Rootbeer Please!

Posted by Smiles Davis, March 10, 2009 11:16am | Post a Comment

Ever listen to the same song on repeat for like 2, 6, 9 hours straight? It happens; music is intoxicating like that sometimes and everyone’s heard a song that spoke directly to him or her at one time or another. Maybe it moved you deeply and in return you treasured it dearly and barked hysterically at anyone who tried to interrupt the connection between your ears and the speakers. At that moment in time for you, the listener, that song is like the ninth wonder of the world. Subsequently, without proper headgear, for an innocent bystander catching all those repeated listenings, it is considered intolerable cruelty. Since I didn’t put anyone through that type of torture and utter misery I’ll rest easy tonight. Although there is this obnoxious ringing ear thing I’m currently suffering from due to listening to the same track today at an inappropriately loud volume for an inappropriately long amount of time.

The track I just couldn't get enough of: “Girlies” by the Cornerstone signed super rapper/producer/hipster duo Rootbeer. Their EP, Pink Limousine, drops today, March 10th. Tuesday, if you need a calendar, 2009 if you need a clue…just here to help. Their sound is light hearted, back to basics hip hop: simple, common man, catchy street talk, irresistible hooks laced with a side of cotton candy, and head bobbing beats to make you scream bananas, have your chocolate cake and eat it too. It’s like the brilliant wit and playfulness that was Kid n' Play or Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff on their debut, Parents Just Don’t Understand, blended with the indisputable freshness that was Young MC and Tone Loc. So, go cop Rootbeer’s EP cause they’re bringing the goodness. Put me in a better mood than my very disappointing water pressure did this morning.  

Chances are you've heard of these two cats that together are Rootbeer: the two talented gentlemen who make up the concoction are long time West coast indie hip-hop artists Pigeon John and Flynn Adam. Their bio, which I stole from my pals over a spectremusic, reads like the who’s who of hip hop; in short, in someone else’s words:

“Both have achieved solo success – Pigeon with his … And the Summer- time Pool Party and Sings the Blues albums, the first of which reached #1 on the CMJ Hip Hop chart – and Flynn Adam as a member of the LA Symphony crew and as a producer working alongside the likes of The Black Eyed Peas, Will.I.Am, Mario C, Prince Paul, Madlib, and more.”

‘Till next time…chew the corners off.

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