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                                       Amoeba Music Hollywood Hip-Hop Top Five 10:11:08

1) Madlib The Beat Konducta WLIB AM: King of the Wigflip (Rapster/BBE)

2) The Streets everything is borrowed (Vice)

3) T.I. Paper Trail (Grand Hustle/Atlantic)

4) Murs Murs For President (Warner)

5) Bishop Lamont The Confessional (mixtape CD)

Thanks to Scott who works in hip-hop at the Hollywood Amoeba Music store for this week's chart, which has the great new album from LA beatmaster/producer Madlib The Beatkonducta on Rapster/BBE as its number one. WLIB AM: King of the Wigflip, also selling well at the other two Amoeba stores, is a hip-hop feast of cool beats with a ton of talented guests joining the gifted producer, including emcees Murs, Defari, Prince Po, Oh No, and Guilty Simpson (whose name is truly accurate this week with the latest OJ news). My personal favorite tracks are "Life" featuring Karriem RIggins (former Common/Kayne sideman), "I Want It Back" featuring Oh No with Madlib as The Professionals, "The Way That I Live" with ATL female vocalist Stacy Epps, and especially all of the Madlib solo/guest-less joints on this album including "The New Resident" and "Disco Dance." Madlib is such a talented producer that I even don't need to hear any emcees or singers on top of his beats.

Where The Streets Have No Hard Fast Beats (a la the U2 song title) could easily have been the title of the number two top selling album at Hollywood Amoeba this week. UK MC Mike Skinner (aka The Streets), known for his rise to fame a few years back in the UK garage/2Step (later grime) genres that so perfectly complimented his lyrical flow, has totally abandoned those hard and fast BPM styles for the (relatively) calm pop and pop-rock tracks on everything is borrowed

Fear not, Skinner's usual over-the-top distinctly English accented rapping about tales of British life is still present on this latest album from the 30 year old Birmingham artist. It's just the backdrop to his storytelling that has changed -- radically.

Other new releases charting this week include Bishop Lamont's The Confessional (with DJ Whoo Kid  + all songs produced by Dr. Dre) mixtape, T.I.'s Paper Trail, and Murs For President. "Man, that recent in-store with Murs was so packed that we had to close the doors," laughed Scott at Amoeba Hollywood. I asked him, in terms of older classic hip-hop releases, what titles or artists were selling well lately on CD and or vinyl? A Tribe Called Quest, Black Star, and Nas (in particular his 1994 debut album Illimatic) are among those older hip-hop releases still selling well, he reported from the Sunset Blvd. store.

Among the slew of new hip-hop releases dropping lately, the ones I am totally feeling include The Mighty Underdogs' Droppin' Science Fiction (Definitive Jux), Mike Relm's Spectacle (Radio Fried Records), Jake One presents White Van Music (Rhymesayers), and People Under The Stairs' (PUTS) Fun DMC (Gold Dust) which brings it back to the basics of hip-hop. The album iis so damn good that I really wish I could make it to their Amoeba Music Hollywood in-store performance on October 23 @ 7PM when PUTS' two talented Los Angeles emcees/producers Thes One and Double K are guaranteed to put on a killer show. (They always do, every time I've seen them.) Meantime, pick up the highly recommended Fun DMC at any of the three Amoebas or read more about the group and their free Amoeba show by clicking here.

And finally, the best new album cover art parody award goes to Tech N9ne, whose cover art for his just released new album Killer is a funny spoof on Michael Jackson's Thriller. This new double album from the hardcore rapper offers 32 tracks produced by newcomers Wyshmaster and Youngfyre. While Tech N9ne's cover art duplication parody is spot-on, odds are that the Kansas CIty rapper's sales will come nowhere close to the approximately 100 million + worldwide sales of Jackson's 1982 hit album.


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