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1)  eLZhi Preface (Fat Beats)

2) Lil Wayne Tha Carter III (Cash Money/Universal)

3) NaS Untitled (Def Jam)

4) Immortal Technique The 3rd World (Viper)

5) Zo! & Tigallo Love the 80's (Hall of Justus Records)

This week's number one seller at the Amoeba Music Hollywood store is the brand new release from longtime bubbling-under Detroit emcee eLZhi (pronounced Els-Eye), who made his introduction to most in the hip-hop world a few years back when he joined Slum Village. Consequently, he has been keepin' active, between touring and appearing here and there on others' releases doing guest shots, including on many records from his Motor City hometown. Many of the Amoeba Hollywood shoppers who made Preface number one this week had no doubt obtained copies earlier this year of elZhi's Europass, his limited edition independently pressed-up CD/ download-able collection, which has won the talented emcee worthy praise from many quarters and also included "Motown 25." But it is the brand new Fat Beats issued Preface that will put eLZhi permanently and deservedly in the hip-hop history annals.
Stylistically, eLZhi is a gifted storytelling emcee whose delivery harks back to the more golden age of hip-hop (even the records scratched in are from that classic era in the genre, such as KRS-One) with tales of the hard knock life he has led coming up in Detroit. For samples off the new album and other recordings check out eLZhi MySpace, where you'll hear such great album tracks as "Motown 25," featuring Royce Da 5' 9" and "The Leak" featuring Ayah. Other guests on this recommended new album include A.B., Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Fatt Father, Danny Brown, Fat Ray, Phat Kat, and Fes Roc.

Below is the artist live on stage performing the two new album cuts "Motown 25" and "That's That One" plus a bit of a short interview with the artist.

Much respect to longtime Bay Area hip-hopper Paris, aka "The Black Panther of Hip-Hop," who, after all these years in the game, has never ever strayed from his tell-it-like-it-is, harsh but real revolutionary edge. Proof of this abounds on the ever-controversial artist's forthcoming seventh solo album Acid Reflex, due out on September 9th on his own label Guerrilla Funk Recordings, on which he pulls no punches and tackles topics such as war, American politics, the economy, black on black violence, and race in America. The two songs on the first single off the album, "Don't Stop The Movement" & "Get Fired Up," pack more thought-provoking truths than a dozen of your typical rap releases these days combined. 
On "Get Fired Up" he unleashes his ire on many targets, including the usual suspects such as the right wing media (like radio talk show host Michael Savage) but also calls out some unlikely targets that the average hip-hopper would never dare publicly diss such as Russell Simmons and his label. "Def Jam...pushing poison to kids," raps Paris on the track off the album that also features George Clinton, Chuck D, and T-K.A.S.H. For more information on this album, which note is being released right before the elections, hit up the artist's website, and also check back here in the coming weeks for an interview with Paris. Meantime, when you are in Amoeba next, go digging in the hip-hop section for Paris' previous six solo albums or his recent collaborative release with Public Enemy, Rebirth of a Nation. The video clip that follows immediately below is the new single, "Don't Stop The Music," set to a slide show that takes a look back at Paris' illustrious hip-hop activist history.

This just in: Afrika Bambaataa will be DJ'ing a free set at the Berkeley Amoeba Music store today (Friday 8/15) from 5PM to 7PM so if you can head over the Telegraph Ave. store for this rare opportunity to see the master for free. 

Also today, but not free, at the Elbo Room in San Francisco is That's The Blap - a record release party -with a show featuring Z-Man, Pslam One, Boac, DJ B.Cause (4OneFunk), and DNA Beats, and hosted by GIft of Gab

Remixing the Art of Social Change
, the teach-in geared to aid hip-hop non-profits tap into the resources available (from funding to volunteers), may not be taking place for another two months, but now is the time to start planning for the two-day event, especially if you are a California based, non-profit hip-hop organization.

The two-day event, October 4th/5th at the Cesar Chavez Student Center at San Francisco State University, is funded in part by Zero Divide and Youth Speak and promises "hands on workshops designed not just to look at hip-hop as an aesthetic, but at the organizations that develop, track, measure and deliver curriculum, information, develop campaigns, organize rallies etc." Organizations who will be a part of the event include Sisters of the Underground, Hard Knock Radio, Horizons Unlimited, La Pena Cultural Arts Center, Mural Arts Project, Scratch Academy, and Women's Audio Mission. To register click here.

Finally a big shout out to the memory of the late great Bay Area graffiti artist Mike "DREAM" Francisco who, had his life been spared, would be celebrating his 39th birthday today. Check out the Amoeblog tribute to DREAM posted last August 15th.

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