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the smiths
Whitmore, Amoeba Brady, Brent James,
and J. Mark Beaver all contributed to this second part in the ongoing Ameoblogay Music Lists week for the best queer/gay or gayest albums, songs, music videos or movies. Amoeblogay Music Lists Part I yesterday included's Larry Bob's Top 26. His and all of these lists were inspired by the recent Top 100 Gayest Albums of All Time compiled by Out Magazine, previously Amoeblogged about in these pages, and to whom we are indebted.

One thing worth mentioning in light of the outcome of Proposition 8 in the California elections last week and its blow to same-sex marriage in the state, is that despite this step backwards for human rights, a likely positive outcome is that it will not only strengthen & energize the civil rights movement but will most probably also inspire some powerful new art, including of course lots of great reactionary music.


The record I couldn't believe wasn't on the list, because I would have placed it at number one -- with a bullet! -- if for no other reason then the fact that it's so weirdly brilliant, not necessarily good, but weirdly brilliant: Jobriath's self-titled first album on Elektra. I thought about blogging about this record recently because I think it was just reissued on CD along with his second album, Creatures of the Street.

I know most people think of Jobriath as some second rate Bowie, but shit-- most of the glam scene was second rate Bowie, and some could argue that Bowie was a second rate Warhol Factory. The best tracks, if I recall correctly, on the Jobriath album are "Take Me I'm Yours," "Space Clown," "I'm A Man," and ˜Blow Away." Besides, you have to give the man credit for being the first openly gay glam rock star. 

Another album I couldn't believe wasn't on the list was Klaus Nomi's first album, also self-titled. Nomi's cover of Lesley Gore's ˜You Don't Own Me" is legendary! The dark side of both these choices is that both Jobriath and Nomi died of AIDS just three days apart in August of 1983.


Although I could go on for DAYS on this kind of thing, my favorite albums that I didn't see on that fabulous list were:

1. Marilyn Monroe film music comps

2. Depeche Mode Violator


I wrote a long rambling email to you about the GAY 100 that you're compiling, and frankly, that email is too long, so I'll just say this: I find the new (Out Magazine) list to be über-hip and a bit gayer-than-thou.

Nothing personal against the boys, but the only thing popping into my head right now that I've not seen on either list is The Communards; I'm sure Erasure was on there and my #1 pick Sylvester (pictured right) was totally there on list one.


On the Out Magazine Top 100 List: Why is Tori Amos in the mix at all? Isn't she more of a deal for teenage girls who are into horses? Nick Drake? Joni Mitchell? Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's...? What were they thinking? I also think that the Smiths are the un-gayest of all "gay" bands. They are the little drips that wring their hands about being gay and never ever ever give or get a blowjob. I would have included, in no particular order:

Village People "Cruisin'" (are you kidding me? How was this not on the list?!!!)
Snap! "The Power" (ditto!)

"Tainted Love" (even gay-er than Soft Cell's version)

Pansy Division
"Wish I'd Taken Picture" or "Deflowered" because I think flannel pj's are friggin' HOT!

Romanovsky & Phillips
(the gayest people ever) "I Thought You'd Be Taller"

Easy Going  soundtrack (Italian super-gay disco headed by Claudio Simonetti from the
group Goblin who made soundtracks for Dario Argento & Mario Bava horror flicks)


Paul Lekakis "Boom Boom Boom Let's Go Back To My Room"
Tuck & Patti "Love Warriors" (I mean, they're WAY gayer than Joni Mitchell)

Clay Aiken "Measure of a Man" (was going to be called "8"uc")

Depeche Mode "Catching Up With..." (or anything else by them)

Accept Balls to the Wall 

Also, I don't think the U.F.O. guys are gay, but the covers of
Force It
(above) and Lights Out  (below) fascinated and distracted me quite a bit.

Special thanks to J.Mark Beaver, Amoeba Brady, Brent James, and Whitmore for their contributions today and check back here tomorrow for Part III in this ongoing Amoeblogay Music Lists series.

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