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I still can't believe that summer has already started. I am sure that it will be over even quicker. Soon it will be Christmas time again. The year is a little more than half over and I have been back in Los Angeles for about 6 months now. The boyfriend just moved down last week and it has been a busy couple of weeks for me, but it has been a bit slow for the new releases the last couple of months. Some big things are right around the corner for the next couple of weeks, but not so much for this week or the last. Last week was the week of the debut album for the Black Kids and the release of the second album by CSS. There was another Nine Inch Nails album and a new Dr. Dog.

This week is basically a new Neil Halstead album and a new one by Rick Springfield. Not a very big week. I am a huge fan of both Slowdive and Mojave 3, so I am a bit excited about the new Neil Halstead, but I have not yet heard it. Next week we get new albums from both The Faint and Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes. They both were on the label Saddle Creek Records up until these new albums. Bright Eyes put out a ton of albums on Saddle Creek and helped to make a name for the label, but he has made the jump to Merge Records for his new solo album. The Faint decided to go with their own new label for this new album. Conor is one of those guys you either love or hate. Most people I know have some passionate opinion about him. I know I have talked about this before. I was on the hating side for a bit, but crossed over to the fan side about 4 years ago. Conor Oberst will also be playing a free show at Amoeba in both San Francisco and Hollywood. The Hollywood instore is this coming Monday, August 4th. We will also be selling the album the day before it comes out since the actual street date is the day after the instore. He is playing at the San Francisco store 3 days before the album comes out, on Saturday August 2nd. There will be tons of people at both these instores, but I think it is worth dealing with the crowds just to see him perform live. It might convert you to a fan as well.

There is nothing I love more than some fantastic reissues. I love collecting albums and CDs and still love the original artwork and packaging. it is always nice to relive the albums when they get reissued and remastered. Most of my favorite bands have already had great reissues the last couple of years. Joy Division, Depeche Mode, The Cdead-can-dance-box-seture, and Siouxsie & the Banshees all got reissued. The New Order reissues will be out in a couple of months. Nothing yet for The Smiths and Morrissey catalog, but I am sure it will happen some day. Another one of my favorite bands is Dead Can Dance. I didn't really start listening to them until I was in college, but I quickly became a huge fan and bought all their albums on CD. I have played these albums hundreds of times and I love them very much. The albums had been originally released on 4AD in the UK and were then put out by Warner Brothers in the U.S. They went out of print last year and are now being reissued domestically by 4AD. These new versions are SACD hybrids in the Japanese style mini LP sleeve reproductions.The albums also come in a fantastic box set. I would have much rather had 2CD reissues like the Depeche Mode and The Cure reissues, but these work just fine for me. I already have the now out of print box set that came out a couple of years ago, and that had some b-sides and rarities on it. It also included the DVD of Toward the Within. Still, I am sure there is some material out there that has not yet been put out on CD.

The reissues look great and I highly recommend you pick them up if you don't already own the albums. Or if you are a crazy fan or collector like me, then buy them even if you already own them already. They are all limited so there will not be any more of these made. Once the SACD hybrids are all gone they will come out in a cheaper jewel case format. I love this band. Their music has always been so out there and unique that it doesn't really age. The records are still fantastic after all these years. Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry have always incorporated really old styles from all over the world, so it is hard for an album that sounded like it could have been made hundreds of years ago to sound much older after only 20 more years. I still don't think I have ever met somebody with a Super Audio CD player (I did know one person who had a mini disc player though), so I am a bit surprised whenever Super Audio Hybrids still get released. I never really pay attention to the super audio part since they work on a regular CD player as well... But I guess there must be someone out there really excited that these things still come out. Minidisc player owners are not so lucky.

Also out this week and last...

Partie Traumatic by The Black Kids

Donkey by CSS

Fate by Dr. Dog

Life Processes by Forward, Russia!

Oh! Mighty Engine by Neil Halstead

Slip by Nine Inch Nails

22 Dreams by Paul Weller

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