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Maybe you have been wondering why everyone is talking about Square Pegs lately. It is not just because Sarah Jessica Parker and the rest of the ladies are returning to Sex & the City next weekend. It is because the day has finally come for the release of Square Pegs on DVD! Please try to calm down. I have had a couple of months to deal with this already so I am somewhat more calm then I was when I first found out about it.  I do understand if you freaking out right now. Not since the first season of 21 Jumpstreet came out on DVD have I been so excited.  It is nice that this DVD release will coincide with the Sex & the City movie hitting the theaters next weekend. You have a whole week now to catch up and watch the entire season of the 80s show. This DVD release is not just the first season, but the whole series. For some strange reason Square Pegs only lasted one season. I am hoping that some of the bonus features on the DVD will help explain why this show only lasted one season. There are rumors that drug use somehow played a part in this show's short run. But it is true that some of the best shows only last one or 2 years. Same thing happened with Twin Peaks, My So Called Life, and Freaks and Geeks. Those just happen to be 3 of my favorite shows. Maybe those shows would not have been as good if they had lasted longer, or they at least may not have held such a special place in our heart if they hadn't been as short as they were. At least Square Pegs can finally join these other shows on DVD. I don't think shows like Freaks and Geeks and My So Called Life would have ever existed if not for a show like Square Pegs. It was for sure the first of its kind. It was the show for those of us that would later be obsessed with the John Hughes movies like Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club. The show may have even influenced John Hughes. It came a couple years before all those movies started to come out. It was a show for new wave nerds and people that didn't always fit in with everybody else in High School.

I have seriously been hoping for this show to come out on DVD for years. Ever since ALF, Gimme a Break, Charles in Charge, and Perfect Strangers came out on DVD, I knew there was hope for Square Pegs. Fans have remained loyal to this show and it has some of the most hardcore fans. The show aired on CBS in the 1982/1983 season. It was on right before Private Benjamin and Mash. This was the season of some of my favorites: Greatest American Hero, The Love Boat, CHiPs, Ripley's Believe it or Not!, Alice, Newhart, The Facts of Life, Family Ties, Too Close for Comfort, Fame, Night Rider, Benson, Diff'rent Strokes, Silver Spoons, Cheers, Taxi, Gimme A Break, Joanie Loves Chachie and T.J. Hooker. It was also the year of Voyagers, Bring 'Em Back Alive, and Tales of the Gold Monkey. I know I loved all 3 of those shows but they are all combined in my memories as just one crazy show. The television version of 9 to 5 also aired this year, but I have absolutely no memory of it. It would not be until years later that I became obsessed with that show. There were also some excellent more adult-oriented shows that year at the 10pm slot: Dallas, Dynasty, Knots Landing, Remington Steele, Fantasy Island, Hill Street Blues, Quincy, St. Elsewhere, Hart to Hart, Cagney & Lacey, Magnum P.I. and Simon and Simon. I don't know how people survived without DVR's back then. Seriously, I think this may have been the best year for television-- or just maybe the year that I became obsessed with television. I could really describe the episodes and start of all those shows, but I seriously could only tell you about maybe 10 shows that are currently on TV.

Square Pegs featured an amazing theme song by the Waitresses. The show starred Sarah Jessica Parker and Amy Linker as the main unpopular characters. Tracy Nelson and Jami Gertz played two of the popular girls. Sarah Jessica Parker was always "Patty Greene" in my mind until she finally played a character just as memorable years later in Sex & the City. The DVD contains 8 little featurettes about the characters on the show, featuring interviews with most of the cast members and the show creator, Anne Beatts. It even features Sarah Jessica Parker. It is an exciting day for all of us Square Pegs fans out there. I can't wait to relive all these episodes. The writing was totally hip and sharp. It may not be as relevant today and the language may even seem like a whole different language but the show is still hilarious. They just don't make them like this anymore.

It is really hard to compete with my love for Square Pegs today but there is also an amazing little album coming out this week that you probably have not yet heard about. Los Angeles local Jeremy Jay puts out his first real album this week. K Records is releasing the excellent A Place Where We Could Go. He had an EP come out late last year and has put out a couple singles and albums on his own already, but this is hopefully the album that will make you take notice of this excellent song writer. I was really needing a new Sufjan Stevens or Jens Lekman in my life and along came Jeremy Jay. He writes excellent little pop songs, the kind that will have you singing along and begging for more immediately. The songs have that little feeling of tragedy that makes you a little sad. Maybe sort of like Belle & Sebastian. The songs themselves are excellent perfect pop songs, but it is pop of the sadder variety-- the type I go crazy for. The album is not overly complicated, but it does come close to perfect. I keep finding new albums to put at the top of my list. This album easily currently sits at the top of my list. I love it. It is one of those special albums that quickly became the soundtrack of my life back in Los Angeles. I already look forward to revisiting this album years from now and getting a smile on my face just thinking about it. I am not even close to being done with this album, but there will be a point where I move on to something else. But it will remain in my memories forever. It is that good. Like Square Pegs good! 

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