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RBD, the band that came out of the hit Telanovela Rebelde, decided to call it quits over the weekend. Latina tweeners and their mothers alike are left in a state of shock.

Rebelde (Rebels) was a novela about wealthy students in a private school wearing revealing school uniforms trying to start a band. The novela was so successful that the actors formed their own group. Their first release, Rebelde, was an instant success. They played sold out arenas not only in Latin America, but also around the world, including a performance at the 2008 Pre-Super Bowl show & a sold out show at The L.A. Coliseum. They followed the success with four albums in four years that never quite managed to pull the success of the first release. Among the releases was an ill-advised self-titled English language release, Rebels, which just bombed.

The six members of the three-girl/three guy pop group, Alfonso Herrera, Christian Chávez, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Christopher Uckermann, and Anahí Portill, all plan to pursue solo careers. My prediction is that Anahí Portill and Dulce Maria will be the most successful ex-members of RBD, much like Paulina Rubio & Thalia were the most successful ex-members of Timbiriche. Trivia question…can you name at least five former members of Timbiriche?? (Ahhh…not including the ones I just mentioned!) Answers below.

Here is the token break-up statement from their website:

"México DF, August 14th, 2008

To all our fans and media in the world:

Together we achieved a dream we never thought could be possible; we sang, cried and laughed with our songs all over the world and in front of millions of people.

We touched and left unforgettable marks in millions of people…Our fans!

You, our fans, also left an unforgettable mark in our lives, and we'll never forget you, and keep you always close to our hearts.

Every big Project needs to make changes in order to move on, and today we are initiating that process.

Our next concerts on the 21, 23 and 25, in Spain will be the beginning of the end.

For now our next confirmed shows are Serbia, Slovenia, Romania, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, a very special concert in L.A. and of course our beloved Mexico.

We look forward for the upcoming shows, and feel that special magic he felt during this last four years."

Answers to trivia question above: Sasha Sokol, Benny Ibarra, Diego Schoening, Mariana Garza, Alix Bauer, Erick Rubín, Eduardo Capetillo, Bibi Gaytán and Edith Márquez.

(Thanks to Amoeba employee Miguel for the Timbiriche history lesson.)

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