Birds and the French Resistance

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No doubt about it, birds are animal of choice for record label mascot. I've been gathering animal label images for well over a year now and this is my second round of birds.

My friend, do you hear the black flight of ravens over our plains?

Anna Marly, born on October 30th 1917, wrote the "Chant Des Partisans." The song was so inspirational to the French Resistance that there was a serious push for it to become the new French national anthem in the years following WWII. Born under a bad sign, Anna's birth coincided with the Bolshevik Revolution. The bloodletting cost her a father and her homeland, as her family had to take refuge in France. However, she grew into a scrappy young woman. A cabaret singer before 18, she chose the name Marly out of a telephone directory, feeling that Betoulinsky might not roll off of the French tongue fluidly. Speaking of birds, Anna also wrote "Une chanson a trois temps" for La Môme Piaf. The record  Her Songs and Her Guitar appears on the Chanteclair label. The only other listing I could find for Chanteclair was a mention of language program series conceived by Richard and Zelia Toledo Piza Fisk. Richard was from the Oswego, NY area and Anna lived in the same area in the 60's so I'd imagine Chanteclair was a small regional label, probably named after the early French recording cylinder.

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