Celebration of the Feast of the Ass

Posted by Mr. Chadwick, January 15, 2008 05:20pm | Post a Comment
January 15th is the Feast of the Ass, an ancient Roman pagan celebration to the Ass who saved the Goddess Vesta, Goddess of the sacred hearthfire. I present this gallery of asses as my humble offering ... who'd have thought Prince would be the prude of the bunch???

Is the Moontan model the same as the Yes model below???

Rush are the Kings of manbutt covers

Our final pieces come from a sports obscuro, the Jon Keyworth record.  Jon's lounge act opened for Sinatra back in the day, but he wasn't able to capitalize much beyond that ...The Keyster was a star RB for the Broncs. Nude models are all Denver Broncos. The Lp was on Aspen records. Insert Beavis & Butthead laughter here... 


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