Since When Do I Enjoy Kathy Griffin?

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Kathy Griffin?
! Somehow I never thought I would say I enjoy Kathy Griffin. I know, I know-- considering the fact that I: a) have been referred to as a fag hag on many an occasion and also that I: b) actually live in the Castro, this should kathy griffin performingcome as a shock to some.

Forgive me, for I have caught on: with latest season of her reality show My Life On the D-List airing regularly, color me hooked.

I applaud Kathy for being so unabashedly herself. She knows what she is good at (making fun of others, but also herself) and she knows her fans (mainly gay men but also middle aged straight women), and she has no qualms about catering to them. In the near-past I had always thought of her as sort of irritating and uncreative. Now I see that she is both of those things at times, but plenty of others the rest. She knows she is merely a comedic commentator and she knows she is an attention whore, so why not live it up? She is a woman of many faces-- whatever it takes to continually secure her place on the D-List, and I support her in her quest.

Now I am scrambling to pick up Season One on DVD! I should never have underestimated my enjoyment of poking fun at celebrities. What have I been thinking all this time? Kathy has been there with her gays and her snarky humor all along, and here I was shunning her for nkathy griffin mom my life on the d-listo real reason other than her copious plastic surgery and her copious need to talk about it! For shame! Once again, I have learned not to judge a book by its cover...I'll let Kathy do that for me in her stage routine, so I can laugh along! 

I even enjoy her assistants and her mother. I'm touched every time she has a semi-bawdy yet also informative discussion with her mom about what a Bear is, or about Australian Mardi Gras, and it also reminds me of conversations I've had with my grandma about the same stuff. (But my grandma is NOT obsessed with Bill O'Reilly, thank god!) Kathy, all these years you've been there, loving Oprah and The View in precisely the same way I do and I have turned the other cheek!

I've seen the light now and I am a total convert. Kathy, I may have missed your onstage performance this year at the International Bear Round Up down the street from my apartment, but it won't happen again.

This is a clip from a recent episode of the show, where Kathy headlines a 14 hour Pink Flight to Australia from San Francisco on Air New Zealand. I have a feeling if I had been on this flight I would have been able to forget about my fear of flying...

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