Trailers, loops and other assorted vintage sleaze!

Midnight - Admission: $7.00 - Adults 18+ ONLY!

For more information, visit

Coming Soon:

18: The In Crowd / The Blob ('88) Actor Donovan Leitch In Person
20 & 21: Mad Max Triple Feature!
22 & 23: Wolfgang Petersen's Director's Cut Of Das Boot
24-31: Cult Movie Icon Sid Haig Programs The New Bev!

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