Scarce Stickers

Posted by Mr. Chadwick, April 30, 2008 11:20pm | Post a Comment
As stickers go, these are a cut above the rest.  I've cataloged odd trends and themes in past blogs, but these stickers actually add quite a bit of value when they're found adhered to the original shrink wrap...

The yellow sticker above is an original promotional tool from the 60's, the green tape was added later to preserve the shrink! Below is a sticker used on pressings from the late 70's, early 80's.

The sticker below is an excellent accompaniment to the jacket design and adds a little prestige to the piece.

Considering the intentional lack of information on the Simon & Garfunkel jacket design, I'd be curious to find out whether or not the clear informational sticker was part of the design, a compromise between designer and the suits or just an afterthought.  This copy has the bonus "hit" sticker as well.

Two very scarce stickers-- the Elevators sticker is VERY valuable.


Of the above soul trio, the Carla Thomas is probably the most desired.

Below, a couple from A Nice Pair.  'Dentistry' covers a Dentists name. 'A Nice Pair' covers...

Another Pink Floyd rarity, this is valuable both for the sticker and the opaque shrink that the sticker clings to.

Alright then, we'll be ending with another multifaceted rarity.  This is a promo only square picture disc in a cool mid-fold sleeve, fastened shut with a sword shaped sticker.  The 70's were quite amazing when it came to promo music items!!!

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