Hold That Pose

Posted by Mr. Chadwick, October 11, 2008 12:45pm | Post a Comment
Mastering the guitar requires much more than technical prowess; knowing how to pose with your instrument can be just as important. Here we have a group of photos with fellas that have obviously spent some time mastering said pose.

MIssissippi Fred Mc Dowell In London volume two lp cover  Chuck Ragan Los Feliz LP coverClarence Carter Touch of Blues LP cover
Gary B.B. Coleman One Night Stand Lp coverGary B.B. Coleman Dancin' Away My Blues lp coverSnooks Eaglin Baby, You Can Get Your Gun! LP coverLonzo & Oscar Country Comedy Time Lp coverJoe Hughes Texas Guitar Master lp covergus van duser & Billy Novick These n That n Those lp coverJames Peterson Rough and Ready Lp coverGuy Mann Dude LP coveramazing russian flying v action shot

This Flying V row puts us at an infamous crossroads, "the Blues meets the Buttrock." Also, below we have a lonesome Mandolin moment...

Earl King & Roomful of Blues glazed lp coverJon Butcher pictures from the front lp coverAnson Funderburgh & the Rockets sins lp cover
lonnie brooks band turn on the night lp coverjoe "guitar" hughes if you want to see the blues lp coverGeoff Muldaur I Ain't Drunk LP coverNew Lovers and Old Friends Lp coverGraham Parker Live Alone In America Lp coverthe High, Lonesome Sound of  Bill Monroe LP cover

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