3rd Annual Amoeba Art Show & Factory Party

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If you could time travel, where would you go?

warhol's factory

Well, like most kids who grew up watching Quantum Leap, I've given it a lot of thought. I'd want to hit the vevet underground and nicohip and happening hotspots of the past 2,500 years or so. First, I'd cruise down to Athens circa fourth-century B.C.E. where I'd walk along the agora to hear some great oration and maybe catch an Aristophanes play or two. The next stop would definitely be the salons of Central Europe in the 19th century to watch Franz Liszt play his own compositions, and maybe swing by Gustav Klimt's studio just a few decades later. I'm sure I could get in a visit to Kafka's Prague and some early New York vaudeville shows before I had to get the time machine back to the shop for a tune-up. After that, I suppose I'd have the ol' time machine drop me by Andy Warhol's Factory in early 60's New York and leave me there.
nico and lou reed
Sure, we can watch I Shot Andy Warhol or Factory Girl, but to actually be there at the cultural ground zero…to watch it all unfold around Andy, The Velvet Underground, and Edie Sedgwick! Now that would be something! Sound good to you too? Well look no further… 

On March 6th, Amoeba Music is going to offer YOU the time travel opportunity of a life time… to travel in time to the world of Andy Warhol and his original 1960's New York City Factory!

Amoeba Music and East Bay Express present:

3rd Annual Amoeba Art Show & Factory Party

Friday, March 6, 6-11pm

1343 Powell Street, Emeryville




Amoeba Music has teamed up with East Bay Express, OFFSpace, AND contributing sponsor de Young Museum to celebrate the Third Annual Amoeba Art Show and to turn a labyrinthian Emeryville warehouse into a teeming hotspot of live art, film, musical performances, and theatrical art forms. A portion of this event features a re-creation of Andy Warhol's Factory, including live production of art in the style and process performed by Andy Warhol. Look for doubles of "Warhol" and his "Super Stars." Who knows…maybe you'll score your own chance at a screen test!

Speaking of screen tests, there will be a screening of 13 Most Beautiful...Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests (Plexifilm DVD). See it at the Factory Party before it's released on March 24th!

Several rooms will be filled with artwork from the talented Amoeba employees from all three locations, david lynchplus the work of special celebrity guests! (I don't want to spoil the surprise of who all the celebrity guest artists are, but I'll give you a hint on one…his first name starts with David and his last name ends with Lynch.)

The creativity and diversity of the accomplished Amoebites knows no bounds; look out for film and sound installations and a dedicated graffiti and live mural room (thanks to Montana Cans), in addition to more traditional formats. Look out for paintings from Lori Katz of the Berkeley store and video shorts from San Francisco's Jimmy Robson! I'm a big fan.

But that's not all! Not one, but TWO Velvet Underground cover bands will perform! Nihilist Outlook & Grace represents Amoeba San Francisco and features members of The Sandwitches, The Beat Cops, Barbarasteele, and The Sexx Act. Representing Amoeba Berkeley is the Exploding Plastic Amoeba, with Marc Weinstein on drums!

Plus, Russell Quan of The Mummies and The Flakes is DJing a FARrussell quan of the mummies-OUT 60's dance set from 8:00 -10:00pm. His obscure 60's record collection is the stuff of legends. Come sweat to the oldies with this king of the record swap. Make sure to dress in your 1960's best!

Visitors are encouraged to bring a can of Campbell's soup for the Alameda County Food Bank.campbell's soup by andy warhol Every can equals a chance for you to win prizes such as museum passes, original art, local restaurant gift certificates, video accessories and games, Amoeba gift certificates, and more.

And get this…admission is FREE!

What's that? You're stuck in Sheboygan that week? Share in the experience even if you aren't in Emeryville for the party! A selection of original artwork from Amoeba artists Lori Katz, Billy Sprague, and others will be offered in a silent auction beginning March 6th. All proceeds will benefit local charities chosen by the artists. Artwork and benefiting charities will be announced at the Factory exhibition and featured on!

Also, check out WARHOL LIVE at the de Young Museum now through May 17th!!


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