Hues of Corporations

Posted by Mr. Chadwick, June 29, 2008 12:59am | Post a Comment
Corporate sponsorship and rock and roll go hand in hand, at least in some circles. I think the Poison Girls had it right...Anyhow here's a batch of Killer Korporate Klassicks for all you "Swingin' Corporate Raiders." (The absolutely lamest pop culture reference I've ever dropped-- anyone who can tell me what TV show it's from gets a big kiss from Rain Phoenix.)

I have it, from an expert on the pills of yesteryear, that Placidyl was even better than Quaaludes. Kind of like a less gelatinous feeling than SOMAs, but just as strong of an effect. Not that I know anything about those, I mean it's not like I grew up 8 Miles from TJ or anything...

Superman eats a lot of Carl's Jr???

Hmmm, powerful Rock fashions courtesy of Alabama...

As I love to do, I've saved the best for last.  From the inner sleeve of what I believe to be their Greatest Hits LP...

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