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Ha, YoungWoong (aka Hero, aka Baby Beatles), the talented lil kid above doing his version of "Hey Jude" that was recorded about two years ago, is already a star back in his native Korea where he has wowed audiences on many national TV variety and talent shows. And even though he is still only four (he celebrates the big five come September), he is very ambitious, or at least his parents are. They have set up a special YouTube channel called Hero Is Born dedicated to their prodigy and on which they are trying desperately to get Paul McCartney to meet and hopefully collaborate with Baby Beatles. They write: "Baby Beatles is dying to meet and play with his idol! Do you have any clues on how he may possibly perform with Sir Paul? Please send your email/message to"  On that YouTube channel you can also catch Hero interpreting others from the forty odd Beatles songs he knows by heart - many have been recorded more recently and he appears more grown up and is out of diapers.

On Monday (March 24th) the U.S. Justice Department gave the okay to the XM-Sirius satellite radio merger - coming more one year since the two companies first announced their agreement. Read the full story here on

Last week an ATM outside an English supermaket malfunctioned and mistakenly started spitting out twice the money requested. For example if you wanted to withdraw a hundred English pounds it would instead dispense 200 but it would show as only a 100 deducted from your account. As you can imagine word spread quickly and after a few busy hours of use the ATM ran dry.  Since no crime was broken the police in the town of Hull could not arrest anyone but said that those who benefited could face charges, but only if the company administering the machine complained.  Ah, let them keep the money. I say it's theirs to keep if the machine made the mistake.

Can I call you Stephen? Can we be friends after the show? are just two of the questions posed by British TV host Jonathon Ross to Morrissey (who was not amused) in this engagingly real interview (above) with the Moz from four years ago in which he talks about such things as not liking people, living in Los Angeles, what he misses about England, American television, meat being murder, and "not performing." This is part one of this must-see interview.  To see the other half click here. In this interview from May 2004, the always honest Morrissey comments how anyone other than Bush would be a better US president. A month later in Dublin onstage he caused a bit of controversy when he announced the death of Ronald Reagan, and said it was too bad it wasn't Bush.

Speaking of....when the picture at left (courtesy of AFP/Getty Images) jumped off the page at me out of Tuesday's paper I had to do a double-take. I mean, WTF? If ever a photo begged for a caption to accompany it, this one of the President of the United States and his special Easter friend is the one.  So you are invited to add your caption to this photo of George W. Bush which was taken as he, according to wire services, "welcomed thousands of kids to the annual White House Easter Egg Roll," at which also in the (White) house were "his wife Laura, his mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, and daughter Jenna." If you have a funny or sad or whatever caption that might go with this picture please add it in the COMMENTS below. Thanks!

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