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                                                         Kraftwerk "Die Roboter"

After a forty year musical partnership the two founding members of Kraftwerk, Ralf Hutter and Florian
who officially formed the influential Düsseldorf, Germany group in 1970, have gone their seperate ways. As reported yesterday by, Schneider has decided to leave the group to pursue other projects. Meanwhile Kraftwerk will continue to perform and record after his departure.

Schneider, who played flutes, synthesizers, electro-violin, and programmed computers, first met Ralf Hütter in the late 1960's when the two were both students at the Düsseldorf Conservatory. Initially the group played more in the Krautrock vein before altering their style to more techno/synth pop/rock for which they became famous. Besides merely playing their instruments, they also created many of them. Kraftwerk is perhaps the most widely influential band of the past several decades, with their influence being felt in every genre from new-wave to hip-hop to techno and other strains of electronic music and beyond.

Early LA electro-hop artists Arabian Prince and Egyptian Lover both cite Kraftwerk as their main influences in an indepth interview in the current edition of Wax Poetics (Sly Stone on the cover), mentioning how the robotic sound of the vocoder fit the vibe of the music perfectly. Furthermore it could be said that the current trend in RnB/pop-rap of using AutoTune (a direct descendant of the vocoder that Kraftwerk popularised) can also be credited to the German group's far reaching influence.

"Florian is a great musician, always seeking the perfect sound through technology. Refined and perfected sounds and vocoders to impossible levels of perfection," wrote the KraftwerkTechnopop press release about the artist's departure from Kraftwerk. The group, whose membership besides Ralf Hütter also includes Fritz Hilpert, Henning Schmitz, and Stefan Pfaffe, will continue on course and on schedule which includes ten 2009 concert dates (two in Mexico City in March). Meanwhile Schneider will continue creating and working on new projects. For more information visit Kratwerk's official website.

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