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Welcome to the fifth installment in the Amoeblogay Music Lists series which was inspired in great part by the Out Magazine 100 Gayest Albums list. This final part includes contributions from Bootie USA's Adrian + Mysterious D and also from Amoeba employee/Pansy Division member Jon Ginoli, who wished to say, "Thanks to the Amoebans and others" for including Pansy Division in every Amoeblogay Music List submission to this series. (Note Pansy Division were clearly the number one most popular act, getting name-checked by everyone surveyed.)
jon ginoli of pansy division
Ginoli, who has had a busy and productive 2008 (including Pansy Division's tour with Penelope Houston and The Avengers), will be having an even busier 2009. In March Pansy Division will drop their next album That's So Gay on Alternative Tentacles, and around that same time, Ginoli's book Deflowered: My Life in Pansy Division will be published by San Francisco queer publisher Cleis Press.

Additionally the Michael Carmona documentary film about Ginoli's group, Pansy Division: Life in A Gay Rock Band, which has already previewed at various film festivals in cities including San Francisco, Austin, Chicago, London, and Dublin, will be widely released, "So next year will be a big year for us," said Ginoli. Below is a trailer for the Pansy Division documentary followed by Ginoli's Amoeblogay Music List. Ginoli suggests, "Seek 'em out! Dig 'em up!"

Jon Ginoli's Queer Rock Playlist -- Some of His Favorites:

Two Nice Girls
- "The Queer Song"

Glen Meadmore - "Never Trust A Hustler"

Tribe 8 - "Frat Pig"

Pete Shelley
- "Homosapien"

CWA (Cunts With Attitude)- "Only Straight Girls Wear Dresses"

The Dicks
- "Saturday Night At The Bookstore"

The Moves - "Fucking Charming"

Husker Du - "Perfect Example"

The Lookers - "New Years Eve"

Judas Priest
- "Breaking The Law"

Team Dresch
- "Uncle Phranc"

- "The Ballad of Mary Hooley"

Skinjobs - "Burn Your Rainbow"

Grant Hart - "2541"

Velvet Underground - "Some Kinda Love"

Bob Mould
- "Egooverride"

Dean & The Weenies
- "He's Chicken"

Le Tigre
- "My My Metrocard"

Sister George - "Handle Bar"

CWA (Cunts With Attitude)- "Chickenhawk"

The Gossip
- "Standing In The Way of Control"

- "Rollercoaster"

Fred Schneider - "Whip"

Lesley Gore
- "That's The Way Boys Are"


Bootie USA's Adrian + Mysterious D's Top Ten Gay Albums:
Below is the Amoeblog Gay Lists Top Ten Albums compiled by Bootie USA's Adrian + Mysterious D, the DJ/promoter duo behind the traveling SF mashup club Bootie USA. Over the weekend the hardworking duo throw the final Bootie SF party of 2008 and can look back at a busy year that involved keeping their residency at Bootie NYC going and recently throwing their Bootie parties in Beijing. As for the Top Ten Albums below, they added that, "It's actually hard to stop at 10!  And of course, Cher should be in there.... and Bikini Kill... and how about Bob Mould? And so many more!"  Check out the Bootie USA website for updates on their ongoing party series and for mashup audio samples.

1)  Bronski Beat - Age of Consent


2 )  Hedwig & The Angry Inch - Original off-Broadway Cast recording

3)  The Ark - State of the Ark

4)  Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters

5)  Le Tigre Le Tigre

6)  The Smiths - The Queen is Dead

7)  Pansy Division - Absurd Pop Song Romance

8)  Madonna - The Immaculate Collection

9)  The B-52s - The B-52s

10)  Soft Cell - Nonstop Erotic Cabaret

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