(In which pop eats itself.)

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This is a video to a single from an album by Rough Trade called “For Those Who Think Young.” I’m pretty keen on the lead singer, Carole Pope; I dig her husky vocals and her facial expression when she sings. Her face often twists, ugly, and looks close to screaming in horror, then suddenly breaks into a plaintive sadness – a combination which reminds me of Joan Crawford before she was doped out on [insert any liquor here].

Interesting to note is that Carole Pope was lovers with another singer, Dusty Springfield.

That’s Dusty Springfield singing. I hope you already knew that, because it would mean you’re acquainted with her. If not, my sympathy lasts only long enough for you to rush out to the nearest Amoeba Music and find her out. Accompanying her on piano is Burt Bacharach. He’s the dude who wrote the music for the song.

Burt Bacharach, along with lyricist Hal David, also wrote “Walk On By” for Dionne Warwick. It was one of many collaborations between the songwriters and singer. She was their muse. Between them they released a dizzying amount of Billboard Hot 100 hits.

A lot of people from my generation (unfortunately) associate Warwick with two moments in her career: the schmaltzy #1 hit “That’s What Friends Are For” (which – laugh at it though you may – did raise a few million dollars for AmFAR) and her stint as co-host of infomercials for the Psychic Friends Network, along with celebrity psychic, Linda Georgian.

In the mid-1980’s, my sister Jacquie was Linda Georgian’s personal assistant and housemate. My Mom and I visited her at Linda’s house in Fort Lauderdale. When Linda wasn’t reading tarot cards for Liza Minnelli or casting out evil spirits from the summer home of David Hasselhoff, she liked to make her own jewelry, and she taught me how to string necklaces. She also read my aura and saw a lot of “lavender.”

Back home, I drew an order catalogue – complete with illustrations – in which I advertised the necklaces I had made, along with other rip-off items, such as “Magic Colored Bubbles,” which were soap bubbles I dyed with food coloring and packaged in Ziploc sandwich bags. I had to make them fresh before a transaction, because the bubbles didn’t last long and I had to get away from the buyer before they realized that, ultimately, all their money had bought them was a baggie full of red or green soap slime. This particular product was very popular amongst the under-seven set.

My teacher bought all the necklaces for $5.00. I used the $5.00 to buy the ’45 for “Two of Hearts” by Stacey Q.

Stacey Q’s real name is Stacey Swain. The ‘Q’ came from her previous band, Q, in which each member of the group, Jon, Dan and Stacey, took the letter for a surname.

Another group to use a single letter as a name was the Canadian act ‘O.’ They later changed their name to The Bullwhip Brothers, and then changed it again later to “Rough Trade.” (see above)

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