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Earlier this week upon hearing the news involving the highly emotional but equally ridiculous actions of hip-hopper Papoose, the fiancĂ© of jailed rapper Remy Ma, the voice of Dr. Phil popped into my head and I could just hear the TV psychologist uttering his trademark words to the "Mix Tape King" Papoose: "What were you thinking?" 

Really though! On Monday when he was scheduled to wed his lady behind bars, Papoose (born Shamele Mackie) attempted to sneak a skeleton handcuff key into Rikers Island where he was headed to the New York City jail's altar.

Once guards found the key on him he got ejected from Rikers and banned from the facility for six months.  What a dummy!  Everyone (especially gangsta rap aficionados) should know that whenever you go visit someone in jail or prison that they search you thoroughly from head to toe, and often beyond. What were you thinking, Papoose? 

And if that ain't enough, then the following day when Remy Ma (born Reminisce Smith), who was arrested for last summer outside a downtown NYC club allegedly shooting her former friend Makeda Barnes-Joseph (who she said robbed $3000 cash out of her purse), got sentenced in the New York Supreme Court to eight years in prison, Papoose was in the (court) house and was not happy. "Fuck you. Put me in jail muthafuckers!" and "Lock me up! Fuckin lock me up" were among the impassioned wishes the visibly emotional Papoose shouted towards court officers upon Remy's sentencing.

Again (in Dr. Phil McGraw voice, only really angry this time): "Papoose, what the fuck were you thinking?"  Miraculously for his sake nothing came of it and Papoose's offers to "lock [him] up" were ignored. (Note that Remy Ma maintains that the shooting was an accident and plans to appeal the court's Tuesday ruling.)

Chuck D and Public Enemy, who yesterday flew out of JFK to start their upcoming exhausting European tour (20 year anniversary of It Takes A Nation....), have just announced that they are launching a new company Bring The Noise Eastlink Media Management Music Group (aka BTNEastlink) in collaboration with producer Gary G-Wiz (The Bomb Squad, PE, Janet Jackson, Aerosmith) and entertainment lawyer/digital media consultant Dan Lugo.  This new venture will provide services to the entertainment and digital media communities and the first client will be Public Enemy, with several more to be announced in the coming weeks.  More info here

One of my personal favorite new releases is the mostly instrumental/abstract hip-hop album by Radius called Neighborhood Suicide on The Secret Life of Sound.  Radius is Chicago producer Ramon Norwood, the self-described "univerSoul boom bap 4th dimension sounds" who creates music mostly from his MPC digital sampler and who has been putting it down for the past seven years outta the Windy City, producing tracks there for local rappers. He was featured on the Mass Hysteria's Chi City Beats Vol. 2 and The Secret Life of Sound's Ill Noise Redux mix tapes. Neighborhood Suicide, his first official release, is accurately described by The Secret Life of Sound as "a musical journey through the neighborhoods and byways of his home city in beats that could almost be a virtual walking/riding tour of the city." It is one of those great mood albums that you can become the soundtrack to your daily grind.

Other new releases include J-Live's fourth and latest album Then What Happened? on BBE which reportedly was recorded -- not in his studio which he got fed up and abandoned -- at home in his children’s bedroom in Harlem with the help of such producers as Jazzy Jeff, Oddisee, and Jurassic 5’s Numark. (Damn, musta got pretty crowded n' cramped in that kiddies bedroom.) Lyrically, the MC and producer, who has been in the game for a dozen plus years, examines the state of hip-hop today and his place in it all. Guests on the new 13 track CD include Posdanous and Chali 2na

Meanwhile, another Harlem resident, the great Immortal Technique (one of the few remaining                   high-profile emcees who is brazenly outspoken and true to his political beliefs) also has a new release dropping.  More on this great artist and his newest release in a future Amoeblog. Same for both Raashan Ahmad's new OM CD The Push (the day of its release Tuesday - May 20th - he will do an instore performance at the SF Amoeba Music) and Steinski's retrospective two-CD set What Does It All Mean? - both of whom will be interviewed here in future Amoeblogs.  Also scheduled for an upcoming Amoeblog interview is Oakland ensemble Subtle (who have a new album dropping).  While not strictly hip-hop (more alt rock), Subtle creates kick-ass music and features some current and former Amoebites.

As usual, there are lots of mix CDs dropping including, from Dublin, Ireland, the all original CLASS A'Z's The Drink Money Mixtape featuring the combined talents of Nu-Centz, Rawsoul, Redzer, and Terawrizt. Highly recommended is the new mix album from DJ Va'jra -- the four time DMC champ, pictured left --  whose latest 41 track megamix Showin' Off/The B-Boy's Best Friend features the likes of MC Shan, Audio Two, Nas, Nice & Smooth, De La Soul, Channel Live, Breakestra, The Meters, James Brown, and Jimi Hendrix -- all complimented by Va'jra's turntable finesse plus guest vocals provided by Ohmega Watts & Othello of Lightheaded. For more info

And finally, this week when local NYC NBC affiliate veteran news anchor Sue Simmons uttered the "F" word on air by mistake (no big deal to most folks, including her employers, who have no intention of firing or punishing her in anyway for an honest mistake) reminded peeps of the many incidents in which on-air TV personalities uttered cuss words including a classic one by the most hated man in TV "news" Bill O'Reilly who -- some may remember -- long before his FOX News days was an anchor on Inside Edition. Anyway, an outtake with him cussing up a storm resurfaced online this past week (note that it has been repeatedly taken off YouTube in the past) but YouTuber levmyshkin did a wonderful remix mash-up of the classic "F" word clip as seen in the video clip below. The industrious YouTuber also already has T-shirts that read "Fuck it. Do it live" for sale. Thanks for checking out this Amoeblog. peace: BillyJam

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