The Employee Interview Part XVIII: Don

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8ish years employment ("It's all a blur...")
Floor Manager Extraordinaire

Miss Ess: What have you been listening to lately?

Don: I've been listening to Adele, Sex & the City Soundtrack, Duffy and the new Kathy Griffin LP [For Your Consideration].

ME: What dance track changed your life?

Don: Donna Summer's Once Upon a Time was the dance album that changed my life. Not only because I realized I liked dance music but it was also the time I realized I like boys.

What album or song is your favorite to dance around to?

Wow what is my favorite dance lp? Hhhmm-- there are so many, but the stand out is probably "Dance This Mess Around" by the B52's. It's so much fun.

billy ray martin
What lesser-known or forgotten artists should people seek out in the dance section?

Billy Ray Martin or Sophie Ellis-Bextor are two that spring to mind. Billy Ray is from Electribe 101 which was an amazing band also. Sophie is a current British pop dance diva.

What is your favorite Madonna video?

My favorite Madonna video is "Borderline" -- she was so real and feisty in that video. It was like she was hungry to succeed. I also love "Frozen."

You know you love them: what is your favorite TLC song?

Umm, I like "Waterfalls" the best, but "Creep" is a close second.
the boss bruce springsteen
What is the best live show you have ever been to?

The best live show was Bruce Springsteen for The River tour. The energy was incredible and it was before he became mainstream with Born in the USA. Also Gus Gus at the Fillmore -- just a wall of keyboards and electronica and they blew the system at the Fillmore so it was like 30 min before the sound came back on.

What is your favorite Sex and the City episode and which character to you identify with the most?

I love the one where Carrie goes out to the Hamptons and her friend's husband flashes Carrie and Samantha keeps the peppermill joke going. There are so many great ones, but that one stands out. As a guy, if I had to choose a character --I guess Miranda is the most like me.

What Dolly Parton movie do you like best?

Not doubt it would be 9 To 5. The scene where they realized they have the wrong body in the trunk is classic: "Judy, can you come here for a minute?"  Love it!

Name a band you love that I would be surprised to hear that you are into, aside from the Boss – who knew!?x exene cervenka john doe

I guess X would surprise some people. I thought Exene was cool and the lyrics of their songs spoke to me, especially "Under the Big Black Sun" and "Wild Gift." Then I got to meet them here at Amoeba [at the Knitters instore] and I couldn't speak!

That’s your LA roots showing! If you could trade places with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Boy George-- that would be fun: the club kids, drugs, Taboo. I think it would be very interesting life story. I was one of the few people that saw Taboo in New York.
rosie o'donnell boy george taboo
Was Rosie there [she produced the play]?

No it was in previews there still.

So, what is it about Kylie Minogue that you love so much anyway??

I just dig Kylie-- she is not the greatest singer, but she is a fashionista.

I know you are a big fan -- what impact did That Girl have on your life when you first saw it?

It really didn't change my life-- but it made me realize that women could do anything men can do.

What is your favorite music-related movie?

Wow, there are a few. First there was Tommy. I saw that when I was in junior high. I thought it was way out there. Also Evita. I thought Madonna was great in that. Across the Universe--loved it! As you know, I'm not crazy about the Beatles but I loved that movie.

What song or album reminds you of when you were a kid?
the way we were barbra streisand robert redford
The song that reminds me of my childhood is Merle Haggard, "If We Make It Through December." It was the last song I can remember my parents listening to before they divorced.

What movie makes you cry every time you watch it?

I cry every time at The Joy Luck Club, Imitation of Life and the final scene in The Way We Were-- it's heartbreaking.

Yeah, that Joy Luck Club is a real tearjerker! I know you were a DJ back in the day.  What track would you play to get everyone out on the floor?

It was any Depeche Mode song, or Morrissey. Also, it was back in the beginning of the techno era, so any hit of the momeyvonne fair the bitch is blacknt would pack the floor.

What's been your favorite instore?

My favorite in store was The Supersuckers. It was years ago.  And the Knitters, of course!

What's an album that you love that you think more people should listen to?

Yvonne Fair, The Bitch Is Black-- it's an amazing soul gem. More people should get hip to this.

What is your favorite thing about working at Amoeba?

The reason I like to work at Amoeba is because I love the big, dysfunctional family.

Thank you for your time.

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