Coachella 2009 30/30 Initiative: Morrissey

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127 Bands, 5 Stages, 3 Days and 1 Mean Sunburn.

"Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - April 17-19th, 2009 or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Find 30 Reasons To Love a Weekend in the Desert."

- By Scott Butterworth

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Day #6 - Artist #6 - Morrissey:

The man, the myth, the legend, the Morrissey.

Talking about Morrissey is like talking about the Pope. It doesn't matter if I say something good or bad, I'm still going to piss somebody off. there's a third group of people I'm going to potentially piss off for comparing Morrissey to the Pope. No, I'm not comparing the two men to each other. The only similarity is that when talking about the two, one considers them either a deity or a joke. There's not much middle ground. So I'm going to be Morrissey's Switzerland. I will provide watches, cheese, chocolate and bank accounts...but no opinions.
Morrissey street art
But what I do want to mention is an interesting phenomenon that first introduced me to Morrissey. When I was in high school, my friends and I were jamming out to Metallica, Black Sabbath, Pantera, and Tool albums, so throwing on a Morrissey record was not much of an option. If I was caught with a Morrissey record in my zippered CD wallet (remember those?), I would have been excommunicated (no pun intended) from the group that hung out in the "D-Wing" at Fred C. Beyer High School. Because of that, I didn't discover Morrissey or the Smiths until a little later in life. 

It was actually toward the end of college (2006) when I picked up the book of essays titled Chuck Klosterman IV by music journalist and pop culture savant Chuck Klosterman, and first stepped into the world of Morrissey. One of its essays is titled "1,400 Mexican Moz Fans Can't Be (Totally) Wrong." In it, he is sent on assignment by Spin magazine to cover a Smiths/Morrissey convention in Los Angeles and discovers Morrissey's contemporary fan base in Los Angeles is almost exclusively Latino youths. Klosterman opens the essay with:
"Cruz Rubio. He looks like a badass: Dude is twenty years old, he's from East Los Angeles, the sleeves are ripped off his flannel shirt, and he looks like an extra from the movie Colors. I have no doMorrisseyubt whatsoever that he could kick the shit out of me on principle. But I am not nervous, because he is telling me how Morrissey makes him weep. Perhaps you are wondering what a cut-like-marble Latino could possibly see in a quintessentially British, marvelously effeminate white guy best known for reading Oscar Wilde and sporting his espoused asexuality on his sweater sleeve."

Well, you can find out tomorrow night when Amoeba Hollywood screens the documentary Passions Just Like Mine, a documentary about this phenomenon among Los Angeles Morrissey fans, as part of its free Monday Movies @ Space 15Twenty series at the new retail/gallery complex across the street. 

Or you can attend the very convention that Klosterman wrote about next weekend at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood on March 29, 2009.

Until Morrissey's co-headlining spot at Coachella on Friday April 17, 2009, here's a couple of videos to keep you satisfied -- his newest single and an "oldie but goodie."

"Throwing My Arms Around Paris" from new album Years of Refusal (2009):

"Everyday is Like Sunday" from Morrissey's solo debut album Viva Hate (1988):

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