Euro Chick Rebellion

Posted by Smiles Davis, February 25, 2009 01:34pm | Post a Comment
My ipod, bless its heart, is always on shuffle. I listen to it while driving to work, while I’m cooking, working out, while I’m cleaning, when I’m playing dress up, whenever the spirit moves me really. Today I noticed a forming pattern. The female artists on my ipod for the most part are from foreign countries, and the majority of them hail from European countries. Maybe it’s some new thing-- for me, I mean. Like some sort of “phase,” as my mother likes to call it. Before long it will pass, then I’ll be into music from Kazakhstan or Mozambique or Utah or sometimes I’m in the mood for some good ol’ fashion gibberish from Nomansland. My point is this, um, err, oh yes: Euro chick music. Amy and Lily aren’t the only girls making a rawkus.

Are you familiar with Annie? No, not the freckle faced, red head with pigtails from our favorite childhood sing-a-long, I mean, musical. Did she have pig tales? I digress. If you haven't familiarized yourself with Norwegian electro pop singer Annie, you should. Her sound is like early Madonna doped up on bubble gum and pixie stix. Yes, that means dance music. She's woven from the same cloth as Datarock and Skatebård. Well, they all come from Bergen, Norway, anyway. England's Richard X, who has produced for Róisín Murphy and M.I.A, along with a handful of productions from fellow Norwegians Röyksopp and Timo Kaukolampi of Op:L Bastards, formed the basis of Anniemal, Annie’s debut album.

Her highly anticipated second album Don’t Stop is to be released on April  27th. Popjustice got their paws on a copy and declared it a “complete modern masterpiece.” The first single, a cover of Stacey-Q’s "Two of Hearts," was produced by Richard X and was leaked on the Internet a while back. It is a modern day dance till it hurts kind of song, complete with all the trimmings to make you move your feet till you get a cramp in your big toe. The second single, "My Love is Better," features this one guy from this one band...
Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand. Ring any bells? Kind of a big deal. They just performed a packed show at Amoeba Hollywood, though without Annie. Anyway, he plays the guitar on this track, another track called "Loco," and in general for that band I mentioned. They won some awards or something. Oh, yeah and he sings the lead vocals for them too-- the band, I mean. My bartender told me the girls go crazy for him.

Peaches, who is originally from Toronto, Ontario, makes the cut as a "Euro Chick" because she currently resides in Berlin. The first reason we love Peaches: she pushes the limit for female dominance in a predominantly male dominated field. The second reason to love Peaches is that, in her perpetual state of raunchiness, she makes Luke and 2 Live Crew look like inexperienced virgins. Oh, and the fact that such vulgarity comes from an ex-school teacher makes it all the more enticing.

Another reason to love Peaches is her forthcoming album, I Feel Cream, said to be released May 4th in Europe and the UK and May 5th in North America. Producers alongside Peaches include Simian Mobile Disco, Digitalism, Soulwax and Drums of Death, which will make for an interesting dance sound, slightly different than what we’re used to hearing from the queen of obscenity. Oh, the madness. I heart her.

Get your sample on with the Drums of Death vs. Peaches mixtape currently available on the Drums of Death MySpace page. It features bits of three new songs—"Lose You," "Buck You Like A Billionaire" and "I Feel Cream"—along with lots of classic Peaches cuts.

There are quite a few other ladies I wanted to mention but my left index finger just started twitching. I know what you’re thinking: you got me all juiced up and ready to go, then you fed me peanuts and dirty gym socks. I’ll save it for another day. Till next time…chew the corners off.

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